Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow, snow, go away....

I think I'm getting a little cabin feverish right now. It's snowing.  Let me rephrase that: IT.IS.SNOWING. We are expecting 8-10 inches by midnight so, by the accuracy of our weather folks last year, we'll most likely get a foot and a half. I must admit I'm a little upset and worried and bored and not happy right now. 

To make matters worse, my Mister left work an hour and a half later than he said he would- well after the heavy snow started- and is now going to have to spend the night at a friend's house (my BFF and fellow Canadian tourist, lyteyz). So, I'm stuck, in a blizzard, all alone. And pregnant. By myself. ARGH.

My Mister is now safe at lyteyz's house and let me know that I'll probably have to pick him up tomorrow since he won't be able to get out.  Since her husband was still battling the storm and not yet home, my Mister started shoveling off her driveway as soon as he arrived. He's such a gentleman. When lyteyz told me this, the true gravity of the situation occurred to me. Not only am I home alone in a blizzard, but I am also going to have to shovel all that freakin' snow off our driveway tomorrow by my lonely pregnant self if I ever want to see my Mister again.  What the what?!?

Last year at this time, this was not a problem.  I even posted a pic of me shoveling snow after our humongous, record breaking storms- I do not mind the hard work.  Or at least I didn't last year when I was working side-by-side with my Mister.  This year is another ball of wax.  Not only am I by myself and not able to fit in my snow pants anymore, but it is also sleet mixed with snow which means it's going to be super heavy and/or icy tomorrow morning.  Oh, and I AM PREGNANT.

On the one hand, this is a prime opportunity to start racking up the mom-guilt stories for my unborn babe. (Not only was I in labor for 30 hours with you, but I also had to shovel heavy, icy snow for hours while I was carrying your unborn keister just to be able to walk 4 miles uphill both ways to get to the one-room schoolhouse so don't you dare talk to me about needing a potty break! Get back to work- my toenails do not cut themselves, you know!)

On the other hand, as much as I would love to think I'm Wonder Woman (I truly do look like her when I wear my blue contacts- true story), I must grudgingly admit that some things are not as easy for me to accomplish as they were just 4 months ago.  Like, going just 1 hour without burping, farting or wishing I was.

Like I said- Argh.

Of course you know that I'm going to go with what's on the third hand- putting my SUV in 4 wheel drive and muscling my way out. Yeehaw! Snow- you have met your match! Wonder Woman? Nah- Tim Allen is more my speed. (Cue grunts now).

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