Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Moving On Up...

The movers are here. (!!!) THE MOVERS ARE HERE!!

Did I set aside enough yarn and clothes and yarn and toys and yarn to last us at least 2-3 months? I think I need to take some more yarn before they pack it all away.


Will the kids transition easily? Of course they will, what am I thinking? They will think they just got the mother load of Christmas presents when they open up all the boxes with their toys on the other side. Kids are dumb.

Were we organized enough this time around to avoid all the snarling, hissing, and spitting that occurred last time? ORGANIZED??? HA! Just who’s blog do you think you are reading? Although, My Mister is super organized. That’s good. He’s probably thought of things that I didn’t think of. He’s amazing like that. I like him. I hope he likes me, too. DON’T LEAVE ME! I’ve got yarn! Though, that may not be as enticing for him as it is for me…. Hmmmm…. I’VE GOT YARN!!!!!

Yep, that should do it. 

The movers just took a look at my vacuum packed stash and asked who the knitter is and then said, “I bet it’s not him!” WHAT? Just how racist can you be??? I AM A CROCHETER, NOT A KNITTER! I mean, yes I can knit now, BUT STILL! 

It’s ok, Gege. It’s ok. Just hold on for a couple more days until they are all done with the packing and it will be ok. Remember your mantra! “I am a woman, not just a mindless eating machine. Fish are friends, BUT YARN IS BETTER!”

Better pack some more yarn….