Saturday, April 7, 2012

A "Relaxing" Weekend...Or, "OH DEAR GOD THE PAIN!"

Oh my wow, peoples. My body is so sore. It feels like I’ve been run over by a steam roller- all my muscles are screaming obscenities at me. I’d love to tell y’all it’s because I’ve been working out so hard core that I’m making your puny little muscles jealous just by being in the same room with me, but I really don’t want to brag about how much better I am than you all that much. *preening haughtily*

Ok, ok. The truth is that I just came from one of the most intense therapeutic massages ever in the whole world. EVER. Holy moly. How does one little woman pack such a punch in her tiny little hands?? It’s like I turned over and she activated her bionic Hulk hands to start kneading the muscles off my bones leaving me a whimpering puddle of goo on her table. A *naked* puddle of goo, to boot.

One good aspect of this is that she validated what I’ve always known: I have buns of steel. She may have used the words “extremely tight gluteals and hip flexors” but we all know that really means I have one heck of a fine derriere.

We started the session with me face up while she worked on my neck and throat area. I told her I had been having headaches so she worked on the base of my skull by sticking her hand up my armpit and shoving aside anything blocking her way. I can honestly say that I no longer feel pain there anymore. I no longer feel anything there at all. I may have left half my skull there for all I know. Ahhhh…sweet relief.

I then had to roll over, self-conscious that this lady was going to see my nude postpartum body, but after karate chopping my neck a few hundred times, I figured her retinas deserved to be seared. That’s right, lady. Take it allll in.

Now. Now is when the *real* work began. It’s like she had x-ray vision and could see the exact spots to poke at, making me writhe and moan in agony. I’m pretty sure she said in her Swartzeneggar voice, “Stop crying like a little girl baby,” as she was getting the kinks out of my shoulder via my spleen. I had to take a double take at her license on her wall- I could have sworn it said, “Hades College of Massage- Beelzebub, Master Masseur.”

She continued down my back, massaging my toes through my ribs, and then she came upon my extremely tight buns of steel. I was so afraid I was going to blast her with the amazingly powerful fart I had lined up, but I’m pretty sure that would have somehow given her even more magical powers from her Dark Underlord Master. I’m not sure what she was digging for down there…seriously lady…is that your elbow? Why is my arm twitching that way? I’ve never convulsed like this before. Wait…what are you…..wait….WAIT…..YOOOOOOU SHALLL NOT PAAAASSSSSSSS! 

*trying to do an angry face but too busy flopping like a dead fish*

She then went back up my back, revisiting the places she obliterated before and finding new areas she missed when I realized that she really did draw on powers from below Mordor. I could only pray the Blood Of Jesus Christ over my back as I felt the fire in her finger tips as she went back up and down my spine. She claims they were “hot stones” but we all know that is code for “Fingers of Satan.”

She ended the session by gently placing her hands on my back and neck in a sort of Jedi move telling me, “These are not the muscles you were looking for.” She left the room, leaving me to pick up the pieces of my body that were now strewn all around me.

I somehow got up and dressed myself, documenting the various bruises and missing vertebrae. I’m not sure what she put in the water she left for me to drink but it must have been something waaay powerful. So powerful that I somehow made another appointment with her in 3 weeks.

Dark powers, I tell you. Dark powers.


  1. Wimp. ;-b You could have asked for less pressure, you know. I love Jane and her dark powers!

  2. O M G!

    I needed that laugh out loud this morning! Thanks!

    Gege, you doing any crocheting or has that woman ruined your hands as well and you will never crochet again?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. GeGe, I now have tears in my eyes from the laughter! Seriously, you should consider a writing career. You've definitely captivated your audience.

    I've had a few massages before (none like that), but the last one was an accupressure massage and it was won-der-ful! Now I must admit, you may take the cake for having buns of steel, but I have neck muscles like the rock of Gibralter (or so he says).

    Happy Easter, my friend!

  4. Miranda- haha! even though she put me through the ringer, I certainly needed all that "abuse" Jane put me through. My neck knots have knots on them! I can honestly say that she has been the only massage therapist I've been to who has been able to see the problem areas and actually work the snot out of them. And out of me. Wow.

    Kuddles- Ha! You are welcome! :) Yes, I've been crocheting up a storm...actually not so much since I've gotten back from the States, but that's just because I'm still getting back into the swing of things. I hope to have pics of Little Mister's blanket up either later this week or next......I was almost finished with it before we left but.....well....I have do redo some of it because I'm an anal perfectionist when it comes to my crochet. Argh.

    Libby- haha! Thanks, girl! I'm not sure what kind of massage this was exactly- I think she called it the "Construction Worker" based on her use of Jack hammers and steam rollers. I hear ya on the neck muscles, too- don't know if mine are quite Rocks of Gibraltar, but maybe Stacked Pebbles of Tasmania. :D

  5. ok...I so missed this one UNTIL I started reading yesterdays blog (7 days a week one) and oh my HOLY JESUS! This one had me laughing so hard. I get monthly massages now (thank yous to my lubbin hubbin) and I'm not sure what to take from this blog...aside from lots of laughing. So, I'm confused! Did you like it? Or did you hate it and your a glutten for punishment...abuse? Regardless...PLEEEEEASE blog about the next appt. (why am I laughing at my BFF's pain...shame on me) bwahahahaha!!! Or maybe you did, I didn't finish reading the one on the 30th...ADD much?!?! I will go finish it!