Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow, snow, go away....

I think I'm getting a little cabin feverish right now. It's snowing.  Let me rephrase that: IT.IS.SNOWING. We are expecting 8-10 inches by midnight so, by the accuracy of our weather folks last year, we'll most likely get a foot and a half. I must admit I'm a little upset and worried and bored and not happy right now. 

To make matters worse, my Mister left work an hour and a half later than he said he would- well after the heavy snow started- and is now going to have to spend the night at a friend's house (my BFF and fellow Canadian tourist, lyteyz). So, I'm stuck, in a blizzard, all alone. And pregnant. By myself. ARGH.

My Mister is now safe at lyteyz's house and let me know that I'll probably have to pick him up tomorrow since he won't be able to get out.  Since her husband was still battling the storm and not yet home, my Mister started shoveling off her driveway as soon as he arrived. He's such a gentleman. When lyteyz told me this, the true gravity of the situation occurred to me. Not only am I home alone in a blizzard, but I am also going to have to shovel all that freakin' snow off our driveway tomorrow by my lonely pregnant self if I ever want to see my Mister again.  What the what?!?

Last year at this time, this was not a problem.  I even posted a pic of me shoveling snow after our humongous, record breaking storms- I do not mind the hard work.  Or at least I didn't last year when I was working side-by-side with my Mister.  This year is another ball of wax.  Not only am I by myself and not able to fit in my snow pants anymore, but it is also sleet mixed with snow which means it's going to be super heavy and/or icy tomorrow morning.  Oh, and I AM PREGNANT.

On the one hand, this is a prime opportunity to start racking up the mom-guilt stories for my unborn babe. (Not only was I in labor for 30 hours with you, but I also had to shovel heavy, icy snow for hours while I was carrying your unborn keister just to be able to walk 4 miles uphill both ways to get to the one-room schoolhouse so don't you dare talk to me about needing a potty break! Get back to work- my toenails do not cut themselves, you know!)

On the other hand, as much as I would love to think I'm Wonder Woman (I truly do look like her when I wear my blue contacts- true story), I must grudgingly admit that some things are not as easy for me to accomplish as they were just 4 months ago.  Like, going just 1 hour without burping, farting or wishing I was.

Like I said- Argh.

Of course you know that I'm going to go with what's on the third hand- putting my SUV in 4 wheel drive and muscling my way out. Yeehaw! Snow- you have met your match! Wonder Woman? Nah- Tim Allen is more my speed. (Cue grunts now).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feed Me, Seymour!

This week, while mostly spent sitting on my butt either driving to/from or attending meetings, marked a turning point for me.  My appetite is slowly returning, my food aversions have abated somewhat, and I haven’t had my indigestion filled belching spells in about 5 days.  AND I picked up my hooks again this week. (!!) Woot!

I’m actually working on a Felted Watermelon Tote for my mother.  It was supposed to be for her birthday in September.  Then, it was supposed to be one of her Christmas presents.  Now….it’s looking more and more like a Mother’s Day gift.  Oh bother.  Actually, I’m heading back home next month for a short visit, so my goal is to have it completed- lined and all- by the time I leave.  Oy to the vey….wish me luck, y’all.

I must admit that I’m thankful my taste buds aren’t as mutinous anymore and are actually letting me eat some of my more regular, healthy foods.  One of my goals is to keep my weight gain in check and a healthy diet is so very important for this.  Unfortunately, the last few months haven’t exactly been filled with adequate fruit/veggies and whole grain, but the tide’s a changin’ my friends.  Thank the Lord since those foods are very fiber rich and I can definitely use more fiber in my life.  Seriously-I’m four months along yet my “baby bump” is actually more of a poop tummy thanks to my slower digestive system brought on by those awesome pregnancy hormones.   As I down yet another glass of Metamucil, I try to remind myself that the bloat is also my adorable little sweetums and I will soon grow into those maternity jeans I prematurely bought on clearance at Target. 

Here’s a pic of me two days ago.

Me, texting my sister: "Where's the baby??"  Her reply: "In your boobs?"

