Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Checking In

Hey y'all! Just wanted to do a quick check in. Everything here is going well. I've just been kept pretty busy with work, purse orders, birthdays, baby showers, pattern writing, and a little bit of book escapism (I've read 5 books in the last 2 weeks...I've been burrowing deep in escapism). All of it has added up to not being able to finish a very pic heavy blog post I started last week. So, hopefully this week I'll be able to get all those pics in a very huge blog dump. (thanks , Kuddles for asking about me- no need to worry!)

Anywho- thinking about starting book #6 tonight but may end up crashing soon since my Mister and I just got back from a 45 minute walk. Well, he walked. I kinda waddled along beside him. Now to waddle off to bed. May end up dreaming of a large, slightly bloated, crime fighting duck tonight. (Crimefighting due to a discussion we had during our walk that had to do with unknown people following us and ended with me saying I'd do a Kung Fu Panda "skadoosh" on them with the Geekling kicking at the same time to intensify our attack. My Mister just shook his head and changed the subject.)

'night y'all.


  1. Enjoy your book escape! Sometimes we need those. Whatcha been reading?

  2. Whew! I feel MUCH better to hear from you!


  3. Heyy..

    I have made a link to your blog and youtube vidios from my blog. I have made a torturiol to the danish people, on how to do tunasian crochet, and if they dont get it, then I have made the link to your you tube vidios ande your blog. I hope that s ok?? If you dont think its ok, then please rite it to me, and then i delete it. you can se it her http://pekabooh.blogspot.com/2011/06/mnster-hkling-diy.html

    love from denmark..

    Kristiane/ PekaBooH

  4. Are you okay? I know you should be a new mommy about now so I guess that's why you haven't been blogging but I'm just a little worried. I am just a big fan of your work and have missed reading about your many projects. Hope all is well with you.