Saturday, March 5, 2011


I'm very pleased to report that my first Finish Friday!!!! was a rousing success. Not only was I able to finish my two Felted Watermelon Totes (whoo me!) but I was also able to finish another purse that I started and had almost completed over a year ago.  All I had to do is finish the flap- why I put it off for so long, I'll never know.  Especially since I was making it for one of my BFFs.  I even showed it to her and she loved it.  And then I put it away and never gave it to her.  I'm such a tease.

But now all three bags are ready to be felted which makes my heart happy. (I was hoping to have them felted today but my washing machine was otherwise engaged in what is called "laundry day," or as we call it, "I really need clean underwear NOW day".)  Even though the crochet work is complete, the bags themselves are not finished per se. They still need to be lined and, well, finished.  Blerg.  So, I'm thinking of implementing yet another NatCroMo least for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is going to be (drum roll please!) Sewing Saturday!!!!

I'm hoping lyteyz will be able to come over tomorrow. She has the same sewing machine I do (the very awesome Brother XR900) and we're hoping to have a day of discovery to see what this baby can do.  Oh, and line some bags.  I have quite a few to do, but I'll be happy if I can knock out one, but hopefully two....or more....unrealistic? Moi?? Never!

I must admit, I really needed this day today.  I had been neglecting my hooks for much too long.  Sure, I've picked them up here and there, but to actually spend a day with them really got my creative juices flowing.  So much so that I finally made a decision......I know what blanket I'm going to make for my Geekling!!  Squee!!!  I've been planning it today and really cannot wait to get started on it. Even though I was only supposed to focus on finishing things today, I just couldn't help myself which is a good sign, indeed. 

Not bad for my first Finish Friday!!! Three UFO's are out of my bucket, I now have a new blanket to start obsessing about, and my Mister and I don't have to use our swimsuits as underwear anymore.  Here's hoping next week's Finish Friday!!! will be as full of win as this one was.


  1. Well, at least you were wearing swimsuits...

    I'm happy that you've been able to work on finishing the crochet parts of your project. Finish Fridays sounds like a really good thing. The good thing about the lining is that you have your own tutorials to help you. No time wasted figuring out measurements, recutting, resewing, etc.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Ha! I actually did put on my swim suit to see how it'd fit on my ever changing body...since I'm not really showing yet (still!!) I still could use it at the beach and would just like "one of those girls" who shouldn't be wearing a two piece. ;)

    I'm really digging Finish Fridays, too- I think this Friday I may focus on actually finishing some of my bags b/c I want to showcase them and, more importantly, I want to use them. Crazy thing is that they are all different shapes so I may have to do another tute on lining "odd" shaped bags. Or putting in a zipper....hmmmmm......