Even though there hasn’t been that big a change in my body so far, I’ve been worried about the changes that will happen ever since I first saw that second line appear telling me my urine had superpowers.  What the heck is going to happen to my body after I, ever so lovingly, expel a miniature human being out of my girlie parts?? I mean, your body cannot go through such an incredible change, growing, stretching, moving and pushing a 7 pound bowling ball out of a 2 inch hole (10cm is small, folks!) without leaving behind some sort of battle scars.  Oh man…what have I gotten myself into???

*hyperventilating break* *hyperventilating break* *passing out break*

*Deep breaths*

Ok.  I think I’ve composed myself again now.  (Ack! No! I choose to ignore you visions of stretch marks and cankles!)  I think I’ll be ok. Focus on the positive, Gege- eyes on the prize.  Finish the Watermelon Tote for your mom.  Mmmm….watermelon.  You like watermelon.  No, no!  Stop thinking about your stomach looking like a watermelon!  I have wool for you!  Yes….that’s it…..breathe it in.  Good girl.  Here’s some Metamucil for you…’ll thank me later.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, Old Me

I did not even try to make up a New Year’s Resolution list this year because, let’s face it, what’s the point of starting out a New Year with a list that will highlight and predict all of your future failures?  Instead, I made (and constantly revise/add/delete) a New Year’s Wish List for this year.  Want to know what’s on my list?  I just knew you did!

1) I wish my taste buds would allow me to enjoy the healthy foods (heck, even the unhealthy ones) that I once enjoyed without telling my brain they taste like a mixture of poo and bile.  I’ve heard of the wondrous and somewhat mythical sounding “pregnancy cravings” and am starting to think they exist in the North Pole with Santa and the Easter Bunny.  Food aversions are really making it difficult to be a “practice what I preach” nutritionist and I’m really hoping my poor little Geekling isn’t going to be born with a pre-disposition for picky eating.  That and ugliness.  I really hope it isn’t ugly.  (What?  Oh come on- you can’t tell me you hoped for an ugly baby!)

2) I wish I wasn’t so dang tired at the end of a normal work day and subsequently fall asleep in odd positions on the couch every evening.  Two hour naps right before bedtime does not allow me to do much else except drool on my couch pillows and groggily drag myself upstairs to finish that weird dream where my coworker was pregnant with sextuplets and was casually giving birth to them, popping them out and leaving them where they landed as she was walking down the side of the road and then walking back up the road to pick them up and dust them off.  (She laughed when I told this to her the next day, but as a mother of 5, she truly thought it was a nightmare….for her.)

3) I wish I did not increase my work hours.  I know this sounds horrible, especially in light of the current economy.  While I am very thankful for my job and for the larger paycheck more hours bring, I truly do miss having my crochet days!  How can I run a blog called “Gege Crochet” if I am not able to crochet anymore??  I’m also feeling my rear end expanding by the hour and I am pretty darn sure that my uterus is NOT next to my gluteus maximus, so it’s not “all baby”.  Granted, if I wasn’t sleeping for 12 hours a day, I’d most likely have the time to both crochet AND exercise like I had planned out in my “pregnancy is going to be a piece of cake because I counsel pregnant women all the time and I know exactly what to do to be healthy and not gain too much weight and bounce right back into shape once the little peanut is finally here” plan.  Ok- this sounds like an addendum to Wish #2 above (and quite possibly also the result of some crazyass pregnancy hormones), so I get another Wish #3.

3) I wish that I was dedicated enough to keep my craft zone as organized as it currently is.  While I am looking forward to the day my energy magically returns, which in turn will release the whirlwind of creative frenzy that has been pent up for the last few months, I’m also extremely fearful of said frenzy and how it will transform my precious wool stash into weapons of mass destruction on my house.  It’s currently sitting there, all innocent and precious, just biding its time when it will leap out of its plastic prison and claim my living room in the name of All Things Sheepy, fighting off my vain attempts to control it with their sharpened crochet hooks that look suspiciously like knitting needles.  *shudder*  I think I just developed my new weird dream for the night….

