Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On the Next Episode of GegeCrochet....

I have a lot to share about this past week- lots of blog posts that have been simmering in my brain all week- and yet no time to get them out. Blerg.  I'm overworked, undersleeped (it's a word- look it up), over committed, and under medicated right now. I have lots of pictures to share (DC Cherry Blossoms! And maybe a bump pic or two. Teehee!) but no time to go through them. I'm frazzled and stressed and wondering how much more my belly and boobs can stretch. (Answer: apparently lots more for my belly- it's not too terribly big right now but great googly moogly! Am I going to be feeding an army with these suckers or what??)

I've got some food posts (wasn't done with my fruit education for y'all just yet), some crochet posts (have another Ask Gege video segment coming down the pike- this time on felting!), and there's a very good chance for some more random ramblings of a hormonal and gassy pregnant woman (100% chance of it happening tonight). But for now.....I sleep.  And hopefully poop. Hopefully not at the same time.

Laters, y'all.


  1. Oh my! I'd feel sorry for you if I could stop laughing!

    Hope everything 'comes out all right' and you feel better.....

    Can't wait to see all you've been working on! Oh you left off your list, writing up patterns so kuddlekubs could test them! LOL

    Get some rest!

  2. Pregnancy can be SO much fun! How in the heck did your head get put on this body, right? Hope you enjoyed the cherry blossoms, they certainly are gorgeous.

  3. Ha- thanks a LOT, kuddles! :D Unfortunately, things still have not "come out all right"....it's not very pleasant, to put it mildly. Argh. And yes! I have to type up my patterns for my tester!!! As soon as I catch a breather, and a nap, I'm hoping to get those done!

    Julie- I know, right?!? Before I was pregnant, I thought I was doin' aight in the chesticles area, but holy moly- I've still got about 3 months to go PLUS breastfeeding- I'm gonna be GINORMOBOOB!