Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Spotlight: Crafty is Cool

So, I've been thinking of doing this for a while- putting a spotlight on some of the blogs/other sites I come across while I mindlessly browse for hours on the interwebs.  It'll put a spotlight on some maybe not-so-well-known blogs (and maybe some more-well-known blogs...mostly of the crafty or geeky nature), as well as let me have a reference of a particular site that I stumbled across and forgot to bookmark.  I iz forgetful sometimez.

Anywho, I saw this post on Craftster for a crocheted Conan O'brien.  I thought it totally rocked! I loved this since I think Conan is hilarious and since I think that people that do amigurumi are amazing.  I hate doing single crochet.  HATE.IT.  I would rather wipe my rear with a pine cone than complete row after row of single crochet.  Don't get me wrong- I know it's a necessary evil in the world of crochet.  My Koopa Coin Purse was done in single crochet.  Thus, it smells like a forest every time I pass gas.  (HA! I couldn't even finish typing that without LOLing for reals. I crack myself up.)

Ok, I digress.  She had her blog (Crafty is Cool) listed in her signature, so I clicked it to see what else she has to offer.  AMAZING!  She has some free ami patterns up- including this one for an a-freakin'-dorable power-up mushroom!  

She has some other awesome toys as well as some patterns on her etsy site. Hopefully she'll be updating her blog with other patterns or pictures of her FO- great stuff Allison!


  1. I've been a fan of Allison's stuff when I happened across her Yo Gabba Gabba patterns on Ravelry. My kids love that show! I might have to give Conan a try.

  2. Hey thanks!!! Yeah single crochet is a tad tedious, ain't it?! But its all for the cause. Or something like that. I appreciate your feature!!

  3. I said one day I would make some amigurami, but that day hasn't come yet. I've got some patterns waiting though. :-)

    I too am not a fan of single crochet, but check out Xenobia Bailey's work. And it's all single crochet! You may have to scroll a bit. Look for her hats in particular.

  4. Joycers- Funny thing is that I've seen that Yo Gabba Gabba doll before- now I know who makes it. ;) Allison, I loved the Alice doll, too. My sis and I are going to see the movie tomorrow- YAYAYAYAY! Libby- I will check out her site- anyone patient enough to do everything in sc must be full of piney-awesomeness. :D