Sunday, April 1, 2012

Greetings from the Homeland!

Here it is. The last day of March- my most favoritist month of the year- and I’ve yet to post anything about either NatCroMo or NatNutMo (National Crochet Month and National Nutrition Month for those of you not in the loop). I know, I know. Bad Gege- no soup for you.

So, to make up for my lax blogging, I’ll make it up to you here and now. You ready?


Yeah- that’s right. I said “more healthier.” I never said this was NatGramMo, so I done did it and I ain’t gonna change it for nobody.

The truth is that, every time I sat down to write something, I just couldn’t find my voice. I’ve not been the happiest of campers these last few months- pregnancy, birth, moving and family issues really took their toll on me- and I really have been trying to get out of this funk. Even though I do love Australia, I must admit I’m not too crazy about the part I happen to live in. I feel so very far away from my family and friends and I have been feeling quite homesick recently.

I feel like I’ve been marinating in this very bleak, dreary bad mood for a long time- too long- and I really need to get back into life before Little Mister grows up before my eyes and I miss it all. I'm also pretty sure Big Mister is ready to have his cheerful, optimistic wife back and not this negative, complaining shrew that seems to have bashed her over the head and dragged her to the netherworld. Thankfully, a few things have been happening in the last few weeks that have given me a much needed happiness boost.

One thing is that I’ve been exercising fairly regularly which has always been something to lift my spirits. As such, the last few stubborn pregnancy pounds have slowly been melting off, as well, which is definitely something in the “positive” column. And, as my post title suggests, I am indeed back in the good ol’ US of A, which is just too amazingly wonderful for words. I drank 3 refills of Diet Coke at Chipotle just because I CAN GET FREE REFILLS HERE!! Little Mister was dancing the Macarena all night afterwards from the caffeine-laden breast milk, but dagnabbit- it was worth it. FREE REFILLS!!!! If that doesn’t make you feel proud to be an American, I don’t know what will.

I was able to shop at Michaels to buy some yarn that otherwise would have taken a month to arrive at my house. This yarn was very important because, since it is NatCroMo, I’ve been waving my hooks high and have been finishing up Little Mister’s blanket- the one I started a year ago but wasn’t able to finish before his birth and then didn’t want to finish because it’s fairly large and definitely too warm to use in the intense Australian summer. Now that the weather is cooling down, however, it’s time to finish his blanket-o-love. I was *thiiiiiis* close to completing it prior to our trip here but ran out of the main color. I was frustrated for about half a minute until I realized that I CAN GO TO MICHAELS AND BUY YARN. Is this a great country, or what??

We also visited an alpaca farm in Sandia Park, NM. Mmmmm.....alpaca. I'll write more on that later, though.

Couldn't take his hands off the alpaca. That's m'boy!

Hey you! Yeah you! You taking a picture of me?
We packed a lot into these last two weeks. We saw my grandmother- Little Mister's lone surviving great-grandparent- and both my parents and in-laws which was great, especially since my dad was the only grandparent who hadn’t seen Little Mister yet. He was unable to visit us prior to our move (part of the family issues…..GAH) and couldn’t wait to get his hands on his “Little Buddy.” He bought him his first pair of Chuck Taylors which brought a tear to my eye- such a proud mama!

He inherited his daddy's hair, but his mommy's shoes.  I win.

The biggest highlight (sorry mom and dad!) was getting to spend time with my sister and with Ronda. So much laughter and fun and food and laughter and catching up and then more food and even more laughter (and then crying) was shared. Oh how I needed that!!

We left New Mexico yesterday and will be flying back to Oz on Sunday. That gives me and my Misters today to enjoy some much needed downtime to reconnect and just chill before the extremely long journey back home. Yes, I’m sad to leave my family and friends again, but I am ready to be back home. And that’s how I know I’m starting to feel better. I’m ready to go back *home*. To Australia.

Oh man! What was that?? Out the window just there….a flying pig?? And…brrrrrr...I think I heard the news say that hell has frozen over??? I could have sworn that fat lady down the hall was singing! Or maybe it was just a loud fart…she was rather walrus-y, so who can tell for sure.

It’s the big one, Lord! I’m going HOME.

Oh give me a home
Where the kangaroos roam
Where the dingos and the walabies play.
Where seldom is spilled 

Because your drink’s not refilled,
And all the folks wish you g’day.


  1. Congrats on being able to go back home. Oh, I can feel your excitement. The Little Mister is growing, growing, growing. And one day, maybe I'll visit with some alpacas. I've wanted to go to one of those Wool & Sheep festivals for a while. Get to see the whole process, you know? Anyhoo, wishing you safe travels back to Oz. :-)

  2. Hey Libby! It's been a while- how've you been?? Oh man- I LOVED the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival last year- so much fun! If you are able to make it to one, I highly recommend it. I hope to make it to the Australian Sheep and Wool festival in July this year....keeping fingers crossed. Seriously...if you want to visit Oz, drop me a line. ESPECIALLY if you are visiting with some alpacas. :)

    1. Hi GeGe. I'm doing well and it sounds like you are too. I'll be sure to bring some alpacas on my next trip to Oz. :-)

  3. There ya are! You've been missed .... but understand when a funk settles in......had me one of those till I found a new pad to move to...moving June 1 and all will be great again!

    SO glad you got to come home for a bit! And that you are doing better!

    Anything to add on that secret project you sent to a publication?

  4. LOL...I LOVE and miss very deeply you and your wacky sense of humor! Got some good giggles from this one. Love the alpaca pic...well and the other ones too...but that was my favorite in this blog entry! What if we all had little tufts of hair like they do on the top of our heads...AWESOME!!!!


  5. We miss you guys!!! Can't wait to see how much that boy has grown, so don't keep him to yourself, ya hear? We will expect you at FF on Friday, jetlag be darned!

  6. i'd been worried about you. i'm only new to this yarn caper, and loved your writing and then, suddenly, this year - SILENCE. i'd read all your posts, and then there was nothing. so i'm glad you're feeling recharged, and back writing again.

    australia's not that bad, even if we do have a red-haired prime minister... and if you're in brisbane again, you should check out tangled yarns - awesome yarn store....

    safe travels

  7. Enough with the wimpery whiney crap. Get up and deliver they self to Central Craft on Friday. I'm bringing Diet Coke (Ptooie!) and will refill your reasonably clean though small glass frequently.

    PS Subway by the APO has free refills. At least, um, I think they're free. Sure. Someone would've said. Right?

  8. Hey Kuddles! I'm sorry it's been stressful for you, too. I'm glad you have a new home and I hope your move will be an easy one! No updates on the secret project yet...hopefully soon!

    Lyteyz- ha! figures you'd notice the alpaca's hair. :) Miss you so much, too!!

    Miranda- I plan on being there this Friday- it's been too long! I can't wait to hear about your NZ trip, too. :)

    Artemisrumball- thank you for stopping by and for thinking about me! I actually did stop by Tangled Yarns in Brisbane- loved it! I have pics to post...something I meant to do a while ago, but never got to it. I'll do it soon. :)

    Regina- yeeeah...that wimpery whiney crap is exactly why I've not been blogging recently. I definitely need a dose of Fibre on Friday...and obviously a big healthy dose of "rub some dirt in it" from Regina. ;) (Diet coke wouldn't hurt, either....just sayin')