Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sleep Training

So the last couple of days have been spent trying to get adjusted to our new area, as well as the time changes. I must say that, as difficult as moving with a newborn was, it probably helped us adjust to the time difference rather quickly. Once you’re used to not sleeping much, jet lag is a breeze.  One thing that was frustrating was that Little Mister was finally sleeping through most of the night before we left. He was waking up once in the middle of the night and then again right around when the alarm would go off. Baby sleeping more = we sleep more.  Moving to the other side of the world = ARGH.  

Well, thankfully he has adjusted rather quickly, as well, and once again had a night where he woke up only once to eat. So….we decided to try letting him sleep in his crib. He held up his end of the deal- sleeping 5 hours straight- so we had to hold up our end- putting him to sleep in his crib. Oy to the vey. 

Here’s how it went down: 

7:30- Feed him for what ended up being the last time that evening. He starts to fall asleep during feeding.

8:00- Since I'm able to read my baby soo very well, I figure he'll eat again around 10, so I give him to Big Mister to bathe/entertain while I take my shower

8:05- Listen to Big Mister struggle with bathing a cranky baby who was forced awake just to have a bath.  Hmmmm....I must have misjudged my baby. Oh well, I'm still learning.

8:30- Take Little Mister from Big Mister who keeps on saying, “I don’t have the magic touch! He’s just so cranky and won’t fall asleep for me!”

8:31- Inwardly smile knowing I have the “magic touch” and can soothe my baby and daddy can’t. I’m the best mom in the world.

8:35- Wonder where my magic went as I’m jiggling the baby and trying to soothe him but the darn kid is too cranky. Note to self: rethink bathing necessity. He may smell a little, but at least he won’t be cranky. 

9:00- Finally put him in his crib and turn on his musical mobile. He’s distracted by the light, sound, and movement so he quits fussing. GENIUS!

9:05- He’s asleep. In his crib. All by himself.

9:08- Happy my baby is able to sleep all by himself. Without his mommy. That's the goal, right? Self soothing. No mama required. Yep. That's what we wanted. Right?

9:10- WAAAAAHHH! (That was the baby, I swear.)

10:00- Being unbelievably exhausted, I am able to fall asleep next to my husband and not worry about squishing the baby.

10:01- Worrying about not hearing the baby

10:02- Worrying about whether or not the baby is going to be warm enough all by himself in his crib

10:05- Worrying about…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

10: 45- Hear Big Mister get back into bed. Ask what happened. His response: The baby was making noises so I went to check on him.

10:46- I AM A BAD MOTHER! I didn’t even hear my baby fussing all by himself in his crib and my husband did. He’s all alone and fussing and I didn’t even….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

11:00- WHAT WAS THAT? Was that the baby? I better check on him before my husband has to. I want to be a good mom!

11:01- Stare at my baby asleep all alone in his crib…peacefully. 

11:05- Back in bed. Straining my ears to see if I hear anything. Nope. Nothing. I am a good mom.

11:20- WHAT WAS THAT??? I’m a good mom. Is that the baby? I need to check since I’m a good mom.

11:21- Staring at my still peaceful baby who is still sleeping. 

11:25- Back in bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

12:30- I’M A GOOD MOM! What was that?? Must check the baby.

12:35- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1:30- What was that? Was that the baby? I hope it’s the baby. It’s been many hours since he last ate and I don’t want him to starve. I’m feeling engorged. He better wake up soon. Should I wake him up? What would a good mom do? Egads my boobies are hurting. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

1:32- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2:30- ACK! That was the baby for reals this time! He’s crying! He’s hungry! He’s starving and needs his mom! Don’t worry little baby! Mama is on her way! You have the best mom in the world!

2:33- Back in bed. Feeding my baby. Note that his feet are cold since I didn’t put socks on him. WHAT KIND OF MOTHER DOESN’T PUT SOCKS ON HER BABY??? A bad mom, that's who. I'm a bad mom! I made my baby freeze! Look at his little cold feet. Look at his little cold cheeks. Look at his adorable little face. Look at....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

As you can see, it's obvious that Little Mister has some separation anxiety issues we need to work on. Oh well. He'll be able to handle being in his crib all alone soon enough. After all, he's got the best mom in the world here to help him.


  1. and his feet can be warmed up by.....footed sleepers OR by having them next to you, kicking until he is 2 1/2 (ask me how I know!)

  2. Oh yes- I made sure to put him in his footy pajamas tonight. His feet were nice and toasty after coming back to bed with us last night. ;) I'm bringing him back to bed with us at the middle of the night feeding since he's still unpredictable feeding wise...could wake up every 2 hours, could wake in 4. I didn't get any sleep as it was since I kept looking in on him all night...

    2 1/2 years! (Haha! His little kicks and punches are cute now, but I can just imagine a 2 year old's. I was socked in the eye a couple nights ago....luckily no shiner!) Was it difficult to get them to sleep on their own at that time? Was it more difficult for them or for you? (I must admit it hurt my heart a little finding he could fall asleep so easily without us! I'm such a sap!)

  3. O

    I was laughing out loud and my 7 YO DD was like, uh mom? Go back to watching Fetch honey. Mommie is okay.....uh....

    So I never put her in bed with me....didn't get her till 9 months and just never did it. She was a great sleeper at that age! Then came 5, and boom! Didn't want to sleep in her own bed! Mommie = no sleep for about 3 months while getting THAT sorted out! Yikes!

    Keep on keeping on - you ARE the best mom in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Oh man! Now there's something to look forward to. ;) Granted, I think little kids just like sleeping with their parents sometimes. I remember all 3 of us being able to sleep in the "big bed" with my mom when my dad was out of town and it was such a treat.

    I just put him down in his crib a little while ago and he's sleeping well. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight...I certainly can use the rest! I'm just concerned that my "mommy ears" haven't been properly activated since I didn't hear him the first time and then kept thinking I heard him when it was nothing. Here's hoping!

  5. I definetly feel your pain...however you are a great mommy and you will hear him if he really needs you, all babies make noises and some even cry when they sleep...I am sure you won't sleep through feeding time if he's really hungry...especially with your own natural but painful engorgement...and if he should sleep the whole way through the night he will not starve... Enjoy cuddling with the mister...and if you feel too uncomfortable without little mister I am sure no one was ever arrested for cuddling their baby all night... Enjoy it before the kicks turn into him completely pushing you out of bed or headbutts and ninja kicks...

  6. Hi MrsWilcox!! I didn't see this comment til now when I logged in- argh. So far, putting him in his crib for the first part of the night and then bringing him back for the second part has been working well. Granted, there are nights (like tonight) when it's just easier to have him in bed all night. I do love my morning cuddles with him. :) One nice thing about him being a ginormo-baby is that we're not so afraid of squishing him in our you know, the little dude is pretty solid. ;) Miss you!