Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hurry Up and Relax!

A Gold Star goes to Jen who correctly guessed that we have landed Down Under. (There were a few others that got back to me on Rav and FB who also correctly guessed. Glad to know my initial hint wasn’t a complete fail. ;) ). I have always wanted to live in Australia and My Mister and I were lucky enough to visit about 10 years ago, so this is a dream come true. However, these last couple weeks here haven’t exactly been the stuff that dreams are made of.  Thankfully, as of yesterday, we finally got some wheels! WOOT! That is definitely going to make things a little easier now.

As excited as I am to finally have a car again, I must say I’m enjoying the irony that today is the first day that there is nothing for me to do that requires a vehicle. I get to stay home and just….take it easy. Quite a foreign concept for me as of late. After all I’ve had to go through to get this car, it’s a little anticlimactic, actually. I feel like I should make up an urgent crisis that requires me to urgently jump in the car and fix it. Urgently. Instead I have time to just FINALLY relax and do nothing but enjoy spending time with Little Mister, watch TV without guilt, even crochet or read with impunity. And yet I feel antsy about it! My body is so tense and at the ready to pounce on the next crisis that appears. I am a puma! Do not mess with me! Hi YA! (Pumas know karate, right?)

Even while I was crocheting this past week, I felt like I had to make that hook fly and hurry, hurry, HURRY! for some unknown reason. And I feel super guilty for purposefully putting Little Mister in his swing in front of the TV and willing him to fall asleep so that I could have a few moments to myself to type up this blog post. My precious baby boy is going to have ADHD and a below average IQ because I let the TV babysit him for a few minutes. (How he can fall asleep watching MacGyver, I’ll never know. All that resourceful and mullet-y goodness on screen? HELLO!)  I don’t know if this is normal “mommy guilt” or the result of the months of stress I’ve been through.  Whatever the reason, I blame My Mister for it. Teehee!

Anywho, as I mentioned, we needed some coasters. Every time we put our drinks on our table without a coaster, my eyes would twitch a little and my hooks would fly even faster. So I went through my temporary mini (but slightly huge-ish) stash and pulled out some wools and cranked these babies out.

Wool Doodles

It was nice to have small projects to just doodle with. That purple one was the first time I crocheted in a spiral. I kept looking up free patterns on how to do it but couldn’t get the concept, so I just tried it on my own in a way that made sense to me and, what do you know? It worked! I think a video is in my near future... I've got some ideas for the star pattern and the blue/grey pinwheel pattern, as well...

Another thing we need are placemats. (Again with the eye twitching! HURRY UP HOOKS SO WE CAN EAT!) I started them with white as the main color since I have a lot of white thread. (It was for a different project that I started- a curtain- but that is for a different post.)

Pretty Pastels

But I just wasn't feeling it. So I started over in black. (EEK! Must hurry! The table is NAKED!)

Pretty Placemat.

Oh yeah baby! Black really made the colors pop! Unfortunately, I ran out of black as I was doing the border. Argh.  I only had the one ball of thread and I had already used some of it for Little Mister's Sock Monkey hat, but I ordered some online (the yarn supply here is woefully sad!) but unfortunately won't receive it until the 28th. Argh again. Perhaps my eye twitch is here to stay. *sigh*

The funny thing about this is that I absolutely love it and I'm planning on making a set of 4- each with a different color sequence. However, My Mister just isn't feeling it as a placemat. He doesn't think they are manly enough to put his food on. (Yes, he seriously said that. Yeah. I don't know, either.) However, I put it over our couch pillow and he really liked it. Huh. Go figure. So, in order to keep harmony in our new house, and to prevent an un-manly dining experience, my placemats are going to end up as pillows.

In the meantime, we'll have to do without placemats (or, heaven forbid, actually go buy some) until my thread arrives. I have another idea for placemats, actually. I'm thinking of doing a Southwest theme for this house, so.....we'll see where that leads.

So, for now, I'll try to be zen about it all and actually enjoy having nothing to do for once. I have to do it RIGHT NOW before the baby wakes up and ruins my MacGyver ogling.  Hellllloooooo mullet!


  1. Hi there,

    I've been following your blog for a while (can't remember if I've ever commented, though!) and I love it. I find it funny that you just moved to Australia from the US, and I just moved to the US from Australia! And yes, the yarn supply IS woefully inadequate in Australia.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I'm loving your blog :)

  2. Hi Kirsty! Thanks for the blog love- and for commenting! I'm glad my frustrations with yarn supply are validated. Thank God for online shopping! I hope you had a good move to the States and are transitioning well. Enjoy some free drink refills for me! :)

  3. Hey ho hi there!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE to start my day with a new posting from you! Thank you!

    I agree with your 'gotta crochet it fast' feeling....I feel that way every time I crochet! What the what? Then I am thinking what my next project will be before I've finished the one I am on! I'm CRAZY!

    Glad to hear you got wheels! If nothing else, you'll feel relief that you do, as you look out at the car.....trying to think of somewhere to drive.....oh wait, no good yarn here so gotta stay wrong!

    Have a great day! Love the new placemats.....


  4. Hey kuddles! Hopefully as things settle down I'll be blogging more often which means lots of good mornings!! Yayayayay! Teehee. :) oh yes- crochet ADD...I know it well... too well as my pile of UFOs can attest. They are slowly on their way here. Well, at least some of them. I mailed some in the hopes that I'd finish them soon-ish. We'll see how that goes.... ;)

  5. Yes, I have an EVER GROWING UFO...uuuhhh...I can't really call it a pile because its actually spreading out around our theatre room...poor hubby...he's so over the clutter. But my brain is a big cluttery mess lately and I start one project and get bored and move on before I finish it and then come back to it. I think summer is too far away to see my bestie....I don't think I'll make it.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern and colors for your placemat/pillow thingies. Beautimous! You know I lurve your work! And I like the coasters...I may have to work on that...maybe it'll finally get me into felting ;-)

  6. YOU MUST MAKE IT LYTEYZ!!! I'm praying for you and your fam. We HAVE to catch up this week!!

    I think I'll post the pattern for the placemats/pillow thingy. I really really like it, too. Not manly....BAH!!

    And, yes, coasters are a great way to get into felting- not as much of an investment as a purse and they are QUICK!