Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fifteen Years Ago...(now 17......) Valentine's Day

Continuing (somewhat) the Story of Us, which I started a while back. Part 1 can be found here

Going through all of our boxes of stuff (and stuff and stuff and even more stuff) has really brought back a lot of memories. We just went through one of our boxes of photos where we found....Wait, what? What do you mean? You know. It's a box where you used to keep pictures before you could just store them on your phone. You see, there was a time when pictures had to be processed from actual film (google it) and phones only made calls and "texting" was something someone with a speech impediment said when giving a mic check. 

The time was 1998 and it was a glorious time of technological advancement when a newfangled thing called the "World Wide Web" was just finding its legs and more and more people were getting "cellular telephones" that worked on some sort of digital network, whatever that black magic voodoo means. All I know is that it meant I could send a numerical page to my friends (probably 55378008) from anywhere and not wait until I got to a landline phone, although I could not receive pages since I was lame and didn't have a beeper. (DUDE. Just google it already!)

It was a time when two college kids had met and fallen in love and were excitedly nervous about having their first Valentine's Day together since this was a super special holiday and being seen together on this day meant that we were really and for true A Couple and completely and totally in wuuuuuv with each other.

Ugh! The pressure! What do I get him? What does he like? He likes me, obviously, so he must like things that I like since we have SO.MUCH.IN.COMMON. It's crazy how alike we are. I mean, he likes Star Wars and *I* like Star Wars. He likes spicy food and *I* like spicy food. It's like we are the same person!! So, I'm sure he is into crafty stuff, too, since I am and he's like me and, I KNOW!!! OH. Such a perfect gift!!!!


Giving a glimpse of my first Valentine's Day with My Mister, here's the first (and quite possibly the best) Valentine's gift I gave him. 

Now, it's not the best gift I ever gave him based on artistic merit or anything. It's just that I'm pretty lousy at giving Valentine's Day presents. To see what I mean, and for a wee bit of insight into our Valentine's Days through the years, head on over to Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth blog where I was a guest blogger for her Valentine's Day series.  

Much love to all!

E-mail made it to our list of memories....geez. We're old.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Four Months

Four LOOOOOOONG months. That’s how long it’s been since my last blog post (!!) and how long it’s been since our stuff has been making the long journey from Australia back home to us on the East Coast. And today, that journey finally ends. FINALLY. In other words, I GET MY YARN STASH BACK TODAY!!!! If that’s not cause for celebration, I don’t know what is.

I had fully intended to blog during our trip back home- documenting our various travels and the yarn stores I visited along the way. However, starting with SweetPea catching a bad cold during our first stop in Guam, things kinda went downhill from there. We were like chain smokers, except with sicknesses, and I don’t mean plain ol’ colds, either. After we all caught SweePea’s cold, I was treated with an urgent care visit in Hawaii (for a doctor’s note saying I was healthy enough to fly….now there’s a fun story that goes with that….) where I found that I had ALSO had developed shingles. (!!) And that was just the beginning, finally culminating with Little Mister and I getting the flu last month. After that, I implemented a lock down for the kids and I. We had our groceries delivered and were true hermits and didn’t leave the house for weeks, except for doctor’s appointments of which there were quite a few.

Thankfully, that means that we have actually been well for about 4 weeks now, 2 of which My Mister was out of town, leaving me a neurotic mess hoping and praying we didn’t get sick while he was gone. Four straight weeks of not sneezing, coughing, runny noses, screaming babies, ERs, MRIs or CAT scans. There were still a couple urgent care visits, though. However, those were a result of SweetPea’s proclivity for sticking beans up her nose rather than snot coming out of it.

After traveling for nearly a month, visiting family and friends along the way, we were in a hotel for a month and a half until we found a house- our Christmas present. We moved in on Christmas Eve and had fun unpacking all our stuff that had been in storage for the past 3 years. It’s quite odd, actually. Seeing evidence of My Mister’s and my life pre-kids and all the memories that come with it, and then seeing our kids playing with these things that predate them by many years. It brought up some important questions, actually. Questions like, why the heck did we have a Blue’s Clues doll, anyway?

We celebrated Christmas a few days later because we were determined to have a Christmas tree and to make some happy memories with our kids. Seeing their ecstatic faces with the tree lit and all the presents for them was priceless. We were actually blessed with 4 sickness free days at that time and that was indeed a Christmas miracle.

Being well these last few weeks has been a true blessing. I was so close to losing my mind cool there if I got sick again. Oddly enough, I got the worst of all the sicknesses, including nearly a week of a 104 (40 C) fever while we were still in the hotel, and weird neurological stuff- like my legs giving out in the middle of the night when I went to pick up a crying kiddo- that may possibly be another bout of Lymes disease. Oh, there’s another fun story there, too! So, so fun.

And now, finally, today we get our stuff back from Australia. We get to have our house filled with memories from the past 3 years. The kids get their toys again. I get my kitchen back. (I’m so thankful to a very nice gal from church- someone I had never met- who has loaned me a set of pots and pans so I could cook these past 6 weeks. People can be so awesome sometimes!) And I finally, FINALLY get my yarn back.

Actually, funny enough, our stuff was delayed a bit because of said yarn. You see, when the Aussie movers packed it up, they labeled it “Wool,” which is the Aussie way of saying “yarn.” After a few boxes of wool, it then became, “WOOL!!” So, we got a nice email from US customs asking what these 9 boxes of wool were and if it was “directly from an animal” which made me laugh and laugh. Although I wanted to say, “It’s still on the animal…you did feed and water our flock, didn’t you?” I wisely decided to hold my tongue since I’m pretty sure US Customs folks don’t have senses of humor. Aussie ones sure don’t. They made us destroy our fake ficus tree when our stuff first arrived there 3 years ago. It was a FAKE tree, Australia. Thanks a lot! Now my house is ficus less!

The movers should be here shortly and I’m going to take the kids to a Fiber Friends get together, which brings me full circle to my first few weeks in Australia. You see, that same woman who started the Fibre Friends group in Australia lives not too far from me out here and has invited me to her newest group out here. She’s been one of the biggest blessings since moving back, actually. More on that later. I promise.

For now, I’s gots ta go. But, I promise it won’t be 4 months until my next post! As a matter of fact, I’m going to do a guest Valentine’s post for Libby….stay tuned….