Friday, March 4, 2011

NatCroMo Resolutions

So I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions this year.  As I had mentioned earlier, I really didn't want to start a year with a list of my future failures.  (Yay for optimism!)  However, since March does happen to be my favorite month, I decided I am going to make some NatCroMo Crochet Resolutions for this month.  I really do have a lot of items to cross off my crochet to-do list and I figured that of all months, this is the month to get the ball rolling. 

So, in honor of National Crochet Month, every Friday is going to be (drum-roll please!) Finish Friday!!!! Each Friday (which I now have off- whoo me!) I will work on a project (or more depending on how much work is involved in said project) to finish it.  I may start a new project during the week, but I need to work on finishing a UFO each Friday.  Hopefully it will get my Crochet ADD under control and will massively decrease my UFO project list.  WHOO ME!

For my first Finish Friday!!!! I will be working on TWO Felted Watermelon Totes.  I started both of these last fall- one of them is for my mother and it is alllllmost done.  It was supposed to be for her birthday in September.  Ummmm.....yeah.  Huge crochet fail for me.  The second one is actually for MOI!  I'm not biased or anything so I can objectively say that it is a freakishly cute bag. I've made many of them for sale and, gosh darn it- I want one for me!!

I figure I have a few hours worth of crochet work on them- I crochet pretty darn fast, if I do say so myself- so I am confident that I will be able to finish both of these items tomorrow.  And I'm not even going to cheat to ensure my success by getting a head start tonight.  *crossing fingers behind back* Nope. Going to be completely finished on Friday. *teeheehoohoo!*

In honor of my Watermelon Tote Crochet Marathon, and to help me decrease my wool stash, I am offering a limited supply of Felted Watermelon Tote KITS in my Pomquat Etsy store.  That's right folks!  I'm offering a complete kit- wool, handles, beads, decorative button, and magnetic clasp- along with the pattern! (Fabric for lining is NOT included).

If you have made this pattern, please drop me a line and send me some pictures!  I'd love to see (and even share here on my blog!) your creations!  If you have the pattern but have not started it yet, or if you just have some UFOs you need to get done, join me tomorrow for FINISH FRIDAY!!!!

Alright- I'm going to get my supplies ready in anticipation for my crochet marathon tomorrow. I'm pumped! I'm ready!  I'm an animal, Rocky!


  1. Maybe you should join me for #FF...just a thought...not a sermon!

  2. Exactly what I was planning on doing- teehee! My first FINISH FRIDAY!!! and our first crochet date this year! WIN WIN!

  3. This sounds like a good idea. I wish you all the best. My goal right now is just to finish this blanket I'm working on. It's the last commissioned project and I've been putting it off for a very long while and it's time to get it done. I'm aiming to be finished this month.

  4. Thanks, Libby! What kind of blanket are you working on?? I'm sure you'll get it done this month- we can be each other's cheerleaders. ;) These UFO's are starting to feel like albatrosses around my neck, so I really do need to get them out of here!

    Go NatCroMo, Go!