Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lessons Learned

My Little Mister is starting to sleep a little bit longer in between feedings- at least during the afternoon and the first watch of the night (AKA from 8pm-12am). Gives me a little free time to get some things done....like take a mid-morning nap with him. Ahhh...feels so good to cross at least one thing off my to-do list. I've also been trying to reorganize things around the house- my craft zone for one. It's once again become overrun with yarny goodness as well as unfinished projects that seem to accumulate faster than poopy diapers after a feeding frenzy.

Now that I"m a m..m...m...mother, I feel like I've become oh-so-wise in my new life experience and must unburden my new-found wisdom to those of you out there who are not as wise as I am. (Apparently along with wisdom comes patronizing condescension. Huh. Who knew?) So, here are some random lessons learned in these last few weeks:

1) Babies somehow find ways to break the space-time continuum. I don't know how he does it, but dang- two hours (in between feedings) has never gone by so quickly, ever.

2) My crocheting speed is inversely proportional to the speed at which those 2 hours pass. Seriously- WTHeimlich? Getting one row done is quite an accomplishment. Granted, both projects I'm working on are of the shawl/wrap variety, so since I'll most likely never wear them, it makes sense that I'll most likely never finish them.

Half Granny Scarf...I'll be a Full Granny by the time I finish it.

3) Sleeping Baby Farts can bring laughs to even the most sleep deprived grump. 

4) You always hear that breastfed babies' poop doesn't stink.  Yes. Yes it does. What they mean is that it does not stink as bad as a formula fed baby's poop, which is very true. But it's still poopy smelling, none the less.

5) Do not be discouraged if in the first few weeks your baby is eating non-stop. It does not mean that you do not have enough milk for the little one. It just means they are growing...a lot. The goal for the 2 week checkup is to be back up to the birth weight.  We so totally blew by that milestone! He was 8lbs. 12oz at birth, and 9lbs 15oz at his 2 week checkup.  He gained almost 2 pounds (including the weight he lost in the hospital) in less than 2 weeks! And all because he was eating non-stop. I should have named him Huey.

6) Car seats are great for sleeping in. (I wonder if the baby would like to try it, too?) They are also great for maternal muscle development. I'm going to have some major guns toting that thing around!

7) Either the Force is strong with my Little Mister, or he is the new Lord of the Dance.

I feel the Force is strong with me.


  1. He's adorable Geraldine! Yes... new babies don't have a clue about length of time, and neither will you. Good idea to nap when he does to try and catch up with your ZZZzzs! Days will be long only in the beginning. Glad he's healthy & has 10 fingers & ten toes :'} Baby farts... you too funny!

  2. Oh wise one, thank you for the life (baby) lessons! ROTFLMAO!

    Sounds like you are enjoying your new title of Mommie! Enjoy!


  3. Thank you Ellen! I figure only a few more months (egads!) and then he'll be sleeping through the night, so "enjoy" this time as much as possible. :) Granted, having a valid reason to sleep in until 10am is quite nice, indeed. :)

    I'm glad I could wisen you up, Kuddles! I'm still getting used to the title "mommie"- seems surreal, still. :) EEK! I'm a mom now! I just hope I'll be a dear mom and not a mommy dearest. ;)

  4. Only time will tell.................lol