Friday, August 5, 2011

Alpaca- My New Favorite

Thank you all for your words of encouragement! One more step in the adjustment process happened today when I bravely ventured out to the grocery store…alone…with Little Mister. I was extremely anxious since I’m pretty sure he’s been going through a growth spurt which is why he’s not been leaving me alone for the past few days. However, he slept pretty well last night (I got a full four hour stretch (!!)) and I thought I’d risk escaping my nursing stronghold for an hour. I’m pleased to report it went extremely well! I used a Moby wrap and, aside from being afraid of both of us overheating, I was able to run through the store and got everything off my list. (No seriously- I ran through there. I really didn’t want to risk him waking up and having to nurse somewhere in public. I’m not ready for that adjustment quite yet.) Successful baby-wearing grocery store visit? Check. Milk for My Mister's cereal so he won't be a grump in the morning? Check. (Totally see where Little Mister gets his grumpy I-need-milk-now! face.)

Something that I wasn’t able to blog about when it happened in May was my trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. My sister and Lyteyz joined me on Day One and we had an absolute blast! I went back by myself on Day Two, which just so happened to be Mother’s Day. Yep- I spent my first Mother’s-to-be-Day by getting a really bodacious high on all sorts of fiber.  Best.Day.Ever.

Oh yes- be jealous of my photography skills.
During Day One, my Sister, Lyteyz and I all found out the importance of an A and B conversation, as well as C-ing one's way out of it. We also learned the difference between a cow and an alpaca. (Right, Lyteyz?) The difference being that cows are udderly delicious while alpacas have incredible wool and are now officially my new favorite fiber in the whole world. 

I can't think of anything witty...I'm laughing too hard at the poor skinny little thing. And then snarfing his wool.
Since my Sister was the only non-fiber enthusiast, (I know!! I think she's adopted, too!) I told her that I'd make her something- anything- she wanted. She actually saw a (knitted) cowl she loved and asked if I could make her one. After once again explaining the difference between crochet and it's pointy-sticked, ugly step-sister, I told her that I could indeed make her a cowl. I then let her pick out the yarn with which she'd like me to make it. 

(Side note: I was able to be generous with this offer, and was able to splurge (relatively) guilt free, since I had just booked an acting gig that week and told My Mister that it was a sign from Heaven that I was supposed to buy all the yarn I could get my grubby little hands on. I was not only able to score on yarns that I would not normally have access to, but I also have an acting video of me while preggers. Teehee!  It was for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, but I'm still waiting for the video to be posted on their website.) 

My Sister chose this absolutely gorgeous, buttery soft fiber that I just wanted to roll around naked in.  Say it with me, folks: AL-PAC-A. *Swoon* 

My Sister tried out a skein around her neck to see if the color would work on her. I thought it looked great. Lyteyz came on over and said, "That looks like a cow." We then went into the whole "A/B conversation" discussion and how the fiber was alpaca- not cow- derr Lyteyz. And then we realized she actually said COWL and subsequently realized my Sister and I can be a rude couple of turd buckets together. Even so, we all may have laughed hysterically over this conversation and may have laughed even harder when a girl passed by and we heard her say, "I want to give worsted weight to my aunt and I want to give fingering to my sister." (It didn't help that the yarn my Sister chose happened to be fingering weight. I now want to retract my desire to roll around naked in it.)

Among other fibers, I was able to get light cream, grey, and natural black skeins of alpaca. Such loverlies! After my two days at the Festival, this was my score:

Lots of sheepy and alpaca-y goodness!
The one thing that irked me about the black alpaca was that it was a bear to wind. It was full of knots and drove me crazy!

600 yards of a natural black alpaca HEADACHE
After untangling and winding my new stash additions, I was then able to plan out my Cow(L). 

It's a mobius, which, as I mentioned earlier, I've been wanting to do forever. Lyteyz loved it and volunteered to test out my pattern for me. (Crossing fingers it will be published this weekend)

The gorgeous purple one that Lyteyz made is made out of wonderful, beautiful alpaca, which she said was wonderful and beautiful to work with. You see, she had to let me know this since the one I made for my Sister was NOT made out of alpaca.  *HUGE SIGH*

Even though it is very wonderfully soft and gorgeous, my Sister happens to be allergic to it when around her neck for an extended period of time. Also, she has a pair of cats that would make mince meat out of it. Oh, and it needs to be hand washed and air dried- a deal breaker for my wash-n-wear sister.

So, the one I made is out of Patons Stretch Socks- a cotton/wool/nylon/elastic blend.  Wash-n-wear, baby. It's also fingering weight.*snortle*

Ok- the Little Mister is a-callin'.  Peace out, y'all.


  1. OMG you had me laughing so hard to this post!!

    Congrats on your first grocery trip! Oh the things we take for granted when without child....everything is harder with one!

    I would LOVE to go and see an alpaca ranch and touch all that yarn.

    But chorkle snark no fingering weight for me!


  2. Haha Kuddles! I'm so glad we aren't the only ones who laughed at that poor girl. She was right by my Sister and I and we had to turn our heads and hide our laughs so she wouldn't know we were laughing at her- it was hysterical. :)

    I also would love to go to an alpaca farm! I so wanted to be able to spin my own yarn so that I could have bought some alpaca fleece- it was gorgeous.

  3. Laughing-so-hard-I-snarfed-my-coffee! I sure do cherish these times with you (and seastar too)!

  4. Hahaha! Oh my- I so wanted to put the pic of the *ahem* " strange person" we saw on the bus, but didn't want to publicly humiliate a total stranger. Good times indeed, my friend. Good times, indeed!

  5. Lol. I actually had forgotten about our bus "friend". Uh...nope!