Thursday, January 13, 2011

Practicing What I Preach

Thank you all for your kind words, whether here, Ravelry, email or FB.  Thank you!  My Mister and I are beyond stoked and really can't wait to meet our little Geekling this summer.  And, yes- I bought this cute onesie for Christmas

along with this shirt for the proud papa.

To show just how in sync we are, he bought me this for Christmas:

Haha!  Oh man- forget a silver spoon, our poor kid is going to be born with a pocket protector....either that or a wiimote.

I do have some crochet projects I've been planning and just hope I have enough time to get them done before I pop out the little squirt.  My work hours have increased in the last few months which- along with me being sick as a dog and tired as, well, a pregnant woman- has not left me with much crafting time available recently. However, I'm hoping that will change now that I'm in the 2nd trimester. Supposedly things are supposed to ease up now.  Although, my mom's maniacal laughter after I told her that does not instill much confidence in me.  (For reals- she busted up when I told her that, according to all I've read, I should not be so sick and tired anymore. Thanks, mom.)

And that's where the whole "practicing what I preach" comes into play.  I actually work primarily with pregnant women- giving them nutrition advice throughout their pregnancy so they will hopefully have a healthy weight gain and get their little ones off to the best start possible.  Yes, I have a bunch of nutrition education to back me up on what I advise, but this is my first time being able to actually try out my advice and helpful tips for myself.

For instance, how can I control this dang indigestion???  I'll have an hour long belching episode which ordinarily is a thing of pride, but when my Mister asks, "When are you going to be a lady??" it's definitely crossed a line.  (Not to mention the pain!!) For me, it doesn't matter what I eat- it hit me hard last night after having a bowl of raisin bran and rice milk for dinner. Of all the things I've tried, I found that ginger tea is what works best for me- calms the indigestion and stops the burps.  My Mister made me a cup last night and I was finally able to sleep. Seriously- it was a miracle.

This is part of the nutrition project I mentioned yesterday that my friend Ronda and I have been planning.  So many women do not have access to a nutritionist during their pregnancy and many times they rely on the internet to sort of guide the way.  Believe me, I've been on many of the pregnancy message boards and some of the advice given by fellow moms-to-be can be downright frightening.  So, I'm not only going to be practicing what I preach, but I'm also going to be letting you practice what I preach, too. I'll be focusing on a healthy pregnancy- healthy weight gain, eating well, exercising, controlling the unwanted gas, etc. so if you know of any pregnant friends, let them know so they can follow along.

Now, you may be saying, but I'm not pregnant!  I want to be healthy, too!  Well, that's where my friend Ronda comes into the equation.  She's a mother of three and also has some weight loss and exercise goals of her own and wants to practice what she preaches, as well.   We are going to be here to document our journey to being healthy (and hopefully non-hypocritical) dietitians in the real world.  We're hoping to pass along some helpful information, tips and tricks, inspiration, and, of course, laughter along the way.

We're going to start up our own combined blog next month so we'll be blabbing about crochet, crafting, homeschooling, pregnancy oddities, and healthy nutrition stuff on here for a couple weeks until my geeky Mister gets our new site up. Yay!! 

Thank you, again, for all your kind words and inspirations. Here's to an amazing 2011!!


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm also expecting, twins actually, this july :-)

    Love your blog.

  2. That's awesome!!! We can be "belly buddies" although, I think with twins your belly may have mine beat. ;) Congratulations! When in July are you due?

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. sounds fun. can't wait to see what the geeks does for y'alls website!

  4. me too! We've been working on it during the weekends so hopefully we'll have something up and running soon. (And by "we" I mean mainly him, but I'm getting credit for it, too.)