Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yesterday, Love Was Such an Easy Game to Play

Yesterday was awesome.  I had an all-hands meeting at work, which in and of itself usually would not have the word "awesome" associated with it.  However, I attacked something at this meeting that I've only slowly crept upon at our last all-hands meeting in January.  I crocheted during.the.meeting.  EEEEP!  Last meeting I only crocheted during the breaks, but this time I thought, All right, I'll go in there for Dorothy. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch, guards or no guards, I'll tear them apart. I may not come out alive, but I'm going in there.  And in there I went.  And I still have my job!!  Whoo Hoo!  The planets have aligned for me this month- I'm telling you, NatCroMo and NatNutMo have created some sort of cosmic all encompassing Gege Force Field and I can do no wrong.  It.was.awesome.

In my meeting, I was working on a Chocolate Strawberry Tote for an order I received Wednesday.  That in and of itself does have the word "awesome" associated with it.  Making it even more awesome is the fact that I decided to write down the pattern while I was working on it.  Oh yes, my friends.  The recipe for the Gege bags that started it all is coming! I received confirmation that this was the right thing to do when I received an etsy mail yesterday from a person requesting said patterns.  I told you- planets aligned.

When I came home, I had the house to myself since my Mister was working late and my sis was going to a friend's house. On the way home I was thinking of all the wonderful things I could do with this free time.  Usually free time and I don't mix well.  I always come up with way too many options for my poor ADD brain to process and I end up deciding to get the nap out of the way first.  Mmmmmm...naps.

After going around in circles trying to make a priority list that a rational person would make, I decided to forgo the moldy laundry still in the washer from last week (I wish I was exaggerating) and instead take pictures of my stole (still unblocked, but I needed something to show the glorious green in all it's splendor.). I ran outside with my camera and set it up on my mailbox to try to capture myself mid-transformation into a L.A.D.Y.  Transformation is only complete once I weave in the ends and I block it.  I may never be transformed.  After quite a few shots of myself in different poses (some of which I was trying my "sexy" face. I don't know why I try- I just cannot nail the "sexy".  I always end up looking constipated and that is so NOT sexy.  I don't know what my neighbors were thinking of me.  "Is that crazy girl trying to take a crapper in her front yard again?  Oh, wait. Never mind. She's obviously a L.A.D.Y. doing her sexy face.  Dang- her husband is the luckiest guy in the world.") I managed to get one that wasn't total crap.  But, being the genius photographer that I am, the stole is in shadow and you can't see the green.  

So, here's a pic of the green. 

Isn't it gorgeous??  (That is in full sunlight- no flash.) I actually started this pattern with Cascade 220 superwash in colorway 867. I thought it was oh so pretty in the store and thought that, since this project was for me, I'd splurge on myself with $10 per ball yarn.  I wanted a color that would go well with either brown or black and thought this one would suffice.  It truly is pretty wound up in a ball; however, when crocheted into my stole, it looked like this:

This pic is a good representation of the true color.  Up close you do see some pretty turquoise and yellow in it, which is what drew me to it in the first place.  However, it didn't have the sheen that I was envisioning for this shawl and looked I couldn't put my finger on it and just continued anyway telling myself that I would love it in time.  I was getting that feeling in my stomach that I get when I decide to put off a project until I figure out what's bothering me with it.  Well, trust my Mister to nail it on one.  He said, "That looks like old moldy yarn."  Bingo.  That's what was bothering me!  I just was not feeling this color because I didn't want to look like a moldy, constipated L.A.D.Y.  So, I spent 30 bucks on some yarn that only looks good in a ball.  LYS trip fail.

Thank goodness I had the Moda Dea yarn in my stash.  I started over and that feeling in my stomach began to recede.  But, not completely.  I mentioned that this was the Feather and Fan pattern I found on Ravelry.  It truly is very pretty, but I was just not satisfied with it.  It had a very obvious front and back and I didn't like that Sam I Am- not one bit.

You have to sc in back loop only every other row which creates that ridge in between the rows.  It leaves the back looking like this:

I was getting more and more frustrated with it as I continued- I don't know why I try tricking myself to like something when my instincts have their sirens blaring and lights flashing telling me to stop.  Had I stopped, I wouldn't have had to frog an entire skein of yarn when the very easy solution of BLO one row, FLO one row dawned on me.  Now, my stole doesn't have such an obvious front/back and I'm free to wear it with flare.  I truly need to trust my instincts more.

Now, if you do buy this yarn, I do want to caution you that, even though it is only 45% wool and 55% rayon (who else didn't know that rayon came from bamboo?), it can and does felt.  It felts very well, actually, as my sis found out the hard way.  This is the first Pinky LaRue scarf that I made next to the one I'm making for me:

Doh.  I didn't think it would felt since the wool content was so low so I didn't caution her about washing it by hand.  Next time I won't be distracted by the pretty yarn and will actually read the wrapper:

Double Doh.  Oh well. Live and learn.  (And cry and scream and tell sis that she'll just have to suffer without a pretty scarf since there's no way I'm giving her mine. Nope. It's mine. I am resolute and cannot be shaken! I have my cosmic Force Field up!  Wait...what? You'll buy me yarn?  Well........maybe.  Resolutely maybe.)


  1. Hi Gege,

    Congratulations on your shawl. I like the wave pattern it makes.


  2. You are so funny! I was crying from laughing about the neighbor's reaction to your "sexy" face.
    Thanks for the laugh.

    By the way the stole is stunning.

    Thanks for the Moda Dea felting warning. What a bummer about your sister's scarf.

  3. Thank you Anon and Tracy! I really love that stole, too. :) And, Tracy, you have no idea how bummed we were about the scarf. It was heartbreaking. I have more pink yarn with which to make it; however, it's not the Moda Dea....*sigh*.