Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Little Mister is asleep and I had two diet cokes for lunch. I'm not quite sure why I put those two facts together in one sentence, but my fingers won't stop typing because I had two diet cokes for lunch. I was going to go on a walk with Miss A, but Little Mister decided to fall asleep thus leaving me to my own devices: jittery with a caffeine high and no physical outlet with which to relieve the jitters, except for my keyboard which DOESN'T TYPE FAST ENOUGH FOR MY CAFFEINE THOUGHTS.

Holy moly- I have a lot to do around the house- ironing, mopping the floor, tidying up my bedroom, finishing decorating the kitchen. Egads...I'm overwhelmed just thinking about it all. Instead I think I'll just sit on my butt and think of all the things I could be doing but instead not do any of them because my fingers WON'T STOP TYPING.

I could work on the blanket I'm sitting by that I've been making for the guest bed that is located in Little Mister's room. It's a great idea to have the guest sleep with the baby, no? Heehee- I'm the best hostess EVER.

Thumbs up with my rad blue toes and the not-so-rad burn mark I got from dropping my iron on my foot, which is the real reason I'm not ironing right now. My iron attacked me. I got the hint.

I also need to finish the blanket that I was working on for him, but I have to rip out nearly half of it and I'm crying a little bit inside just thinking about it. I was *thiiis* close to finishing it before our US trip, ran out of yarn, and then found the yarn at Michaels. And then I found even better colors than the ones I had used so I decided that the work I did was crap and had to be redone. OH THOU FOUL MICHAELS AND THY TEMPTING YARN OF DOOM!

I'm not sure if I'm fighting off the iron or preventing my hook from gouging out my eyes. ALL THAT WORK DOWN THE DRAIN. Darn me and my anal, perfectionistic ways!
And now I've spent way too much time taking pictures of my feet and running them through Instagram. HAHA! Thinking of running my feet through Istagram...They look best in Hefe.

Impressed with myself that I managed to do a whole blog post, including taking pictures, all while Little Mister continues to sleep. WOOT WOOT! Who's the fastest typer in the west? (Or....south....east? Where the heck am I?) That's right! It's this crocheter right OH LOOK A KITTEN!


  1. I am impressed! Yup, I am! You've given me morning giggles so often now that I MUST look for a new post each morning while I drink my coffee......slurp slurp!

    Love that first blanket! What type of pattern is that and where can I find it!? Or really, you can just send it to me when you are done! Need my address?

    Watch that caffeine! It will make hair grow places it shouldn't!


  2. oh man...BLUE TOES. I miss your blueness! And I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TOOK APART THE BLANKET!!!! I guess its a good thing you don't have the convenience of Michael's/JoAnn's/AC Moore anymore (like I do). I'm seriously FORCING myself to stay away and just dig through my bins when I want new yarn. But I have been stashing $$$ for MD S&W Festival (don't rat me out to the hubbster)...although my heart is just breaking that I will be going alone :*(

    Is Misters contract over yet??? I miss you guys!!!

  3. Yayayay! Yeah, Kuddles...I think I've finally found my voice again. :) I'm glad you like my blanket! I've been addicted to that stitch pattern for a while...I'm planning a blog post on it...including a free pattern, methinks...very soon.

    Lyteyz- I KNOW!!! I still haven't had the heart to take it apart just yet, but it's coming. I think it'll look so much better once I redo it, but still....the heart ache! I SOOOOOOO wish I could be there and go with you to MD S&W! I think I'm going to to the Australian S&W fest in July....taking Mister with me just won't be the same, ya know? ;)