Friday, April 27, 2012

Going Yarn Shopping with Gege- An Illustrated Tale

Today is Day Five in the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week and today's topic is "Something A Bit Different." We are encouraged to boldly blog in ways no man has blogged before. Or at least in a way we haven't blogged before. So, I thought I'd demonstrate my amazing drawring abilities while giving you a peek at a day in my (shopping) life.


When I go yarn shopping, I always have something in mind- a goal, a purpose- so that I am focused on buying what I need and ONLY what I need. No frivolous yarn purchases for me.

I am so lucky to have a husband who understands and supports my yarning and crochet endeavors

Our marriage has survived- nay- FLOURISHED for so long because we always support each other and compromise, compromise, compromise.

Yarn is the universal friend maker- the bridge between all ages.

It's amazing how peaceful and serene shopping for yarn can be.

The end result is always the same- a happy wife, a peaceful husband, and a restraining order baby safely secured...somewhere under all that yarn.

 The End.


I hope you enjoyed this snippet of my life.  If so, please let eskimimimakes know- there are prizes to be won for this particular day. YAY! I'll give you candy if you nominate or vote for me. Promise.

(No I won't...that's a lie.)

To view other creative blog postings, google search: LikeI'mGoingToSendYouToMyCompetitors. I'm sure you'll find lots of creative blog postings that way. *innocent smile*

(Ok, ok- search for 3KCBWDAY5. But don't nominate anyone else. I have candy. And nunchuks.)


  1. Very cute post, love the pictures.

  2. Nunchucks are the best use for crochet hooks EVAR.

  3. This is fantastic GeGe! Perhaps you have too much time on your hands? (JK!) Hilarious. :-)

  4. Great cartoon, it is a little like you have been watching me yarn shop :D

  5. Your cartoon is SO TRUE! I just love the first two pictures! My Hubby often says: Honey, don't you think...? LOL

  6. Hehe! Loved this! Especially the crochet nun chuks.

  7. Thanks, everyone! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it. :) Libby- dude- I spent 3 hours getting the shading just right on the nunchucks alone. Quality artwork like that can NOT be rushed. ;)