Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Neck of the Woods

So I started a blog post last week in honor of my 3rd blogiversary (YAY ME!) but just never had time to finalize it due to Little Mister deciding that he prefers sleeping at night rather than during the day. Part of me is so thankful, yet part of me misses the time when he would sleep all day long so I could get some things accomplished. Granted, I never got things accomplished then either since the moment I moved he would wake up and thus want to eat again. Now when he wakes up he actually wants to interact with parts of me other than my boob and I feel compelled to interact with him lest he grows up to be a big fat dummy.

Another obstacle I’ve faced in accomplishing anything is the fact that we do not have a vehicle yet. We’ve been test driving cars- which in and of itself has been an adventure since they drive on the wrong side of the road here*- and will hopefully finally buy a car on Monday. The people here are very nice and have basically bent over backwards offering us assistance as we get settled in. I’m so very thankful for that but also hate becoming an imposition. However, I did have to take my new neighbor up on their offer to borrow their vehicle yesterday when we had to take Little Mister to the hospital for some tests. I’ve been super freaked out since finding blood in his stools on Tuesday. After many trips to and from doctors to figure it out, they suspect it’s due to a milk protein allergy. Thus, I have to stop eating/drinking dairy and he should be fine.

Considering the other, scarier causes for bloody stools, I am thankful that it’s something that I can actually control. That said, after the initial relief swept over me upon hearing the news, the full reality of the sacrifice I will have to make hit me. I am totally a dairy queen! I eat cereal every morning for breakfast (or oatmeal made with milk rather than with water) and will eat it for a snack or even for dessert. I eat yogurt just about every day and I’ve once again picked up that nasty ice cream eating habit. However, I know I can drink rice milk with my cereal and, let’s face it- I really don’t need that ice cream- but I think the toughest part for me is giving up the ooey gooey gloriousness that is cheese. I love cheese. I would totally marry it if I could. I LOVE cheese. And now… no more Brie and Bread. No more cheesy omelette or burritos. No more fondue. No more Melted Cheese on a Plate! (Which is where you get some cheese, put it on a plate, and then melt it. YUM.) Gah! This kid better appreciate my sacrifice!

Another frustration has been the inconsistency of our internet access. We’ve been using a wireless hotspot since arriving here and are waiting (and waiting and waiting) for our internet service to be hooked up. We used to use our cell phones for internet but now can only do that when we have access to wifi which is NOT freely available here. I really don’t want to be the snobby American, but dang…we really do have it good in the US! (Something I totally miss from home? FREE REFILLS! Do they really think that 3 oz of Diet Coke poured over 9oz of ice will last an entire meal???)

We are still waiting (and will be waiting for a few months) for our stuff to be shipped out here. However, we were able to mail some things ahead of us- the things we deemed the most important- and thankfully those things have arrived. I, of course, mailed my yarn. Not my whole stash, unfortunately, but enough to last a good year or two while I wait for the rest of it to arrive. Big Mister tried talking me out of mailing so much of my yarn, but he quickly backed down when I growled and hissed calmly explained that I’ll need something to keep me busy and sane out here.

So, I’ve been on a crocheting spree while Little Mister takes his 30 minute cat naps during the day and when he finally goes down to sleep at night. I made us some felted coasters and am currently making some placemats. (Pictures coming soon!) Our coasters and placemats are being shipped over right now. They were not as important as my yarn. Neither was the majority of my clothing, actually. I may wear the same 5 outfits every day for a couple of months, but gosh darn it- I’ve got my yarn.

Anywho- just a little update on what’s been going on in my neck of the woods. Hopefully things will start to settle down really soon. Getting a car will be a huge step in establishing normalcy again. Well, as normal as things can be without cheese. (Why did it have to be a dairy allergy??? WHY?!?)

* This is the second hint in the Where in the World is Gege game. The first hint was my sign off to y’all in the post where I told you I moved. I guess I was too subtle. You call people Zoobaroos one to many times and they eventually figure out you don’t really live in Zoobilee Zoo, so they think you’re just quirky and ignore any other ways you sign off. *sigh* HINT FAIL.


  1. I definitely feel your pain over losing cheese for awhile. I tried to be vegan for various reasons at one point and cheese was just too sad to give up. There are some great alternatives to ice cream (some of the soy ice creams are very good) and I actually still don't drink regular milk because I prefer soy or almond milk. But cheese, I will never again be able to give up the glory that is cheese. It's obviously for an important reason though!

  2. Hey girl! After I emailed ya to say I could not get on your blog, it took another 2 days and boom, you were 'back'! Think big time relief!

    It must be SO hard to adjust to a different country, not having all your 'stuff' and well, being a new mom! But I am confident of your abilities! YOU CAN DO IT ALL BABY!

    Thanks for keeping us posted! And yeah that first hint went right over my head (which isn't hard to do, I'm only 5 ft 2!)


  3. I'm gonna go with Somewhere in Australia. ;-)
    Wherever you are, at least you have your yarn, your family, and a sense of humor!

  4. So glad that you all arrived safe and that little Mr is doing good! I leave wednesday on my own adventure, what fun we will have comparing stories :-) Love that you shipped the yarn, in a moment of panic I decided to not ship my fabric and sewing machine...I am sure I will regret that!

  5. CB- I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has a torrid love affair with cheese. I must admit that I cheated and took a bite of pizza last night. I don't know what I love more- cheese or pizza. But, you are right- it is for a good cause!

    Kuddles- I'm so glad to hear from you! I was going to shoot you an email if I hadn't heard from you to see if you were able to access it now. How strange! I also have some people who have told me they cannot leave comments on my blog, which is strange since people can leave them anonymously. Oh well...sometimes the internetz are too difficult to understand...

  6. And a gold star goes to Jen! Yes, m'dear...we are getting used to being Down Under. I've actually always wanted to live in this awesome country so I'm looking forward to exploring it in the near(ish) future.

    Aunt Spicy!! I've been meaning to shoot you an updated email, so I'm happy to hear from you. Things have been crazy (as you can imagine!). I hope you have an easy time these next few days and a wonderful flight!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T MAIL YOUR FABRIC!! Then again, in all the craziness we went through, I have been discovering things that I could have sworn I mailed but did not and now have to spend beau coup bucks to replace them. Argh. Best wishes on your adventure!