Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wild Things- Healthy Food Made Fun

Wow.  What an insane day.  Our local mall had their annual Children's Day at the Mall today where hundreds of children partook in dozens of free activities provided by area childhood providers.  There was face painting, puppet shows, dance competitions, and free stuff galore!

My work was there, too, and I've been preparing for this event for a few weeks now, but this week it was down to the wire.  We had a bean-bag toss (the bean bags were fruit/veggie shaped) and a colorful animal hopscotch game to go with the theme of Amazon Adventures.  We had "Monkey Crunch" (a Chex Mix that I threw together- basically wheat Chex, Honey Nut Chex, pretzles, and M&Ms- it was a hit!) and a couple food demonstrations.  I had the kids making Ants On A Log (peanut butter on celery with raisin "ants") and some Wild Wraps that I thought up.  I am absolutely exhausted, but it was worth it to see those kids getting involved with snack making and eating healthy to boot.

For any of you parents who may have a tough time getting your kids to eat their fruits and veggies, this one is for you!

Wild Wraps:

  • Lettuce leaves (Butter Lettuce works well, but any leaf you can roll up is good- try a red leaf lettuce to make it pretty!)
  • Shredded Apples (Try Fuji or Pink Lady- crisp and sweet.  Also, get some Fruit Fresh to sprinkle on them to prevent browning)
  • Shredded Carrots (you can get the ready cut matchstick carrots)
  • Craisins and/or raisins (we used both)

Wild Sauce:
  • 1/2C Lite Mayo
  • 1 1/2 Tbs sugar (can use Splenda if you're diabetic)
  • 1Tbs. Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Whisk the Wild Sauce ingredients together- you can put it in a squeeze bottle (like ketchup/mustard bottle) for easy application
  2. Put the apples, carrots, raisins, and Craisins in the lettuce leaf.
  3. Drizzle the sauce on it
  4. Roll it up and enjoy!!

Even my boss was a little skeptical that I'd get this to work- he thought it'd be messy and no kids would be interested.  He was shocked with how popular our stand was!  (Don't pat my back, boss- pat my wallet.) Making healthy eating fun is half the battle when it comes to kids.  Make eating an adventure and let them do things themselves.  We had some items ready made for kids who didn't want to make them- we ended up giving them to the adults.  The kids all wanted to do it themselves!  Remember, we eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths.  If something looks nasty, will you eat it?  Why would you expect your kids to?  If it's colorful and fun, they'll jump right in.  :)

Ok- I'm outie.  I have a cat boobie bag to work on (I swear it won't look anything remotely like cat boobies when I'm done, but I'm afraid that I will always be reminded of that when I see it.  Thanks a lot Sis.) and I'm just enjoying the quiet that I am hearing in my house and letting the Advil (and maybe a Cabernet...) work its magic.  

Until next time- same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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