4) I wish I had fallen asleep when my Mister told me to instead of writing this blog post, even though it made me giggle but now has definitely guaranteed a 3 hour after-work nap tomorrow.

Good night, y’all.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Can Haz Wool Stash?

I hope you enjoyed Ronda's guest blogging stint from yesterday.  I'll be discussing my plans/goals for the New Year, as well.  Hopefully by putting them out there for everyone to see, both Ronda and I will be held accountable to actually follow through with them.  I'm just glad I didn't start my "accountability" this week- having a Whopper and fries for dinner isn't exactly conducive to "eating better and exercising more."  Oops.  (Ummmm......the baby wanted it?  Yeah.....that's it...... It's the baby's fault.....)

First goal for me: to catch up on my internetz duties. I'll be spending this weekend restocking my Etsy site, answering emails (sorry for the delays, y'all!) and moderating/responding to quite a few comments that have been left in the last few weeks.  If you have commented on here and don't see it posted yet, I do apologize. (As I explained before, I was getting "male enhancement" spam, primarily on my Mario Blanket posts, so I had to start moderating comments. Oh bother...)

Also, I have quite a few UFOs to work on.  Other than one scarf I made for one of my coworkers for Christmas (I was her "Secret Santa" but everyone knew who my recipient would be based on who got the crocheted item- ha!), I've not crocheted since finishing my Dancing Flowers Tote in September. The time-line of this pregnancy is almost identical to my previous one, so needless to say, I was a nervous wreck this fall and kinda put everything on hold for a while...

Hopefully I'll be able to whittle down my projects a little by little every week.  One item on my "Goals for 2011" list is thankfully crossed off.  I desperately needed to get my craft zone into some semblance of order before our house literally became one huge tangled ball of yarn.  I was finally able to accomplish this last weekend.  I guess having the right motivation really does help- we are going to be refinancing and the appraiser could only come last Friday which meant I needed to get my butt in gear.

Just because I'm so freakin' proud of myself, I'm finally busting out the camera, y'all!  Here is my newly organized (or at least "stacked in manageable piles") craft zone, complete with my ever expanding wool stash:

Let's see how long it lasts....

Ten of the twelve clear bins on the right contain my loverlies- all my woolly goodness. It took me WEEKS to get all those skeins into plastic bags and then organized by color into those bins. Then reorganized into different color combos as I kept adding to it.  I had started working on this (and even succeeded in organizing it) last summer before my in-laws visited us, but then my trip to Canada happened and all of a sudden we were under a towering pile of yarn all over again.

One of the clear bins contains all the purses I have to line. And the last clear bin contains some of my cotton.  The rest is in another bin in my closest.  (Shhh...don't tell my mister- I think he thinks this is all I have!)  In one of the grey bins is some of my acrylic and blend yarns. (There are 2 more bins in my closet...teehee!) and in another one of the grey bins are all of my UFOs.  Actually, I'm sure there are some other UFOs in the other grey bins, too.  After a while, it got to the point where I was just shoving stuff in bins to get it off the floor.  Don't believe me?  Here's a before shot:

Oh the horror! And look at the mess on the floor, too!

The mess stretches beyond the borders of this photo, so you can imagine what I was dealing with. I'm so glad it's finally done!!

Ok, y'all.  I really do need to work off that Whopper (as well as my guilt), so off to the treadmill I go. Just as soon as my Mister helps roll me off the couch.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Help Me, Ronda...Help, Help Me, Ronda....

Now that I've got that song stuck in your head, today will be the first guest blog post by my friend Ronda.  We've known each other since college- she was even one of my bridesmaids!  We are both Nutritionists and, years after college, even studied together to be ACE certified personal trainers.  She is my "wild and crazy" crocheting buddy I told you about in the fall when I took a trip back home.  Her first blog post is pretty timely- all about keeping those healthy New Year's resolutions.  But, I'll let her tell you herself....  Thanks, Ronda!!


Hey Everybody!

It is time to make those New Year resolutions.  How many times have you said, “My resolution will be to eat better, exercise more and lose weight” or some variation of that?  How many times have you failed only to see the scale tipping more the next year?  I am hoping that I can help you throughout the year. 

