Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A L.A.D.Y and Her Yarn

I usually make things for other people- mainly my sister.  Must be the whole "big sister/little sister" thing. I have always had a strong instinct to take care of her- stems from me being the rough and tumble tomboy and she the fragile little princess growing up.  She, of course, never takes advantage of my sisterly love and care.  She never tells me that she wants the beautiful scarf I just made myself because she knows I won't say no to her.  Nuh uh- never.   Like my Pinky LaRue scarf.  I made it for myself and kept it!  Ok, I didn't.  I gave it to her and she loved it.  That's why I give her the things I make.  She loves them and actually wears them which, if you are a crafter you know, is a most awesome feeling.  (Although, "wears" and "takes care of" are 2 separate entities.....more on that tomorrow.)

Well, that Pinky LaRue scarf was quite the hit.  One of my BFFs looked at it with which I can only describe as googley eyes and said, her voice quivering ever so slightly, "Oh- that's pretty.  Did you make it?" while petting it in a way that made me a tad uncomfortable.  So, of course I made her one- she loved it, too.  

I think part of the covet nature of this scarf is the yarn itself- it's Moda Dea Bamboo Wool in Boysenberry and I LUUURVES it!  It is such a pleasure to work with.  I found it on clearance and wiped out the joint. (A couple of months later, I ended up buying 4 more skeins in green, also on clearance- if you find it, buy it. Unless you're in the DC metro area- then I may have to ninja kick you in the mouth to get it first.) It turned out to be enough yarn to make 3 scarves (and maybe even a hat...hmmm....).  For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that means I have enough yarn to make one more scarf.  For ME!

I started working on this scarf about a month ago.  If you have made the Pinky LaRue scarf, then you know it is a VERY easy pattern.  The first couple scarves only took a couple hours each, including weaving in ends, which of course I loathe.  So why, a month after I started this scarf, is it still not complete?  Because it is for me, of course.  I rarely make myself pretty things since I know that it will take up valuable time which can be better spent making pretty things for others.  (People pleaser, what?!?)

Well, I decided that that was going to change.  I wanted to make myself a stole- not a shawl since, after 2 Seraphina's, I've found that I'm not a shawl person- but a stole- something to gracefully drape over my shoulders to keep the chill off of me at work or at church or on a plane.  That's one of my goals for this year- to be more graceful.  No more t-shirts and Chucks and fart jokes for me!  It's all silk and stoles and caviar and long cigarette holders from here on out!  I am going to be a L.A.D.Y.

<snooty faux British accent> So, dahlings, I saw this awesome scrumptious pattern on Ravelry for a Feather and Fan scarf.  Now, I've only seen this type of stitch pattern for knit stuff wear, so I thought it was pretty darn cool absolutely chahming to find it in crochet. I love positively adore it. </accent>

I saw it and thought that this will be the very thing that will transform me into a L.A.D.Y.  So, after a few false starts and a few alterations, (I'll blab about that tomorrow), I made it with the green Moda Dea Bamboo Wool and I'm just about done with my L.A.D.Y. Stole of Transformation.  

Isn't it divine?  This picture doesn't do the green justice, actually. I'll hopefully get a better pic tomorrow.  I may even block it tonight- will be my first time ever. I'm usually too impatient for that sort of nonsense.  But, first rule of being a L.A.D.Y is: no more fart jokes.  Second rule is: patience is a virtue- especially if it's to make a fashion accessory fantabulous.

So, it will be ready by tomorrow when I can wear my green in solidarity with all my fellow Irishmen and women.  (Whatever. Can you prove I'm not Irish? Didn't think so.)  I'm really excited about it!  I made it for ME using all of the yarn I had in this colorway. It's mine! All mine! Muahahahahahahahahaha!  

Ahem.  Ok- so a L.A.D.Y. wouldn't laugh maniacally like that. However, in my defense, my L.A.D.Y. Stole of Transformation is not yet complete, so I am still free to be me- ungraceful, fiber loving, Chucks wearing, maniacally laughing me.

Ta ta dahlings!

L.A.D.Y- Lover And Defender of Yarn (And you thought there was no reason for the all-caps.  Ha!)


  1. It's maahvelous...absoulutely maahvelous dahling!

    Wear it in good health.

  2. hahaha...I love reading your blog. You make me laugh. And of course you KNOW I "luuuuurrrrves" your work.

  3. Thank you, Tracy dahling. It truly is very maahvelous, indeed.

    Lyteyz, you crack me up- can't wait till Friday to get our crotch-et on! Miss you girly!

    Btw- iamlyteyz is one of my BFFs- though not the googley eyed one. She's the one with lyteyz, of course.