Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Gege Pie

The last few days have been great- I've been able to accomplish a few of the things that makes me, me.  Have you ever thought of all of the aspects of you that make you, you? When someone asks me, "What do you do?" I always find it difficult to define myself in any one way. Of course they mean, "What do you do as a profession- to make money and contribute to society?" Why is that always one of the first questions people ask? Am I defined by my job? Is my profession the end all and be all of who I am?

Well, for me, the answer to that is a resounding, "NO!" Sure, by education and (current) profession, I'm a Nutritionist. However, that is such a small part of who I am. As a matter of fact, it's probably one of the smallest pieces of the whole Gege Pie, if you will.  Especially in the last few weeks when I've been on maternity leave and have not been functioning as a nutritionist. Feels good, actually. (Don't tell my boss!)

However, one aspect that I miss about work is getting dressed up and doing my hair and makeup. I've been feeling really frumpy lately and I don't like it, which is really strange. Normally I have no problem being in shorts and a tank with my hair in a ponytail sans makeup. But now....I'm feeling really...blah. I thought I'd feel this way due to weight gain; however, my body truly has bounced back much better than I could ever have hoped and I'm even back in my regular clothes (though some are are a little more snug right now).  It could possibly just be a postpartum hormonal thing, but I bought hair dye yesterday, just in case. (Dude. My hair. It's insane! It's always been thick, but thanks to pregnancy hormones it's redunkulous! Since it's short, I end up having a huge poof around my head and my straight iron just gave up the ghost. Sad face. I had it for about 15 years, though, so it had a god run.)  

What are some things that help you feel more like "you" and help banish the blahs?

Anywho, since I'm being so introspective, here are a few of the things I was able to accomplish in the last few days that make me feel like me:

The newest piece of the Gege Pie: Motherhood
I've become adept at baby-watching. I never thought that would become a favorite past time, but it truly has. Seeing the changes that has happened to this tiny little person in the first few weeks of his life has been amazing. A little part of me is sad, though, since he's quickly outgrown his little newborn outfits. He's becoming quite the little chunk and I love it! Due to his breast milk only diet, my Mister started calling our son, "Mister Mustard" every time we have to change him. (If I wanted to end up on STFU Parents, I'd put a picture here to illustrate why. However, even I have limits to my crudeness.) (Shut up. I do.) 

The Professional piece of the Gege Pie: Nutrition
Even though it was tough this weekend, I did not succumb to the alluring calls of the Butter Pecan Ice Cream. However, to appease my recent sweet cravings, my Mister and I tried out some Jello sugar free puddings- the kind that are in the refrigerated section. They are only 60 calories per pudding cup and are SO GOOD. Even though I've not yet set up an actual eating plan, I have started reverting back to my pre-pregnancy eating habits....except for the occasional potato chip fix. My solution for that is to buy a small, one serving bag whenever I have a craving. That way I don't have a huge bag of chips begging to be snarfed down. If you're interested, I'll share my healthy eating plan with y'all once I write it up.

The On-The-Move piece of the the Gege Pie: Exercise
As I said last time, I've finally been able to get back to exercising, if only occasionally and very slowly. Exercise is one of the main ways that I feel like "me" again and I can't wait until I'm back to running. As I told Crochet Blogger in the comments, I don't normally feel like I've worked out unless I'm sweating like a hog and my heart is pounding. However, I must admit that I did feel the effects of my Pilates workout yesterday. (I have the Complete Yoga and Pilates series and I love it!) I'm hoping to be able to do a little something each day- whether a video or going on a walk- just to start getting back into some sort of exercise routine. Hopefully Little Mister will sleep after his next feeding so I can get in a little walk on the treadmill today.

The Creative piece of the Gege Pie: Crochet
I've been on a crocheting binge and it's been great! My sister spent a couple days with us, including this weekend, which meant an extra pair of hands to help free up my own. She and I continued my Psych marathon (streaming Netflix = best.invention.EVER.) and I was able to finally finish my Half Granny Scarf. I love it!! It looks great with a black tank top, which my sister just happened to be wearing when we went to the DMV, so she wore my scarf and thus loved it and, of course, asked for one for herself. Ah shucks. Twist my arm. She also requested another Cow(L) in a sparkly pink yarn she spotted in my stash. Once I finish my own Cow(L) in my grey alpaca (YAY! I finally get to use my new loverlies!), I'll start on that for her.

I loved the Granny Scarf so much, I made another one out of dark brown mercerized cotton and then added a beaded edging. Oh.My.Lanta. I love it even more! Hopefully, if there is no rain either today or tomorrow evening, I'll have my Mister take some pictures. Scarves I'll wear- especially these ones. I'm hoping that I'll work up to wearing my other wraps/shawls, as well.(Hey- I'm nothing if not optimistic.)

The Entertaining Piece of the Gege Pie: Acting
This one is a little bittersweet. Remember the World Independent Music and Film Festival from last year? You know, the one where I won a little award proclaiming to the entire world that I was the BEST ACTRESS EVER? Well, they asked me back this year to present this year's Best Actress Award. I was really excited about this- getting dressed up and going out this weekend sure sounds good right about now. However, I had to turn them down. For one, I'd have to leave Little Mister home with his daddy. We've never given Little Mister a bottle and I don't know if he'll take it (and I must admit I don't like the thought of him having a bottle- even though it's pumped milk. Very strange- never thought I'd feel that way. It actually gives me anxiety for some reason. Huh.) Secondly, my sister-in-law and her husband are going to be visiting us, so I'd rather spend time with them than be in DC, abandoning my baby and having separation anxiety.

I think a reason I've been feeling "blah" is because I have an innate need to have many balls up in the air. I am multifaceted and can't focus on just one aspect of myself and feel whole. I am the most miserable when I am working full-time and don't have any time for any of my other interests. (Which totally explains the last few months of my pregnancy.) I cannot sum up, "What do you do?" with one word and actually feel happy about it. Now that I have time to focus on other aspects of myself, I'm starting to feel whole again and it really feels good!

Ok- Little Mister is finally asleep, so off to the treadmill I go. And then I have a box of hair dye that is calling my name. Good-by blahs!


  1. ROFL, LOVE your blog and humor. I am one of the less fortunates that cannot spell but still feel free to communicate. Sadly, for you, this blog gives me a chance to ask a question that as someone raised in a tourist state (Florida) with people from all over, any how a question I have been ask a zillion times. I have a friend John Doe who just moved to Australia, do you know him? ROFL @ me (someone has to!)

  2. Hey Karen! Thanks for stopping by! DUUUDE! I just met a John Doe- I bet it's the same guy!!! :)