Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm here! Baby is not....

Why hello out there!  Happy Independence Day!! (Ok- I started writing this yesterday but didn’t get it finished. Boo me.)  I’ve wanted to do an update for a while now but, in addition to not having the time and energy after work, the words just didn’t seem to want to come for me.  Mainly because I’m STILL pregnant and most of the words that would come are along the lines of, “I’M SO MISERABLE! When is this baby ever going to get here?  My butt hurts sooooo bad!”  

Yeah…..lot’s of complaining and, as much as being a sullen-still-pregnant woman has become my reality, it really doesn’t lead to a very entertaining read, ya know? (But seriously, if I turn into a 42 weeker, I may quite literally go insane.) 

I do want to say thank you to all of you who have been asking about me!  I've got lots of emails, Ravmails, and comments to respond to. Thank you so very much- I really do appreciate it. :)

As of last week, I am officially on maternity leave. Can I get a HALLELUJER out there??  Since I’ve been off, I’ve been able to just rest, keep my feet up (or “flippers” as my Mister now calls them. He offered to buy me some clown shoes for comfort.  After the impulse to smack him upside the head subsided, I almost took him up on the offer), and even get in a little crochet. Woot!

I’ve designed and crocheted something I’ve wanted to do for a long time- a Mobius wrap.  Here’s a pic of it on my sis. 

More pics- and the entire story, including the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, AND the pattern- are coming soon.  (Yay! I actually have time to spend on the internets now!  Unless the little one comes tonight….then….well, the next post will not be about crochet.)

Something that I wish I was able to show you right now is my Geekling’s blanket.  Unfortunately, I’ve not finished it since I had other things on my plate. Now, however, that will change and I hope to work on it this week.  (Again, unless he decides to show up tonight.  I’m hoping if I say it enough times, he’ll get the hint and finally make his debut.)  I’ve not stressed too much about not having it done since it’s about 500 degrees outside and I’ll definitely not be able to use it as a receiving blanket.  That being said, I felt bad about not having a blanket made to bring him home in.  As much as I really appreciate all of the blankets I’ve received from my baby showers (Yes! Plural!  I had 3 showers- I’ve got the best family, friends, and coworkers in the whole world!), I just felt like a bad crocheting mom by not having something handmade for him.  So, last week I whipped up this little number.

What looks like a simple dark blue/light blue ripple blanket is actually a nerdy math blanket that is also cute.  The stripe pattern is the Fibonacci sequence and is something I’ve wanted to do FOR-EVAH!  One of my favorite TV shows growing up was Square One- it was a math themed show on PBS.  I learned so much about math with that show!  One of the highlights was the show-within-a-show called Mathnet.  It was a math based spoof on Dragnet and was both educational and very entertaining.  Each weekday they'd have a little piece of the math-based mystery revealed until the grand finale on Friday. 

Well, one of my ultimate favorite episodes had to do with the Fibonacci sequence.  A rich man died leaving a fortune and one of the clues was his parrot who would say, "1, 1, 2, 3. FIVE! Eureka!!"  It has always stuck in my head and I've been thinking of different ways to incorporate it into my crochet.  This blanket was a perfect opportunity! 

Pattern is the Easy Ripple Afghan with the Fibonacci stripe pattern starting with 8 (8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1).

Until next time- enjoy some Mathnet!


  1. So glad you are doing well. I'm sorry your baby is taking his sweet time. I'm sure he is just way too comfortable in there. I hope you have a wonderful birthing experience. Hope to see future projects but understand you won't be doing anything but trying to get sleep at least for the next few months. God bless you and your family.

  2. SO happy to hear from you!!! I miss your posts terribly so hopefully (for me and not you), the bundle doesn't arrive too soon!

    Keep your feet up!


  3. Thank you guys so much! I'm of course planning on not having any complications, having a baby that sleeps perfectly after latching on with no problems so that I can have all the time in the world to crochet, blog, and exercise away the pregnancy weight. My postpartum plan will of course go as well as my pregnancy plans all did. :)

  4. It's about time we heard from you! lol Glad to hear that the little one's arrival is getting closer by the day. It's funny that today I just read a post from another blogger who's also doing the "I wish this baby would get here" cry.

    Love the crochet projects!

    "Happily awaiting the little one's arrival," says the girl who also remembers Mathnet! :-D

  5. Love the idea of using Fibonacci in needlework!

    Hang in there ...

  6. 1st ~ HaleluYER!!!
    2nd ~ I miss you so much my nerdy friend! Glad to see you've found some down time to post this blog. I am anxiously awaiting a call telling me "ITS TIME"...Until then I'll be chanting, "push him out! push him out! waaaay out!!!" Come on lil dude, my kiddies need some new friends!!!

  7. Hey Libby! Yay! A fellow Mathnet fan! (The story you are about to hear is a fib. But it's short. HAHA!) Still no little one....argh.

    Crochetblogger- I'm pretty sure this sequence will be seen in a few projects....and not just in stripes, either. I's gots some ideaz..... ;)

    Lyteyz- How ya derin? (I'm such a poser- still haven't seen those movies. Just riding on your coattails... :) ) Hopefully that call will come sooner rather than later!!!