Saturday, August 20, 2011


I swear- having company coming over is the key to unlocking Flash-like superpowers in the otherwise super-slothful and house-cleaning challenged. I've never been so productive in a span of an hour and a half as I was today. (Yes-he's back to eating every 2 hours again. Don't know what's going on with that boy, but he's growing like a weed.) As soon as Little Mister fell asleep after his feed, I popped him off, threw him in his car seat (where all the cool babies take a nap) and flew like the wind, throwing laundry in the dryer then, WHOOSH! I was off to unload and reload the dishwasher, then KAZAAM! I was vacuuming so fast, the cat thought her nemesis was self propelling and could suck her up at any moment. (Side note- it is really sad that my 12 year old cat is still afraid of the sound of the vacuum. Perhaps if I used it more frequently, she'd be used to it by now.)

At the next napping break, I was so drunk with my new found superpowers that I figured I'd use them on my crochet projects. I finally finished my alpaca Cow(L) yesterday and just need to block it. However, in my cleaning frenzy, I had thrown it in my "get-to-later" box, otherwise known as "people-are-coming-over-and-I-must-hide-the-clutter" box. Also, I've never blocked anything before, so I don't know how I'm going to block a mobius. However, I did have my bag of hexagons that I started working on for my Carnival-like shawl.and figured blocking individual motifs would be easier than blocking a large circular wrap. naivety is so cute sometimes.

Crocheted by MyDailyFiber who has amazing stuff on her blog and on Ravelry

ACK! How pretty is that?  I love how the hexagons make swirls when sewn together. It's like they're hypnotizing me. While I was hypnotized into wasting time researching my yarns on Ravelry, I came across this beautiful knit version that utilized Jojoland Melody Superwash which I bought last year on one of my yarn binges.

From Jojoland yarns
ACKK!! Pretty colors makes it even better!  I love the colors of the knit version, but I like the way the hexagons make swirls in the crochet version. So I, being the genius that I am, am combining the better looking crochet version with the better colors of the knit version.

Here are some of my hexes that I have complete:

Swirlies even a nerd would like
As you can see, they aren't too pretty right now. However, through the magic of blocking (so I'm told) they'll blossom into the beautiful hexagon swirls seen above. So I, taking advantage of my hour and a half feeding reprieve, threw them in a bowl of lukewarm water and added some shampoo to gently wash them. I gently squeezed out the water, placed them on a towel, carefully rolled it up and hurriedly stomped all over it to get as much water out as possible. Then I started pinning them on my blocking board. And here's where my true genius shined through.

It took half an hour to pin that sucker. It took longer to pin it than it did to crochet it. Stretching out each side and pinning, then removing the pins from the adjacent side to fix the wonkiness and repinning, and then repeating the process 500 times....G.A.H!! I found Flash's kryptonite. A dainty, lacy piece of crocheted wool can bring down the mightiest of superheroes. (Or so I tell myself so I don't feel so bad).

I, being the ever so stubborn persistent gal that I am thought that I'd risk the ever dwindling nap time and try a second hexagon.

Yikes.  I'm just hoping that crocheting them all together will fix those edges and make them kinda straight. I had to leave it looking so sad and deformed because Little Mister was waking up and if I don't feed him right when he starts giving his hunger cues in his sleep, he turns into Audrey 3 and starts clawing at me with his baby dragon claws. (Note to self, it's time to cut his nails.)

So, this is what I have to show for an hour and a half blocking attempt:


Two hexagon-ish swirls and a pile of sopping wet wool.

I am ashamed.

Next time, I'll only wet two spirals to begin with so that I'm not left with a wet pile of FAIL staring me in the face. Blocking. Argh.


  1. It's going to be beautiful and I'll bet well worth the time you're taking to block it! Way to go!

  2. Thanks Allison! I was whizzing through those motifs and was so psyched that I'd finish this pretty quickly, so the slow process of blocking has damped my mojo a bit. If the yarn wasn't so darn pretty, I'd probably give up...or maybe finish crocheting it and pay someone else to block it for me. Hee!

  3. Wow - those swirls are totally amazing!! Hang in there with blocking - I'm attempting it for the first time this week and have started and stopped it a few times because it's slow and I've got no patience for it but I'm determined to make it happen!

  4. Thanks, CB! I can't wait to see your project. Hopefully it's coming along a lot better than mine. :)

  5. Uh yeah, no way, no how, not me, I'll live through YOUR exploits! LOL

    I totally get the way the house gets cleaned when company is coming.....about the only time I clean! (ashamed to admit)


  6. Haha! I knew we were kindred spirits, kuddles! Do you also have a "must hide the clutter" box? Sometimes I debate whether or not I should shove it in the oven in a pinch but it'd be my luck I'd forget about it and I'd burn my house down next time I cooked. Need to work on this "organization" thing.....after I conquer blocking, that is. ;)

  7. Yeah, the only thing worse than weaving in ends is blocking. It's too close to ironing for my taste.

  8. I HATE weaving in ends! Each time I make something, I always debate whether or not to say that the unwoven ends are fringe and are indeed a design element. That's why I really love felting- I never have to weave in ends! Just cut them off once they've felted up. Funny enough, ironing is the one household chore that I actually enjoy doing. Something about the rhythmic nature of it, I guess. Blocking just plain sucks.