Friday, October 14, 2011

There's A First Time For Everything

Today is Friday, so that means I got to join my new friends (the ones who cannot spell) at the Friday Fibre Friends’ meeting. It’s supposed to last from 9am to 11am and so I, like any good girl who is part of the American Collective, dutifully showed up at 9am the first time I attended. (Those of you who know me in real life are probably surprised that I actually made it on-time. Hey- this wasn’t something silly like work- it was an Important Yarn Event. So shut it.) At that hour- the hour the Important Yarn Event was advertised to begin- the only people in attendance were Little Mister and I, and another American. Oh great. I yanked my still sleepy baby out of his peaceful slumber, changed him out of his cute koala pajamas and changed his diaper so quickly- too quickly- that his next wet diaper had baby skid marks on it, all so that I could meet another American. What’s the point of moving to a cool country like Australia, where they have cool accents and animals the size of my pinky nail that can kill you, just to meet one person who enjoys “fibre” and that person is American?? And why would she spell it “fibre”???

Just so happens, she was a very cool American who had also showed up on-time her first time but loved going so much she just decided to be the one to open the doors and get the coffee ready for all the others who attended. Yes- OTHERS. As in more people than just accent-less Americans. (Though it’s quite entertaining to be told, “I love your American accent!” However, blurting out, “I don’t have an accent- you do,” might just reinforce the whole “self-absorbed American” picture the world has of us. I’m really sorry, America.) And then, throughout the morning, more and more people started filtering through- both Aussie and American, as well as a Brit or two. I couldn’t tell for sure because their accents all sound the same. They might have been French for all I could tell. Haha! I kid! French people can’t speak English!

ANYway…. I had fun. A lot of fun! And I learned that a schedule out here is really more like a suggestion so I showed up at 10am this morning and stayed til 1pm. No skid marks!

Turns out there are a lot of cool, artistic people in this joint and it includes people who love “fibre” other than just plain yarn. That first American I met does a lot of wet (Nuno) felting. She actually attended a conference in Perth last week that was all about felting. How cool is that?!? Next week, another lady I met today is teaching a class on wet felting. I got to see her in action today and I really can’t wait for next Friday!

Now, I know that there couldn’t possibly be anything that could happen today that could trump 3 hours of fiber-y goodness.


You see, Little Mister, who I thought was the most serious baby who ever graced this earth,

Future grumpy CEO
 who, though is full of smiles when he wakes in the morning, oftentimes is not amused with his mother,

Maybe if I poop on her she'll stop with the silly faces

and who happens to be quite possibly the chubbiest baby ever in the whole world,

We, who are about to rock, WILL POOP ON YOU!
though also the cutest,

Tummy time with Kermit and Mr. Turtle*
Mr. Serious the very first time in his life,

SO VERY worth all the poops!

My heart! It dies from the cuteness!

* That most awesome Kermit mat was made with tons of love for Little Mister by his honorary Auntie Lyteyz. LOVE YOU GIRL!


  1. O M G ! He IS the cutest! Ahhhhh, being a Mom means falling in love over and over and over again........


  2. Thank you, Kuddles! Yes- I do think I fall in love more and more each day with him! :)

  3. Uh oh! Don't forget your FIRST Mister!

    (like he would let you!)

    What have you been crocheting? Anything this week?


  4. so my brain is still stuck on the "tasty farts" blog and when I read this line: another lady I met today is teaching a class on wet felting. I got to see her in action today and I really can’t wait for next Friday!...well, I am sure you can imagine what my brain read...lets just say it wasn't wet FELTING. ;-)

    BUT, then I continued reading and I am all VERKLEMPT OVAH HEA! Seriously...tawk amongst ya-selves! *weepy*. He is so to DIE for. Tell him Auntie E loves him SO! And give him a sloppy wet smootch for me.

    Thanks so much for the kudo's...That mat IS so kickin' like van daaaaaaaam *I-say-as-I-pat-myself-on-the-shoulders*...I learned from THE BEST!!! ;-)

  5. HAHAHA! Yes- she's teaching me the ins-and-outs of wet farting! Actually, I think I'm teaching that class.... :)

    Little Mister sends you a big, wet sloppy fart...I mean KISS back. :)