Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Silly Rabbit- Teeth Are For Food!

Whew! I'm pleased to report that, after around 34 hours of travel time, my Misters and I have arrived back safely home Down Under. There were lots of little snafus along the way (including one where they upgraded Big Mister to first class while banishing me to the very back of the plane with Little Mister on my lap...uh yeah. Thankfully for our marriage we got that one worked out.) but all-in-all, we got home safely and all I could think of was, "Oh dear Lord do I need to brush my teeth." Seriously. I think my teeth melted en route from Sydney. Heck, I think Little Mister's teeth melted when I kissed him. Blech.

Oh yeah...did ya catch that? Little Mister's TEETH. As in, multiple. When I last updated about his teething (right before Christmas), he had cut his first tooth. About 2 weeks later, his second bottom tooth showed up. About 2 weeks prior to our trip (about a month ago), both his 2 upper front teeth broke through at the same time. And then, right smack dab in the middle of our trip, 2 more top teeth broke the same time.

My poor, poor Little Mister. Not only was he dealing with an international flight, jet lag, long car rides, meeting strange new people for the first time, and a toilet breath mommy, he was also dealing with a mouthful of teeth that decided to show up all at once. He was such a trooper on this trip. He really doesn't complain much at all and the only time he cried (instead of just fussed) was when mama couldn't control herself and ate cheese on her red chile enchiladas. I told myself it was ok to eat the cheese since he should have outgrown his dairy protein allergy by now and, since I was in New Mexico (which in Spanish means "Cheese is Life"), I was almost 100% certain that he wouldn't have a reaction since it's the Land of Enchantment, and we all know that "enchantment" means "magic" which means I CAN EAT THE MAGICAL CHEESE, DARNIT!

*hanging head in shame*
*magical shame*

So, no. He's not outgrown his allergy yet and I am back on track with my dairy free meal planning. I do hope he outgrows it soon- not for my benefit, but for his. If he doesn't outgrow it, he may have to be very strict with his food intake to prevent ingestion of any sort of dairy protein, which quite frankly is everywhere. For now, I don't worry about his food intake since the boy WILL NOT eat.

Yes. You read that correctly. He is 8 months old and refuses to eat food. As my dad asked, "Then how did he get so big? Just from you?" The answer: that's correcto-mundo.

I started offering him solids at 5 1/2 months, though he never really took to it. I kept offering him some foods every so often to see if he would magically discover that food is delicious, but to no avail. Right before we left on this trip, he was finally accepting some foods sometimes. However, during these last 2 weeks, whether due to the changes associated with travel, his teething, a growth spurt, or all of the above, he's refused to eat almost completely.

I'm not too worried about it. He's obviously thriving on breast milk, so I'm not concerned about his growth. Also, I know he knows how to eat, so I'm not worried that he'll be one of those kids who has to eat pureed foods until they're 10. I'll just keep offering foods to him while reminding him that I'm a professional in this area so he can trust me when I say, "Eat this" and hope he'll believe me sometime soon. Because Lord knows he's also not going to be one of those kids who is breastfed until he's 10, either. *shudder*

(I was just picturing the state of my boobs after breastfeeding for 10 years. Let's just say "fruit roll up" isn't a term you want associated with your breasts.)

Ahem. My eyes are up here, people.

Ok, I'm really fighting this jet lag hard and am very much losing the battle. My Mister just got home from work and I need to make him some dinner. Why he didn't take today off is beyond me. I would have called in "Jet Lag" and make them prove it's not a real sickness. And then I would have gone, "HAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and breathed on them. Because I'm mature like that.


  1. Ok...I haven't seen him in person for several months now...but I can attest to the fact that lil mister is not suffering at all in the "well fed" department. *sending kisses to that second chin right now*. Have you thought about trying those teething cookies/biscuits (whatever they call them) for him? I know he doesn't like to eat, but he MIGHT like to chomp/suck on one of those for a bit while he's teething (and it may even give him a hankering for food)...not a sermon, just a thought ;-)

    So glad yall had a good visit and especially that you got some CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!

  2. Yes, please don't be one of those mommies who nurses their kid through elementary school. I might be forced to report you. lol

    I have a new mommie friend who's kid also has the dreaded allergies so if you have any tips or resources that I can share with her, it would be greatly appreciated. She recently discovered rice cheese, thought it was too good to be true and it was - there's milk in there. Go figure. Poor kid. Oh yeah, she just started a blog since she's staying at home now:


  3. Hey m'dear Lyteyz! I kissed both his double chins for you. :) I did try giving him one of those teething biscuits and that seemed to be something he was cool with. Until he realized he could eat it and then he threw it down with a look on his face that said, "You tricked me! This is food!" *le sigh* I think things will get better in the next few days as we settle back into a daily routine. *crossing fingers*

    Libby- oh heck no- no need to report me to the authorities on *that* account. After today's post, though, you may have a different reason to.... I will definitely check out your friend's blog and see if there is anything akin to "wisdom" I can pass along. ;) While I do really like rice milk, there's just something wrong with having "rice" and "cheese" together....unless it was some sort of cheesy rice, of course.