I am a mother of three and very busy home schooling my two oldest girls and trying to keep my 3 year old son out of trouble.  In my free time I have to keep the house running and unfortunately sometimes meals take a back burner to my life.  I am a RD (Registered Dietitian) as well as a Personal Trainer, so I should have no excuses- eating well and exercising should be my priority, my first love.  In actuality I struggle like everyone else. My resolution is to exercise more and eat better.  Surprise…. 

So many people fail to keep their resolutions and the primary reasons are because they don’t have a plan- no real goal set.  A goal should be something that is obtainable and can be followed.  Just saying, “I will eat better,” doesn’t cut it.  You must say how you will eat better.

For example, I have a meal plan that I will follow.  It looks like this chart below.








Each colored square is a serving of food (we’ll go over what exactly a “serving” is later on) and my goal is to mark off each square every time I eat a serving.  This is an obtainable goal and by following this I will lose weight.  Now this meal plan was made specifically for me so not everyone can follow this.  Some people need more calories and some need fewer depending on their size and the amount of exercise they do. 

I also must have a plan for exercising.  I can’t just say, “I will exercise more.”  Remember it has to be obtainable.  Instead I say, “I plan to exercise on the treadmill Monday-Friday at 6am-6:45am.  That will include warm up and cool down.  At 3pm I plan to resistance train.”  I do have a more specific plan for that but I don’t want this to be too daunting.

I have high hopes that this year will be the year that you will meet those New Year resolutions.  I also hope that I can give hope to those struggling.  I, as a dietitian and personal trainer have successes and failures, too.  That is life but we can walk through it together.  Until next time!        

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Practicing What I Preach

Thank you all for your kind words, whether here, Ravelry, email or FB.  Thank you!  My Mister and I are beyond stoked and really can't wait to meet our little Geekling this summer.  And, yes- I bought this cute onesie for Christmas

along with this shirt for the proud papa.

To show just how in sync we are, he bought me this for Christmas:

Haha!  Oh man- forget a silver spoon, our poor kid is going to be born with a pocket protector....either that or a wiimote.

I do have some crochet projects I've been planning and just hope I have enough time to get them done before I pop out the little squirt.  My work hours have increased in the last few months which- along with me being sick as a dog and tired as, well, a pregnant woman- has not left me with much crafting time available recently. However, I'm hoping that will change now that I'm in the 2nd trimester. Supposedly things are supposed to ease up now.  Although, my mom's maniacal laughter after I told her that does not instill much confidence in me.  (For reals- she busted up when I told her that, according to all I've read, I should not be so sick and tired anymore. Thanks, mom.)

And that's where the whole "practicing what I preach" comes into play.  I actually work primarily with pregnant women- giving them nutrition advice throughout their pregnancy so they will hopefully have a healthy weight gain and get their little ones off to the best start possible.  Yes, I have a bunch of nutrition education to back me up on what I advise, but this is my first time being able to actually try out my advice and helpful tips for myself.

For instance, how can I control this dang indigestion???  I'll have an hour long belching episode which ordinarily is a thing of pride, but when my Mister asks, "When are you going to be a lady??" it's definitely crossed a line.  (Not to mention the pain!!) For me, it doesn't matter what I eat- it hit me hard last night after having a bowl of raisin bran and rice milk for dinner. Of all the things I've tried, I found that ginger tea is what works best for me- calms the indigestion and stops the burps.  My Mister made me a cup last night and I was finally able to sleep. Seriously- it was a miracle.

This is part of the nutrition project I mentioned yesterday that my friend Ronda and I have been planning.  So many women do not have access to a nutritionist during their pregnancy and many times they rely on the internet to sort of guide the way.  Believe me, I've been on many of the pregnancy message boards and some of the advice given by fellow moms-to-be can be downright frightening.  So, I'm not only going to be practicing what I preach, but I'm also going to be letting you practice what I preach, too. I'll be focusing on a healthy pregnancy- healthy weight gain, eating well, exercising, controlling the unwanted gas, etc. so if you know of any pregnant friends, let them know so they can follow along.

