Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Just a quick check-in: 

1) This Finish Friday!!! was a success- although, technically it was a successful Sewing Saturday since I finished the Watermelon Tote for the auction at my church at 3am. I had to take it to my church by 8:30am Saturday.  My church is 35 minutes away from my house, so I had 4 hours of sleep and am still trying to catch up on my missed slumber. (BTW- it was the most sought after purse and brought in beaucoup bucks at the auction- more than I sell it for in my etsy shop. EEEP! So extremely proud!!)

2) Also on Friday, I was able to make 2 lasagnas for my friend who is recovering from surgery, which is part of the reason I had to sew into the wee hours of the morning. Another part is the whole, "I need clean underwear NOW" thing again. And, finally, the other part has to do with my multiple trips to the grocery store due to my incompetence in reading food labels. FYI: sour cream is NOT cottage cheese and, though some may be able to go rogue and substitute it in a lasagna recipe, I do not mess with my recipe. Ever heard of "Engagement Chicken?"  Well, this is my Engagement Lasagna.  I believe it is the main reason my Mister married me. He may love it more than he loves me. People ask me for the recipe all the time and I politely decline.  This is extremely potent stuff and I take my superpowers seriously. I can't be responsible for duping some poor sap into proposing to his harpie girlfriend. I already duped my poor sap Mister- let them find their own superpower.

3) My Squooshy was long enough! I stubbornly pressed on (and on...and on...) and proved those voices wrong- HA! In your face!! Don't mess with me- I've got superpowers!

4) I'm waiting for some blocking wires I ordered from Amazon so I can block it and then finish what I have in mind for it. Pictures to follow. (The voices are telling me that I've never blocked anything before so what makes me think I'll actually finish this project.  Their kryptonite is strong, but my mule-headedness is stronger.  I hope....)

5) I'm finally almost to the color work portion of my Geekling's blanket! WOOT! I love it! Unfortunately, so does my cat. My Mister found our darling little girl sleeping on it when he got home from work today. Unfortunately, we haven't cut her nails in a couple weeks.  SNAG-O-RAMA.  I resisted the urge to scream and cuss at our little ball of fur (took all my superstrength- may need wool infusion very soon!) and instead figured I should make her something so she can leave my stuff alone. This is a pic of her on a different project from a couple weeks ago:

You want it back? You feel lucky, punk?

6) I've been very busy with work stuff. Every year we participate in the Children's Day at the Mall and it is coming up this Saturday. This is the second year that I'm in charge of the food demonstrations. Last year the theme was the Rainforest (or something like that) so I made the Wild Wraps. This year the theme is Space Buddy Blast (or something like that) so I'm making Astronaut Fruit Leathers. Basically fruit roll ups made in a dehydrator.  Soooo good. Soooo easy to make.  Soooo difficult to keep my Mister away from them. I think it's residual effects from my Engagement Lasagna- makes him want to devour anything and everything that I make.  I told you- powerful stuff.

7) Until after Saturday, I'm going to be pretty busy this week so I don't anticipate much crocheting. I'm going to have major overtime which is good on my wallet but bad for....well just about everything else.  I really can't wait until Sunday.

I'm checking out early tonight. I'm really exhausted, y'all. Superpowers fading....send wool reinforcements.......must....eat......lasagna......


  1. Wow what a busy girl you are and will be! Thanks for the laughs! Needed those! So proud of your tote making so much money! I'm NOT surprised, it is fabulous!

    Can I borrow your super powers some day?

    Try to get some rest!


  2. Yikes, I'm exhausted just reading your post! Hope you get a chance to catch your breath sometime soon.

  3. Hey Kuddles! I don't know if I'll have any superpowers left after this week. Had a 10 hr day today that was MEGA stressful, but gotta admit, if I wasn't able to laugh or make jokes about it, I'd probably be (more) insane by now. ;)

    Hey again, Julie! Yeah, I hope I get to catch my breath again soon, too. Having my little Geekling jabbing my bladder throughout the night isn't exactly helping things, either... Waiting for Sunday when I can have an epic nap. Mmmmmmm....naps....

  4. Ugh 10 hours! You MUST get some rest on Sunday then!

    But if Geekling is jabbing, everything is going well!