Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finish Friday-ish

This Finish Friday!!! definitely was not as successful as the last one.  At least in the "finish" sense. I did want to work on lining my Watermelon bag; however, I found that the auction isn't until next weekend. When given the opportunity to procrastinate, I always say, "Yes, please."  I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. The tartar buildup is disgusting.  Also, I was very distracted by two different projects.

The first one is my variegated experiment that I've been doodling with.  I figured that combining the Squooshy yarn with a solid plum color would temper the color blotches and hopefully calm the uneasiness I was feeling.

AKA: Yarn Maalox

The color changes were definitely a lot subtler and the new yarn matched perfectly. I used a worsted weight wool/acrylic blend with 20% wool. The Squooshy is 80% wool, so combining them gave me 100% woolly goodness. (It's yarn- my math is supposed to be fuzzy.)  Even though I was liking the color, the bulkiness of the combined yarn wasn't feeling right for what I have in mind. I used a J hook at first but the fabric was a little stiffer than I was hoping.  So I frogged it and tried with a K hook. It definitely had better drape; however, it wasn't the same as the light and fluffy feel the sock yarn had.  So, I decided to frog it yet again and start over, yet again, with just the Squooshy.  (Ok, yes I do love this yarn because of the purple color and feel, but I must admit that the name just makes me happy.  Squooshy.  Squooshysquooshysquooshy! It's what Charo would say if you gave her a crochet hook instead of a guitar.)

The second project that had me distracted is one that I'm VERY excited about.  It's my Geekling's baby blanket and I was finally able to buy the yarn for it. I also had to finish planning it out (with hopefully non-fuzzy math), so that took a bit of time.  However, I am pleased to say that I have started it and it will most likely take up most of my time for the next couple weeks. SO EXCITED!

I took the variegated project with me to the movies tonight and, in honor of NatCroMo, I happily crocheted in public while standing in line at Chipotle and while waiting for the movie to start. (We saw Battle: Los Angeles.  Spoiler alert: Los Angeles is saved at the end.  You may rest easy tonight.)  As I mentioned before, I really haven't been crocheting since September, so it really does feel good to have those creative juices flowing again.  Even my Mister asked me tonight, "You have your mojo back, don't you?"  Yeah, baby, yeah!  I got my mojo back!

So, even though I didn't finish a project this Friday, I did check two things off my list: I finished planning the new blanket, bought the yarn, and started obsessing about crocheting it.  Huge win!

Wait.....*counting*. Stupid fuzzy math.



  1. Yet another thing we have in common--procrastination! I'm awesome when there is a deadline looming, otherwise, ehhhh...I'll get around to it.

  2. Gege, I'm liking the new version much better.....and you can say Squooshy all you want! I also crochet in public and don't care who sees me! You go girl! Can't wait to see the start of the blanket!


  3. Yay Julie! We procrastinators of the world should unite! Let's do that tomorrow!

    Kuddles- I liked the more tempered color better, too, but I liked the light feel of just the sock yarn, so I'm forging on ahead with just the variegated yarn. EEEP! Hopefully it'll come out ok in the end and I won't have pink/purple color puke staring at me for eternity. I do know what I want to do with it so hopefully I'll be able to showcase it very soon. woot!