Friday, October 31, 2008

Pomquat is open for business!

w00t! I have officially opened up my etsy store. is now officially open for business. I will be adding items to my store as soon as they are ready, so as soon as this blog is updated, my store will be updated. Right now, only the Erin bag (brown/green/white one) is listed for sale. Ack! I am officially a business owner! How industrious of me! If the members of the board refuse to do as I say, I will have their heads on a platter!! Ahhh....power....does a body good.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yay!! I sold my first purse! The Netski Bag has been snapped up and will not be posted on my Etsy site. WHOOHOO!

Netski  Bag size perspective.

I've been working on other designs for bags, as well. I love the stripeys (yes, that's a word...and it's spelled correctly) of the first incarnation of my bags, but I've been toying with other bag styles as well as designs...stay tuned for more! But I will be adding at least 2 other striped bags to this collection by the end of the week. One is the Queen of Hearts bag (it is FAAABULOUS! (said in my best stereotypical gay voice)).

I can't wait to showcase them!!

10-4 good buddy...over and out

Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures in Bag Designing part deux

Onward to the wooden handled bags! The first one is the Hilda bag. I am currently recreating this one since there has been such a positive response to it.

I finished this one and shipped it out before I decided to line the bags. It has 2 integrated interior pockets and I sewed the handles on. As I stated earlier, my mom loved it!

This next one is the first one that I lined.

I learned a lot and am actually really pleased with the outcome.

I named it Erin in honor of my good friend who is my crocheting buddy. I worked on this purse at her house while she worked on a blanket for her soon-to-be born little girl. I've told her before, but it bears repeating- I am soooooooooo happy that Erin crochets with me!!!

Here's a picture of the lining.

How perfect is it?!? I had been searching for what seems like FOR.EVER for the right lining and totally lucked out at Joanns with this one. The colors are fantastic.

This one is the Netski bag.

It's named after my sister since she loves pink and black. Actually, she really wants this purse, but momma's gotta pay rent....and I do too. So, off it goes to Etsy!

Here is the lining and a detail of the handles.

I'm so proud of it!!! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears (and, maybe just a little cursing and yelling...) went into this little baby. Yep- I did that with my sewing machine.

Quick! Action Shot! Kazow!

And another one! Too fast for you!

Well, that is my collection thus far.

I hope y'all have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed making them! I'll update this site as I finish more and more of these little babies. Until next time, Zoobaroos!

Adventures in Bag Designing

Sooo...I've been designing and creating purses for a while now and am finally putting an update. I really love mixing and matching various colors to make beautiful combinations. So far, I've been using only Patons Classic Merino Wool. I have used Joann's Sensations Kashmira yarn and actually really liked that one, as well.

What I've learned is that crocheting is the easy part. Lining the bag, however.... argh. However, since I want these babies to look as beautiful as possible, and since I coerced my dear hubby to buy me a sewing machine last Christmas, I decided to put it to good use. (I'll post/rant about that p.o.shaving cream later....the machine...not my hubby...)

So, without further ado, here are the bags from the Gege collection thus far.

This bag is the very first one I created. I call it Johnny Five- and it's ALIVE! Ha! I slay me.

It's the key to unlocking my heretofore unknown bag-making, dare I say...oh I will... g.e.n.i.o.u.s. (Yes folks- the best quality of mine, and I have many good ones, is my humility. I'm very proud at how humble I am. And my spelling. I spell real good.) I added an interior pocket which was added pre-felting, so it is part of the entire purse fabric. This will be for sale on my etsy site....once I set that up. Hee.

This next one, I made for my sister. I really love the colors and the size of this one. There is an interior pocket, as well, and also a magnetic clasp to keep all the contents safe and secure. (This one won't be for sale....but her purse might be. Ha! Just kidding...the purse definitely won't be.)

This next one is the PGP bag- Purple, Green, Pink.

This one is actually not completed yet...I still need to line it and add a magnetic clasp. But, since I'm posting all my preciouses (yes, that's a word...just ask Gollum), I'm adding this one and will post an updated pic with the lining later this week.

Quick! Action shot! Whoosh!

These are the three soft handled bags that I've made. I'll make more since I like them, but I also really like the wooden handled ones, as well. My next post will showcase those ones. Peace out and word to your mother! (Oh yes, I'm sooo down with the homies. We go rolling often.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Hilda Bag

I made this bag for my mom a couple of weeks ago.

I LURVE it! Honestly, I was thiiiiis close to deciding to keep it for myself. Even my sister, who was delivering it to my mom in person, said she might "accidentally forget" that she was supposed to give it to mom.

Even little Whisk loved this bag....then again, she basically loves anything that I crochet. She's the best fan in the entire world.

I knew that my mom would think it's pretty, but her reaction was quite awesome. My sister visited mom at her work for lunch and was carrying this bag as her own. She said the first thing mom said was, "Wow, that's a beautiful bag!" My sister told her, "You really think so? A girl made it." Mom said, "No way! Really? It's gorgeous!" Sister: "That girl was your daughter! She made for your birthday!" Mom flipped out! Hahaha! My sister then pulled out her purse (which I also made...need to get a pic of that one...) from mom's purse and mom oohed and ahhhed over that one, as well. My mom is very artistic and extremely crafty, so she really appreciated my work. Of course she's loved any artistic thing we've done, but I'm pretty sure this trumps the bobble headed stick figure of her I drew when I was 3...

Anyway, happy birthday mom. I may just have to duplicate this bag because, quite honestly, I think it could be pretty marketable. It will be named the Hilda bag, just for you.