Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Whale of a Dream

I’m so very proud to report that I did indeed exercise last night. I warmed up on my treadmill for a quarter mile. I then popped in my new Prenatal Yoga DVD (finally) and found that, not only am I still pretty limber, but also when I jokingly called it “Downwind Farting Dog” pose, I was being prophetic.  That being said, that particular stretch actually really helped with my tailbone- by extending the stretch and pushing my derriere even farther into the air like a stink beetle actually did help. Huh.  Who knew? 

I finished off my workout by walking an additional mile. So, I walked a total of 30 minutes plus 30 minutes of yoga stretching- SOOOOO proud of myself!

Now, I don’t know if it was the exercise that triggered my weird dreams, or if it’s just the fact that I have a wild imagination anyway and it is now hopped up on dangerous levels of progesterone and estrogen, but man-oh-man did I wake up this morning with my heart a-thumpin’.

I have always had pretty vivid dreams and usually always let my Mister know what crazy adventures I’ve had during the night. I’m much more of a chipper morning person than he is and will very easily take advantage of his morning groggies and download my crazies on him.  He will then heavily sigh, sleepily moan, “Urrrgh…notagain…you’recrazy,” and then try to get away from my incessant chattering.

This morning I decided to keep him captive in our morning snuggle since my dream had to do with him and I trying to get away from killer whales in the Caribbean after being gifted with a mama and baby seal.  Yeah.  I don’t know, either.

Some lady I’ve never met in real life but looked like a mix of Susan Clark’s “Ma’am” from Webster and Carol Burnett as Mrs. Hannigan from Annie, was taking us for a surprise trip in the middle of the ocean and happily gave us the seals. I was enjoying the private boat ride and was watching them play when the lady told me, “Why haven’t you gone in yet? It’s weird to not enjoy playing with your new toys.” Yes- she implied I was weird and then called the seals toys.

I, feeling foolish for not knowing I was weird, hastily started putting on my scuba gear and jumped in before putting on my fins and ensuring my O-ring was dry and sealed. My Mister and I do scuba dive in real life and I was starting to panic for reals at this point in the dream because I was rushing to get into the water but was worried that I wasn’t really prepared.  The familiar sensation of being in the water and rapid breathing through my regulator had me quickly and shallowly breathing in my sleep and I started feeling my heart race. I knew I was dreaming but was still not able to come out of the dream.

As I was pulling on my fins, my Mister, who was in the boat which was now about 30 feet away from me, jumped into the water but without his scuba gear. He was just going to swim. We seemed to be by some huge trees/a grove of some sort (how it switched to that from being in the middle of the ocean, I have no idea) and there was a large WW2 boat that was wrecked nearby. The strange thing (because everything up to now has been perfectly normal) was that the trees were kinda just floating there. It wasn’t an island- their roots just dangled in the water.

 I was still at the surface as he jumped in and I smiled at him- or at least as well as I could with my goggles and regulator on. Then I started panicking.  As he was swimming, I noticed a large black shadow coming closer and closer to him. I tried warning him and Ma’am Hannigan but, with my regulator on it just came out like a muffled, “mmmrrrrgghRRRhgmm.”  At first it looked like a blue whale face getting closer to the surface but it seemed too small and I think my semi conscious brain kicked in and said, “Blue whales are much larger than that and, besides, they wouldn’t be in the Caribbean.” So, naturally it turned into a killer whale. “Much more realistic,” said my brain.  Then more shadows started showing up as his family decided to come around, too.

We started trying to swim away and thought we could escape in the trees since the whales would get tangled up and wouldn’t be able to get to us. The mama and baby seal were around the WW2 boat somewhere and my Mister and I were slapping at the water as the whales kept surfacing by us for air, blowing a watery PUFFFFT in our direction, and slowly slinking back into the water while eyeing us- watching and waiting. 

I didn’t want to find out what they were waiting and watching us for. I could feel that I was breathing rapidly and my heart was thumping hard in my chest and my mind was screaming, “WAKE UP BEFORE THEY EAT YOU!” so I forced myself awake and tried slowing down my respiration and calm my palpitations.  It was about 6:45am and I turned around and held my Mister in a, “Don’t ever leave me to get eaten by killer whales” death grip. His alarm goes off at 7:00, he hits snooze like normal and we have our normal 7 minutes of snuggle time before he gets up. However, I kept him a little longer since I was still trying to keep him safe from Willy. 

He ended up running late for work this morning, so he skipped breakfast which makes him grumpy.

Mister: “Urrgh...We snuggled too long and now I don’t get to have my cereal.” 
Me: “But you were almost eaten by a killer whale and there were seals and I love you!”
Mister:  “Urrrgh…notagain…you’recrazy.”


  1. ROTFLMAO! That is priceless! Thanks for my morning giggles hon!

    He is a saint?


  2. Hi Gege-
    What a wild imagination you or the babe through you has. Your stories never fail to be entertaining.

    Just a word of caution: YOU should NOT be near the cat's litter. There is something called Toxoplasmosis(?)or something like that, that is carried in cat feces that can harm the baby.

    Keep the stories coming.

    By the way the baby should be well fed;) and your belly is looking prego ( not too big..but noticable)

  3. Kuddles- I think he has to be a saint to put up with me sometimes. :) But, we do have a lot of laughs. :)

    Tracy- thank you for the cat litter PSA! Truth be told, my Mister has been taking care of the litter since I've been pregnant. However, we switched to a new "all natural" litter and it doesn't exactly do much in the "hiding smells" department. Quite unpleasant sometimes and methinks we're going to be switching back to the cheap stuff again, soon...

    Depending on the clothes I wear, some of my clients still are incredulous that I'm even pregnant or, at the very least, not as far along as I am. So, some days I'll wear something a little more bump amplifying and stick my belly out far and waddle. "See! I'm not just chubby! I'M PREGNANT!"

  4. Where are you? You okay? kuddles is concerned.....

  5. Hey Kuddles! I'm here! Doing good- just been really busy lately. Started a blog post but had too many pics to edit (argh) but will hopefully finish it in the next couple days. Thanks for checking up on me!