Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Good news: This morning was the first morning in nearly two weeks that I was not jolted awake by a five minute coughing fit of death.  I think my cold is FINALLY on its very last legs.

Bad news: It was a very sadistic cold and I think it was trying to end my crocheting career. I bought a Neti Pot last Monday in hopes that it would magically cleanse the virus from my sinuses with its eastern medicine voodoo. I was following the instructions to sterilize the Pot by using water that had been boiled and then swishing it around with dish soap to clean it. However, the instructions did not say to let the water cool before pouring it in, clamping on the lid, blocking the spout and then shaking vigorously like a maraca.  The stupidity of my actions clicked in my brain in slow motion as the lid flew off, releasing the built up steam and scalding water all over my crocheting hand. My sister said it looks like The Monkey's Paw.  I don't like her. And I feel like an idiot.

Wish for $200. I dare you.

Good news: My hand is healing very well now and it did not impact my ability to crochet. I also did not need a bionic hand transplant like I was hoping  fearing.

Good news: Sewing Saturday was a good idea.

Bad news, but Good news, too: Sewing Saturday did not result in any sewing.  My friend lyteyz was able to come over but, instead of sewing bag linings like we had hoped, we instead ate and talked and laughed and ate some more. Then I showed her some of the things our sewing machines can do. Then we talked some more. And ate.  It was a good Saturday and, even though I didn't get to finish lining my bag, we did have a lot of fun. I also showed her my Bag Lining Tutorial which covers basically everything we were supposed to do but didn't. 

Good news: I was productive before lyteyz arrived Saturday morning and I was able to felt all three of the bags I finished on Finish Friday.

Bad news: I used Cascades 220 wool on one of the bags, as well as my beloved Patons. I had asked the LYS owner if Cascades would felt with Patons well and she assured me it would.  She lied.  Patons is the clear winner in the feltability department. It felts faster with no stitch definition. It is also softer in the hand and costs less AND it comes in a ready wound skein instead of a hank.  I really don't see what all the fuss is about Cascades, especially since it left my bag a little wonky. I fart in its general direction.

Smells like....watermelon??

Good news: I think my next Finish Friday!!! will be utilized in finishing my bags. I will finally be able to use my Watermelon Tote this weekend! It'll be mine, all mine!!

Good news: A friend from church asked me to donate one of my bags for a charity auction this coming weekend.

Bad news: The only bag I'll have finished is my Watermelon Tote.

Good/Bad news(?): Time to use The Monkey's Paw.


  1. OMG that hand! Youch! Nettie Pot = Evil.

    I agree about the Patons! I use it the most and LOVE it! I just posted a pink bag on Crochetville as a giveaway......HOT pink!

    Isn't it nice that they want you to donate a bag? How wonderful of you to do it...if...you....let...your...faboo...bag...go!


  2. Omg! You make me laugh so hard. About all the eating we did...you should see what I posted as a song "I love" on my FB today. Oh man, our brains are so similar! Too much fun Sat.

  3. ...ps...your hand is aging. You got any cream for that? ;-p

  4. Thankfully it definitely looks better now, but I must admit I was scared there for a while.

    I haven't been at the 'ville in a long time! I'll go there and check out your bag. :) and, I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Patons and couldn't care less about Cascades. Ptewie at that yarn.

    I'm glad my Watermelon Tote will go to a good cause, but *sigh* I REALLY wanted it. Guess I have to make another one!

  5. lyteyz- we did have too much fun Sat! And I just checked your FB (I haven't been on in about a month....seriously, I should just take it down now. ;) ) Big Girls- that's what we're going to be if we keep eating like we did on Saturday!

    Hahaha! the aging part of my hand is what freaked me out the most- I was starting to hyperventilate, "I'm too young to have OLD LADY HANDS!!!" Heavy cream and a glove- I call it my homage to Michael Jackson. Just be sure to stop me if my nose starts to fall off....