Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Wow. So things have been pretty intense here lately. Lots of changes- both big and small. What’s been going on?  Let me see….

  • I’ve been forced into organizing my house. This has been a very emotional ordeal for me since, 1) I’m a recently postpartum woman who tends to be a mite bit emotional about many things and 2) I’m a little pack rat and have a lot of…crap - for lack of a better word- that takes me for freakin’ evah to go through. Being the highly sentimental person that I am, I often struggle with the, “should I toss it or keep it forever and ever and call it George?” mentality. Even if it’s over a pen.  Quick factoid: before collecting yarn, I collected pens. I have probably over 1000 pens. I do not need any more pens and really should toss the ones that I have duplicates of, but….it’s a pen! You do not toss pens! What if you needed to jot something down that you need to remember but you end up forgetting to get your mother a birthday gift because YOU THREW AWAY YOUR PEN and now you feel guilty and need to eat some ice cream to make the guilt go away but then you gain 5 pounds and feel even guiltier and cry and then eat some more and then you NEVER LOSE THE PREGNANCY WEIGHT. See Mister?!? I’m fat all because you forced me to toss a pen!! 

  • I've not been able to exercise since I’ve been busy trying to organize my house.  I have my yoga and pilates DVDs all raring to go but have yet to get through them since I have pens to throw away. I did go on very long walks this weekend with my Mister and Little Mister and I very nearly died.  This is mainly due to the fact that my body is more crooked than the crooked man who lived in a crooked house. (I bet he gets to keep his crooked pens!) I need to see a chiropractor very badly and really need to strengthen my core so that my back and hips will actually stay inline. Thus, the yoga and pilates that I should be doing. Need to remember to do my exercises! Where’s my pen so I can jot that down?

  • Little Mister is just growing and growing and growing. At his 6 week checkup, he was 14 pounds 5 oz. He had gained 6 pounds in 6 weeks!  My milk must be pure cream…note to self: probably should stop eating ice cream so much. Yipes.  He is still sleeping in our bed with us so I’ve gotten pretty good at the nursing while lying down technique. A little too good, actually.  I need to break this habit if I ever want him to sleep in his own bed since he tends to motorboat me in his sleep so he can eat in comfort and never even wake up.  It wakes me up, though. And makes me laugh- seeing him doing an impression of Stevie Wonder in his sleep is pretty darn hysterical. 

  • We do hope to get him to sleep in his bed in the near future. Both of us have gotten accustomed to him in bed with us and I must admit that we both like him there. He’s like a security blanket. A security blanket that wiggles, grunts, and cries when he needs to fart. (Seriously- I was so concerned the first few times thinking he was sick or in pain or that I must have dropped my phone on him again (yes for reals….twice). When we found that he just has a problem with nighttime farts, we stopped worrying so much. Still laugh and encourage him to PUSH IT OUT, SON and laugh some more, though.) However, it’s cute now that he’s only 2 months old, but I really don’t want to share a bed with a toddler. I’d really like to have my husband to myself again, quite honestly. Once Little Mister gets over his jet lag, we’ll start working on it. He’s starting to get better with the time change.  

  •  What time change and jet lag? Oh.  Didn’t I tell you?

  • We moved. To a land far, far, away. Where? I’m not going to say. And with that, I wish you all a good day.  A very g’day. To all of my mates.


  1. Glad you added that 6th bullet (yeah, I had to go back and count) because I was seriously thinking, "what jet lag?" Hope you enjoy your new space and can get "straightened out" [no pun intended] soon. Congrats on the pattern publishing experience!

  2. Ha! Thanks for counting- I was too lazy, myself. ;) Hopefully things will be a lot more smooth sailing from here on out- it's been a pretty stressful ordeal and I could use a break. This crocheting project is just what the Dr. ordered!

  3. Keep him in the bed and keep enjoying him! Parenting 24/7 is what God made us to is not sin. It is also not a sin to want him to sleep in his own bed when you are ready, because you are ready, as long as it is not because someone else is convincing you that he should be!

    Glad to hear that you are all adjusting to the new normal!

  4. Absolutely, Tami. :) I miss my morning snuggles with my honey and I think I'll sleep more soundly if I don't have to keep worrying if my husband is going to roll over on our son. That being said, I really love falling asleep with him there with us...funny enough, so does my husband! So, once Little Mister gets back to his comfortable night sleeping, we'll start transitioning him to his bed. It's actually infuriating- he was waking up only once a night right before we left! Now, it's back up to every 2 hours as his nights/days are mixed up again!!! ARGH!

  5. Wow! I've been watching for a new post almost daily and here you are! With such big news! Congrats on the publishing......can't wait to see what pattern it is! And moving too! Are you insane (oh wait, I know that answer, been reading you forever!)!!??

    "They" say you will know when to put him in his own bed. Trust your new mother instincts!

    Wow, so much has changed for you! And you are still standing? Okay crooked standing, but standing!

    Keep us posted!


  6. Oh man, isn't life hard enough without an overseas move??? But, if you gots to go...
    Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you and hope to visit one day (as in about 10 years - you gonna stay that long?).
    And BIG happy dance for getting published :)

  7. Hey Kuddles! Oh yes...VERY insane! Now that we're finally here, though, I do hope to post a little more regularly. As much as this move very nearly made me completely bonkers, I must admit I'm glad to finally be able to breathe again. Let's just hope those breaths don't come with an oxygen tank. :)

    Hey Dana! I don't think we'll be here 10 years. Dude- we lived about 7 hours (driving!) away and never got around to visiting- now we're a whole world away.....there is something wrong with this picture. ;) Thanks for the happy dance- I needed some company in my mosh pit! Hee!

  8. Congrats on the publication in Fresh Designs!