Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do You Smell Smoke?

Thank you all for your kind comments about my winning ways yesterday. :)  (Special thanks to Leitadala for saying it was the best project she's ever seen- as my Mister knows, my head still has room to grow.  He's not at all tired of hearing me say, "I won TWICE!  I totally OWNED those awards!  I RULED!")

As the glow of my win slowly wears off, I'm brought back to reality and am sobered by all the other things I need to accomplish rather than fantasizing about the throngs of fans that will cheer for me as I step into a yarn store.   *Le sigh*

You know those times in life that you just feel like if there is one more item on your to-do list, you might as well just burn it?  The list, I mean- not the individual items on that list because that'd be wrong, right?  I mean, there are laws against burning things just because you are trying to avoid them, right?  I mean, burning a house just so you don't have to clean it would be insane, right?  *Goes to check arson laws*

My in-laws are coming to visit the first week of June.  I love my in-laws- I really did luck out with them.  However, they are so neat, clean, and organized they make Monk look like Pig Pen.  That is awesome for them- they work well together and, truth be told, I do envy their organizing and cleaning abilities.  My Mister has inherited this "clean and organized" gene, though not to the extent his parents have it- thankfully.  It is because of him that our house isn't one huge tangled ball of yarn.  I truly like organization and dream of the day when I'll have my craft room in ONE room with lots of little cubby holes to house my mountainous stash and shelves where my cute baby stash of fabric can be neatly folded and easily found.  

However, I am unfortunately lacking that organizational gene.  It takes me FOR.EVER to get something organized.  Even as a kid, my mom would be astounded that it'd take all day for me to clean my room since I would have to read every single little scrap of paper before deciding whether or not to throw it away.  When I finally get something organized, it is simply breathtaking how quickly I can ruin it again.  I really have no idea how it happens- any scientist out there want to study Entropy?  Come on over to Chez Gege- and yes, you're welcome for your Nobel Prize.  Now, I am able to get things clean- I like my kitchen tidy and can't stand a dirty bathroom- but as far as organizing things.....forget it Charlie.

Herein lies my problem.  I have 2 months to get my office organized (*shudder*), while combining it into my craft room (hopefully) which would free up the guest room where my in-laws will be staying.  Sounds good and manageable, right?  I mean, I have 2 months so, what's the big deal?  The big deal is that I.AM.ME- remember when I said I'm an all or nothing type of gal?  I meant it- I need to have a whole day (or month in this case) devoted to one thing (especially if that thing is so freakin' huge it would scare King Kong) or else my ADD takes over and I work really hard all day long on many different things and yet still don't get anything completed.  I wish that I could devote an hour or two here or there after work or on a weekend and slowly by slowly get things accomplished.  However, I have lived with myself long enough to know that if I start something and not complete it, then I lose my mojo and find something else to occupy my time and then the original project will never get done. (Thus 2 solid months of crochet for this bad boy. Did I mention I won twice?)

Unfortunately, I don't even have a whole day to devote to getting my bags lined (count is up to 8 now- yes, eight) or on starting my garden (which I need to do this weekend- I'm 2 weeks late on starting the peas!) or getting the ironing mountain whittled down to a manageable Mt. Everest size, ditto the laundry planet, or finishing my Tri-Colored and Turtle bag patterns, or consolidating my various yarn piles strewn across the house into one ginormous organized mound so that we can actually have a couch to sit on once again.

So where does that leave me?  Not off to get the matches....no, no....that'd be wrong.....it may stop the twitching that I keep saying is my new, cool way of blinking, but.....no, no.....that'd be wrong.....right?


  1. Oh goodness - I feel your pain...
    My mother is just like your in-laws, I'm glad I live on the other side of the world so that she can't just "drop in" and make me feel like a slob.
    I'm also like you in that I get really bad ADHD when it comes to organising. I HAVE to have a list that is broken down a lot, cleaning the living room for example is written as: clear tables, clear floor, wipe tables, wipe windowsils, vacuumn, tidy my desk, sort bookshelves... it gets worse when I need to declutter as well (like now because we're moving back to being close to my mother), I have to break the decluttering down into small segments in my list to be handled as I am able too..
    Where are the housework fairies when we need them?
    P.s. My hubby wants your blanket made for him... Now I really have to learn to Crochet

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  3. Hey Gege! Googlereader sent me this today, I totally think you should have been #1 though!


    Good luck on the organizing. I find my best tactic is to buy some new shelf or cart or something, then I HAVE to justify the purchase by filling it with yarn or other clutter I'm trying to "clean" lol

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  4. Helen- I'm so glad I'm not alone!! I'm the same way- I need to write down exactly what I need to do, otherwise, forget it! I actually was very busy this weekend and was able to get my wool stash under control- yay me! So, I'm well on my way for my in-law's visit. Although, if you find those fairies, let me know!

    Leitadala- thanks so much for the link! I need to go check it out now. :) Also, I just bought a shelf so that I could fill it with my yarn! ha!