Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Can Haz Wool Stash?

I hope you enjoyed Ronda's guest blogging stint from yesterday.  I'll be discussing my plans/goals for the New Year, as well.  Hopefully by putting them out there for everyone to see, both Ronda and I will be held accountable to actually follow through with them.  I'm just glad I didn't start my "accountability" this week- having a Whopper and fries for dinner isn't exactly conducive to "eating better and exercising more."  Oops.  (Ummmm......the baby wanted it?  Yeah.....that's it...... It's the baby's fault.....)

First goal for me: to catch up on my internetz duties. I'll be spending this weekend restocking my Etsy site, answering emails (sorry for the delays, y'all!) and moderating/responding to quite a few comments that have been left in the last few weeks.  If you have commented on here and don't see it posted yet, I do apologize. (As I explained before, I was getting "male enhancement" spam, primarily on my Mario Blanket posts, so I had to start moderating comments. Oh bother...)

Also, I have quite a few UFOs to work on.  Other than one scarf I made for one of my coworkers for Christmas (I was her "Secret Santa" but everyone knew who my recipient would be based on who got the crocheted item- ha!), I've not crocheted since finishing my Dancing Flowers Tote in September. The time-line of this pregnancy is almost identical to my previous one, so needless to say, I was a nervous wreck this fall and kinda put everything on hold for a while...

Hopefully I'll be able to whittle down my projects a little by little every week.  One item on my "Goals for 2011" list is thankfully crossed off.  I desperately needed to get my craft zone into some semblance of order before our house literally became one huge tangled ball of yarn.  I was finally able to accomplish this last weekend.  I guess having the right motivation really does help- we are going to be refinancing and the appraiser could only come last Friday which meant I needed to get my butt in gear.

Just because I'm so freakin' proud of myself, I'm finally busting out the camera, y'all!  Here is my newly organized (or at least "stacked in manageable piles") craft zone, complete with my ever expanding wool stash:

Let's see how long it lasts....

Ten of the twelve clear bins on the right contain my loverlies- all my woolly goodness. It took me WEEKS to get all those skeins into plastic bags and then organized by color into those bins. Then reorganized into different color combos as I kept adding to it.  I had started working on this (and even succeeded in organizing it) last summer before my in-laws visited us, but then my trip to Canada happened and all of a sudden we were under a towering pile of yarn all over again.

One of the clear bins contains all the purses I have to line. And the last clear bin contains some of my cotton.  The rest is in another bin in my closest.  (Shhh...don't tell my mister- I think he thinks this is all I have!)  In one of the grey bins is some of my acrylic and blend yarns. (There are 2 more bins in my closet...teehee!) and in another one of the grey bins are all of my UFOs.  Actually, I'm sure there are some other UFOs in the other grey bins, too.  After a while, it got to the point where I was just shoving stuff in bins to get it off the floor.  Don't believe me?  Here's a before shot:

Oh the horror! And look at the mess on the floor, too!

The mess stretches beyond the borders of this photo, so you can imagine what I was dealing with. I'm so glad it's finally done!!

Ok, y'all.  I really do need to work off that Whopper (as well as my guilt), so off to the treadmill I go. Just as soon as my Mister helps roll me off the couch.


  1. I cannot believe you have amassed so much yarn!!!! Any plans for what you will make? Your soon to be little one will probably get lots of afghans, sweaters, etc. Do you know if its going to be a boy or a girl? Barbara G (posting as anonymous hoping it will get posted this time.

  2. Hey Barbara! I'm glad it allowed you to post this time. :) I'm hoping to find out pink or blue at the end of February, but I do have some things planned out....just hope I can get them done in time!!