Monday, April 30, 2012

Wait...There Are SEVEN Days In A Week??

So, I had every intention of fully participating in the Knitting & Crochet blog week, but then the weekend hit and I was all, "They expect me to write for SEVEN days?? Like, on the weekend, too? Don't they know the week has ENDED? And that Big Mister is home? And that it's time to PAR-TAY?? Or at least nap more since Big Mister can watch Little Mister for me? DON'T THEY??"

Yeah. I only got up to Day Five on Blog week, but goodness gracious I had fun doing it. :) Methinks I'm going to have to do some more drawrings in the future. (And, in my head it is pronounced "draw-rings" like Mike Meyers' Simon from SNL. Or at least the way I think he says it. It's the way my sister and I say it, so it's an in-joke between us that many people probably didn't get and so they instead think I can't spell "drawings." Well, see- I can. And now you are in on our in-joke.) (I guess you had to be there.)

Instead of blogging, I ended up going back to the sadistic massage therapist and, in all honest to God seriousness, my butt is bruised. Like someone-grabbed-a-hold-of-my-cheeks-in-a-ninja-death-grip-and-swung-me-around-the-room bruised. I hopped in the shower yesterday and thought, "HOLY COW! Did that lady read my blog and say, 'I'll give you something to cry about, wussy girl!'?"

The sad thing is that I thought it was going well and was even surprised at the reduction in both pain and in full body convulsions I had while she was trying to find Waldo near my gall bladder and was congratulating myself on how much I had toughened up from the last appointment. And then, after I got home, I finally remembered that I had taken 4 Advil prior to my appointment because I am smart and OH DEAR GOD THE PAIN!

And now I wish I hadn't taken the Advil because I would have been able to feel the full force of her work and could have begged her to let up a little bit and my poor derriere wouldn't look like someone danced the Electric Slide all over it.  Seriously- that lady is an amazing massage therapist. Strong as all get-out and tenacious when she finds an area that needs to be worked on. It really isn't her fault that I bruise easily.*

Anywho...I hope y'all had fun during the Knitting and Crochet blog week and hopefully even found some new knitting and crochet blogs you didn't know about before. All that blogging about crochet and getting into my stash really got my crochet mojo going and so I spent yesterday ripping out the remaining rows on Little Mister's Blanket-o-love and then basically regraphed the whole thing. I had completed 168 rows prior to running out of yarn. I was going to unravel about 80 rows to get to the place where I was going to use the new green instead of the old green. And then I decided that the whole thing was poo, so I unraveled 80 more rows. I ended up with 8 rows of my original work left. I'm still debating whether or not I should be committed.

Ah well. It will be worth it in the end. (I keep telling myself.) I started working on it today and I must admit it feels good. Except for the hunching over while working on Tunisian crochet color work, which really puts strain on my shoulders.

Dagnabbit. That means I'm going to need a massage again. Don't worry, butt cheeks. The shoulders will get the brunt of it next time...

Night, y'all.

* For reals- I do bruise easily. I don't think I've ever gone a day in my life without a bruise somewhere on my body. Usually on the sides of my thighs/hips and arms because those are my preferred body parts to use when locating tables and walls.


  1. You know, when you mention the massage sessions, I immediately envision the scene in "Last Holiday" where Georgia Byrd is getting the "beat down" with the leaf brushes and then takes them and beats the masseuse. Yeah, that could be you. lol

  2. LOL Libby, awesome visual!

    Gege, you know we loves ya whether you wrote for 5 days, 7 days, or 1 day! Your followers love any morsel you give us!

    So since you can't sit down, what are you doing with all your standing time?


  3. did! (refer to comment left in "A "Relaxing" Weekend...Or, "OH DEAR GOD THE PAIN!""). Can I just recommend you find a new massage therapist? Or maybe she is the only one down under?!?! It should hurt good...but not hurt bruised!!!

    Well with all the work and then all the ripping and now all the re-doing...I REALLY can't wait to see the final product. Its going to be DAMN good simply because you put so much effort into it and then once lil mister gets a hold of it (if he's anything like my daughter) he will rip it to love, of course.

    <3 you and miss you tons!!!

  4. Libby- I hadn't seen that movie before (and I'm not sure why since I remember I wanted to see it when it came out) but I looked it up on youtube and you are so right! HAHA! She even ends the sessions with the hitting of the metal bowls thing, but no chanting. Too funny!

    Kuddles- Aww- thank you! I'm just tickled that there are folks who read the crazy stuff that flies through my head. Thank you! And, I've gotten adept at sitting on just one cheek at a time. ;)

    lyteyz- HA! I'm going to her for the "therapy" part, not the relaxing part. Unfortunately my muscles are all out of whack due in part to having a baby grow really huge really quickly. Carrying him around has really messed up my back- it's nearly given out on me a few times when I was nursing him outside of my "comfort zone" in my glider chair. So, my body is trying to compensate for all the misalignment, leaving me full of knots and lots of pain. I do need to go to the chiro soon (note to self: CALL THEM NOW!) So, I need her to work out those knots....and she is only too eager to comply. ;)

    I hope Little Mister's blanket looks as good finished as it does in my head! Been working on it a little each day....hopefully will have it complete in the next couple weeks. YAY!