About Me

Hiya!  My name is Geraldine.  Welcome to my little corner of the internetz!  

I'm a nutritionist by education, an avid crocheter, and now a full-time neurotic new mother.

I studied nutrition/dietetics for a good chunk of my life and spent a few years practicing as a Public Health Nutritionist. I give some nutrition tips here and there, as well as some of my favorite recipes because I do love to cook. I also love finding new recipes, so please feel free to share your favorites with me, too!

Even though I’ve spent many a year studying for and practicing nutrition, I must admit that I found my true love in the summer of 2007 when I taught myself to crochet.  As a crocheter, I’m mainly known for my Super Mario Obsession Blanket which has been featured in numerous websites and magazines and has traveled the world in various blogs, tweets, and Facebook walls.  I also love designing felted purses, and you may have seen a few of my designs out there, as well.  (My favorite is the Marilyn Monroe bag I made for my sister, but my Felted Watermelon Tote pattern is probably the most popular.)  Browse my Patterns tab for both free and not-so-free patterns of purses, hats, scarves, and other items I decide to design.  Under the Tutorials tab, I have video tutorials available for many of my free projects, as well as info on Tunisian Crochet (the method I used to create the Mario Blanket).

I'm happily married to my best friend and have had a blast with him all over the world. My Mister and I have a little girl- our little Tuxedo cat- who has been in our lives since we first got married.  She became a big sister when we welcomed our first human child- Little Mister- in July 2011 and I'm now learning via the school of hard-knocks just what this whole "mommy" thing is all about.

One of the stupidest craziest most adventurous things we've done is move to Australia in September 2011.  For those of you who are mathematically challenged (What?!? Condescending?? MOI??), that means we made an international move with a two month old newborn. Yeah. Not too smart here in Chez GegeCrochet. However, I'm learning how to adjust to motherhood and living abroad as best I can, which means making numerous mistakes along the way. Ah well. C'est la vie!

I try to find the humor in the ups and downs of life, and I hope you will join me here on my crazy (mis)adventures.

You can find me on other places on the web:
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