Friday, March 25, 2011

Pureed, Dried Fruit- Welcome to My World

So I've been pretty consumed with the NatCroMo portion of March, but haven't really touched much on the NatNutMo (National Nutrition Month) part.  These last two weeks have been NatNutMo'd out the wazoo for me so I've pretty much got fiber of the colon cleansing kind on the brain.  As I mentioned last time, (yesterday? the day before? what day is it? where am I? I want my mommy!) I am making fruit leathers for Children's Day at the Mall. I've been making a LOT of these gigantic oversized fruit roll-ups.  Every day. For the past 10 years.

They are actually very good and quite pretty, if I do say so myself.

Mango Strawberry

Strawberry Mango
I'm actually waiting for another batch (of apple sauce/strawberry/mango) to finish up so I can go to bed.  I have one last batch to run tomorrow and then Saturday I'll finally be able to dole them out to all the sticky faced little buggers at the mall.  (I may have gotten a tad cranky in the midst of my fruit roll-up filled days.)

Something I learned: if you have a dehydrator, instead of using the fruit roll sheet that comes with it, cut parchment paper to fit the racks. You'll be able to peel the fruit roll off a lot easier and you don't have to worry about washing another dirty dish.  Win-win.

Another something I learned: that strawberry mango fruit roll looks so pretty before it dries.  However, once it dries, you won't see the pretty mango anymore- just a large red circle. Still tasty, though. But, if you let it dry for too long, instead of strawberry fruit leather you will end up with strawberry fruit paint chips.  This does not happen with either the mango rolls or the apple sauce rolls, though. 

The great thing about these is that they are 100% fruit. No sugar added. Just blend the fruit and pour. So easy to make and they are really very good! I guarantee that, even if you have a super picky kid who won't touch fruit, they will eat these thinking they are those store-bought, sugary, cavity magnets. They'll never know they are instead eating fiber filled, vitamin and mineral carrying, super good for you, cavity magnets. (Just keeping it real- they are sticky....but soooo good!)

Ok- I hope that dehydrator is finally done. I'm really tired and I truly am getting cranky- my Mister just lovingly told me that he missed me, kissed me, and asked me to go to bed. I yelled at him lovingly replied, "OK! JUST LET ME FINISH MY BLOG!" (Yes- for reals.) I'm a terrible wife.

I'm coming, honey! I'll make you some dried fruit! And a lasagna! Mister? COME BACK AND LOVE ME!



    Thanks for the morning pick me up hon!


  2. How did the Children's Day go? I'll bet the fruit leather was a hit. It looks so good!

    Pregnancy makes the best of us a bit CRANKY at times. Stinkin' hormones.

  3. Hey Kuddles and Tracy! I finally recouped from an intense couple of weeks- whew! The Children's Day went well- I'll blog about it now. :)

    Yeah...I've been a cranky pot lately. The lack of sleep and added stress didn't help out those stinkin' hormones, that's for sure. I could still use some more sleep, but hopefully I won't bite my Mr's head off tonight. ;)