Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Randomness

So my Weekly Meal Planning is going to be a day late since I didn't have time to get my menus ready. Ok, that's a lie. I had time but I actually spent the evening on DamnYouAutoCorrect and have been dying of laughter. Seriously- if you are having a bad day, just go to that website and I dare you to not feel better.

* Friday Fibre Friends was fun. I learned how to make felt out of wool roving using a wet felting technique. In all honesty, I'm not exactly sure what I would do with a piece of felt, but I'm very proud to say that, being the neurotic competitive quick learner that I am, I totally made my piece of useless felt faster than anyone else. OH YEAH! And, if my new Fibre Friends are now reading this, BOO YAH! If you're going to party with The Gege, you have to BRING IT! *touchdown dance*


I mean, that was fun, girls! We should totally do it again sometime!

* In exploring our new town yesterday, we found this little Fish-n-Chips joint which had some great traditional British Fish-n-Chips run by a Vietnamese family in the middle of Australia. My world has gotten bigger and smaller all at the same time. The best part was being schooled by their cute little 4-year old girl on how to speak Australian properly:

Girl: (eating fried egg with ketchup on it) Do you like egg?
Me: I sure do! You like it with ketchup?
Girl: It's tomato sauce
Me: Oh! Tomato sauce.
Girl: NO! *rolls eyes* To-MAH-to sauce.
Me: *dying of laughter*

(That's how Australians say ketchup- don't say you never learned anything on this blog!)

* I'm working on my Peppermint Hat pattern because it's been requested by one of my long-time readers. I'll hopefully have it ready in the next couple weeks. (Once I'm done, she will be testing the pattern for me- Thanks, Brooke!) I also noticed that an anonymous reader left a comment about my Holy Julie Newmar cat hat pattern and requested a video on how to do it, so that will be coming down the pike, too. Although, I think we shipped our video camera, so videos will have to wait until our stuff comes in. I can't believe how long it takes for things to get here! I mean, come on people!! 2011!!! Shouldn't we have that teleportation device working by now?!?

* I'm loving the daytime television out here. It's like I teleported back to 1992. Murder She Wrote (I LOOOOVE THIS SHOW! It's my all-time favorite. Not even kidding. Talk smack about J.B. Fletcher and I will cut you.), Animaniacs, Diagnosis Murder, Perfect Strangers (DANCE OF JOY, BALKI!) and my personal favorite, MacGyver. YUM. When we were younger, my sister thought I had the worst taste in men when I told her I had a crush on MacGyver. I thought that it was again proof that she was adopted until she pointed to the TV and said, "REALLY?? Him???" and I died laughing because we were watching COLUMBO at the time. Now, I'll admit that Columbo has that sexy lazy eye thing going on, but nothing can beat the MacGyver Mullet!!!  How she got the two mixed up, I'll never know, but I wasn't able to look at Peter Falk the same way again.

* I made the mistake of telling My Mister that I had a crush on MacGyver. Granted, I've told him that numerous times- like when we see MacGruber on SNL, or if we use duct tape, or if Columbo is on- but now he seems to get a wee bit jealous just because I told him I had to get off the phone with him because MacGyver was going to start. He actually turned the channel this weekend when he saw it was on but he turned it back when I threatened to rip his arm off pointed out there was nothing else on. Oh dear silly Mister! You're the only mullet...err I mean man...for me!

* Gotta go to bed now- My Mister Mullet is waiting for me. ;)


  1. I believe ketchup and tomato sauce are actually different things (but please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong). Even though I'm from Australia, I far prefer ketchup, because it's tangier and less sweet than tomato sauce.

    And I miss fish and chip shops like you wouldn't believe :(

  2. Oh yeah? You might have finished your felt first, but MINE is already a functional sunglasses holder. ;-b

    Love your blog, btw!

  3. Hey Gege! Glad to hear you are getting your crochet mojo back missy! You go girl!

    Ummmmmm my mother, who is 79, is a big fan of Murder She Wrote......uh, nuff said.

    Have a good day....night....whatever it is over there!


  4. Kirsty- Oooh- insider knowledge! Hmmmm...I need to double check then. When we visited Oz ~10 yrs ago, I asked for ketchup at McDonalds and received a blank stare before they asked, "Do you mean toMAHto sauce?" So I assumed that was still the case. HOWEVER, I was able to buy honest to goodness ketchup at Woolies, so I was happy about that. What we call tomato sauce in the States, I think is called tomato puree here. At least, I'm assuming so since that's what I found on the shelves. The plot thickens!!

    Miranda- You overachiever, you! I'm sure had I not been rushing to beat the World Record Felt-Making Time, I would have made a piece of felt that was larger than a postage stamp and then I would have TOTALLY beat you in making something useful out of it! TAKE THAT! :D *secretly jealous of Miranda's craftiness*

    Kuddles- thanks girly! I also got my black thread I ordered, so I can finish my placemat/pillows soon. YAY!! Oh, and, DON'T BE HATING ON THE FLETCHER! We would watch it every Sunday night- it was our Family Night. I so wanted her to adopt me so I could travel around the world and solve crimes with her. I HEART ANGELA LANSBURY!! :)