Now, you may be saying, but I'm not pregnant!  I want to be healthy, too!  Well, that's where my friend Ronda comes into the equation.  She's a mother of three and also has some weight loss and exercise goals of her own and wants to practice what she preaches, as well.   We are going to be here to document our journey to being healthy (and hopefully non-hypocritical) dietitians in the real world.  We're hoping to pass along some helpful information, tips and tricks, inspiration, and, of course, laughter along the way.

We're going to start up our own combined blog next month so we'll be blabbing about crochet, crafting, homeschooling, pregnancy oddities, and healthy nutrition stuff on here for a couple weeks until my geeky Mister gets our new site up. Yay!! 

Thank you, again, for all your kind words and inspirations. Here's to an amazing 2011!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Tale of Two Januaries

2010: It was the worst of times; 2011: It was the definite better of times....

Oh dear, neglected blog readers (yoohoo! Anyone still there?):

How insanely ecstatic I am that 2010 has finally bit the big one.  That year couldn't have ended soon enough for me and yet it seemed to drag on...and on...and on.  I know I'm not the only one who was only too happy to lay Old Father Time in his final resting place while joyously dumping the dirt over the coffin and dancing a jig over his grave (a bit macabre, but it makes me happy).  It seems like 2010 was a pretty sucky year for many folks, so I know I'm not alone when I say, "Sayonara! Auf wiedersehen! Adios! Good bye, sucker!" to 2010.

Ok, so maybe I'm not being entirely fair to the first year of this decade.  There were some definite ups for me amongst the many downs: I won two Ravelry Bobby awards, I won a Best Actress Award at a Film Festival, I got to visit our awesome neighbors to the north, and I got to go on a great Disney Cruise vacation with my Mister, to name some highlights.  However, 2010 was unfortunately doomed for me from the very beginning, starting at this time (almost to the day) last year.

I know, I know.  I've mentioned that 2009 ended very badly and 2010 began horribly and that it affected me in ways that I wasn't ready to face for many months afterward.  However, I never shared what exactly happened because I just wasn't able to put it out there for so many people to see.  However, as I know I'm not alone in my rejoicing in 2010's demise, I also know I'm also not alone in what I went through last year.

You see, in mid 2009, after many years of being very happily married, my Mister and I finally decided it was time to add to our little family.  In November 2009, we very happily found out we were expecting and I couldn't wait for Christmas to make the announcement on this here blog.  However, December 2009 brought our first sonogram which, unfortunately is the reason 2010 sucked so much.  By January 2010, one year ago this past Saturday, we were no longer expecting an addition to our family.

It took many months for me to be able to process everything we went through and many months for me to even be willing to start trying again.  My erratic blog posting and long disappearances are a testament to that. I hope you'll forgive my most recent blog disappearance these last few months since it's not been the easiest time of year for me.

However, now that 2011 is here, and this Saturday has past, I must admit I am so very excited for 2011.  I've got many plans for this year, including a new venture with one of my BFF's.  She is also an avid crocheter AND she's a Registered Dietitian, as well.  Her name is Ronda and we've been wanting to collaborate with each other on a Nutrition based project ever since we were cramming for finals while eating fried mozzarella sticks at JBs.  (Hypocritical much?) She'll be a guest blogger for me every once in a while giving you all some great Nutrition tips, which is quite timely since I know some of you are still trying to keep up with your New Year's Resolutions.  Put down that mozzarella!

There is more to be revealed soon, but her first blog post will be sometime this week- I know you'll love her as much as I do!

As for me, I've not been idle during my blog-break.  I've been exhaustively working on a new creation these past 3 1/2 months- it's easily going to be my best yet- which is going to be the definite highlight of this year.  Even though I don't like revealing too much about my work before it's done, I'm going to have to this time since it has a big part to play in my endeavor with Ronda.  I'll be keeping you updated (with regular blog posts- cross my heart and hope to die!) but for now, I'll leave you with this teaser.