Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Why, hello y'all!  Goodness- 2012 sure is passing by quickly- I can't believe it's the end of February already! On the one hand I'm glad since we are still battling the insane high temps of the Australian summer here and I'm really looking forward to some cooler temperatures so Little Mister and I can venture out of the house during the day without fear of frying into crispy bacon or developing melanoma or dazzling others when they see our skin sparkling in the sunlight. On the other hand....I don't want the time to go by so quickly because Little Mister needs to stay a cute little baby forever and ever! (Waaahhhhh! My boy is growing too quickly!)

Ahem.  I am better now.

In the last month:

* I finished my "secret project" and sent it off to the publisher the day before we headed out to the Gold Coast. It was a glorious feeling to get it finished, including ends weaved in and, gasp, shock, horrors! BLOCKED! (!!). I'm very happy to report that I did not felt the wool and was actually amazed to find that, instead of shrinking when first wet, wool actually *grows*. Like a lot. The end result ended up being huge, which was a great thing since it was slightly smaller than I had hoped when I finished crocheting it, but it more than reached my size goals after blocking. CANNOT.WAIT for the Fresh Designs in Crochet book series to come out!

* I liked blocking so much and was on such a roll, that I blocked out my very first lace project. I was on an intense wool high and was crazed with my new wool growing powers so I decided to continue ignoring Little Mister (the TV is such an AH-MAZ-ING babysitter) and finished the final few rows of my scarf and then blocked the snot out of it. I have pics to show...hopefully later this week.

* We had a glorious week on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. It was great having both my Misters all to myself and having help with Little Mister during the day AND not having to cook for a week. That's always a perk of vacation. We visited Sea World and the Australian Zoo- the zoo set up by the late Steve Irwin. We had so much fun! I even visited a craft store and a to come....

* As soon as we returned home, I got struck with giant, red, sore tonsils and then a fever of nearly 102.... Yep. Strep throat. AGAIN. This time I was so very worried that I was going to pass it on to Little Mister. Let this be a glowing endorsement of breast feeding- thanks to the antibodies in my breast milk, Little Mister never got sick at all! Even though I was kissing him all over his face with my cooties infested mouth (before I knew I was sick and contagious), he remained the picture of health and cuteness. Seriously. I have the world's cutest boy. I'm not biased- it's been scientifically proven.

AAACK! I die of cuteness!

* I have become addicted to Downton Abbey. A friend of mine loaned me the first season and I started watching it on my own while crocheting since Big Mister thought it was going to be one of my "silly girly shows" like Murder She Wrote (it's only because he's the father of my child that I have not ninja kicked him to the curb for bad-mouthing my beloved Jessica Fletcher!). However, once he returned from his business trip, I forced him to watch the first episode with me and now he's hooked. Granted, he'll never admit that, but considering after we watch one episode he sighs and says, "Ugghhhhh.....might as well watch another episode. There's nothing else on," which is code for, "Ohmygod- that Ms. O'Brien is totally a witch with a "b" and I so can't wait to see if Mary is going to go for Matthew afterall because it's totally obvious that they are each other's lobsters."

Ok...Little Mister is taking his nap. He's finally turned a corner sleep wise and has been taking 1-2 hour naps during the day!!  HALLELUJAH!

Hopefully I'll be able to get things done now- including more frequent blogging. I have so much to show and tell y'all!!

Until next time....