Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March is Here!

The bestest month of the year is finally here! I'm so excited, my Spidey senses are beginning to tingle- either that or I may need to consult with my OB again....  Either way, I am so happy to know that spring is right around the corner!  NatCroMo and NatNutMo, I am ready for you to work your amazing fibrous magic on me!

I really could use some March Magic.  This cold has really kicked my butt big time. I finally went back to work today but am wondering if I pushed myself too hard since I'm still hacking up a lung if I talk too much (not too conducive for counseling others) or laugh too hard (as I found out tonight watching Raising Hope.  Hi-freaking-larious show!)

However, even being so sick I sounded like I gargled with glass was no match for how I felt when I got home, parked my car, and checked my mailbox.

OPEN LETTER TO MY NEIGHBORS (or anyone who walks their dog in a neighborhood):

Hello to all the wonderful dog people in this neighborhood!

I'm sure your lovely dog, Cujo, is just a ginormous, lovable, slobbering ball of fur who loves to go on his afternoon walkies.  However, when your Mr. Ed sized dog leaves a chihuahua sized turd right in front of your neighbor's mailbox, the polite, neighborly, and non-vomit inducing thing to do is to PICK THE FREAKING THING UP AND THROW IT AWAY!  In YOUR trashcan!  I know you saw it- heck, even Chekov on the International Space Station could see it.  Most importantly, I could see it!  And smell it through my congestion impaired red nose! I do not dump my cat liter in your front yard but if I ever find out which one of you lovely dog people allowed your precious Sweetums to leave me this present, you bet your patootie I am going to return the favor. Pooper Scoopers are not just funny sounding mythical objects- they are real and were invented for a reason.  If you can afford food for The Beast, you can afford a $10 device that will spread peace and goodwill in your neighborhood rather than parvo and Hepatitis A.  If you are not willing to clean up after your dog, get a cat.  They come potty trained.

Your Neighbor Who Put the Crazy in Crazy Cat Lady.
Cats rule! Dogs drool!

Giving it a test drive

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