Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crochet ADD

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been in a creative frenzy in the last couple of weeks.  Not only have I been increasing my lovely yarn stash, I've been utilizing said stash as I get back into my crochet-groove.  If only I can focus on just one project so that I can finish something instead of being a serial project starter.  Yep- I'm suffering from Crochet ADD.

First, it was the Branching Leaves Scarf that I saw on Ravelry.  There was just something about it that called to me.  I had no idea what yarn to use on it- it's been a while.  I'm a little rusty.  So, I started with a green Simply Soft that I've had forever.

Green Leaves- how original
I wasn't totally feeling the love for the Simply Soft.  Actually, it looks better in the picture than it does in real life- maybe I'll actually finish it.  Anyway, I decided to try it with some of the Country yarn that I got at AC Moore.  I chose a silver yarn, not because I wanted a silver scarf, but because it's the least likely color that I'll use on anything, so might as well use it on this.  Yes, that's right- I'm making myself a scarf, so I choose the (relatively) ugly yarn.  *Note to self- use the Loreal yarn- you are worth it!*

Silver Leaves- goes well with my colorful personality, no?

Well, since I wasn't feeling the silver either, I moved on to the Andalusia blanket.  Now this, I love.

Sllllooooowly geting there....
I will finish this...someday.  I really love it and do want it. However, once I got that taste of wool, I started jonesing for more.  That's when I started my wool buying binge.....
Once I scored a fix (or two), I went back to my frenzied ways and started another shawl in the Feather and Fan pattern.  It's going to be slightly different than my L.A.D.Y. Stole of Transformation.....that is if I ever get it done.

I want. I need. I may frog.
I'm using an unknown yarn that I scored at AC Moore in the mill ends bin.  I loved the color- it's a deep purple with some maroon bits it it.  I'm almost 100% sure it's Bernat Satin Solids in Plum Mist Heather.  It's really soft, and I'm liking the pattern, but....welllll....I'm afraid I'mturningintoayarnsnob.
There.  I said it.  I'm making this for myself (which means it most likely won't get done) and really love the color and it is really soft.  But.......I want the Loreal yarn!  I'm worth it darn it!  I've been eying the Melody yarn I scored at Eleganza for this....but.....I don't know.  So, until I decide whether or not to treat myself to beautiful, soft, gorgeous wool I have, this is going on the back burner.

As I mentioned yesterday, I started using the Noro right off the bat by starting a Half Granny Shawl.

Wool.  And lots of color. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!
The simplicity of the shawl does show the gorgeous color changes of the Noro.  However, I'm not really a shawl person, (Yeah, I know- I keep making them.  Shut up.) so I don't want to waste this beautiful yarn on something that I may never wear.  I fell in love with the half granny shawl when I saw all the beautiful ones on Ravelry- specifically the ones fanalaine has made.  Gorgeous!  However, I may end up using this yarn as my first real knit project- have you seen the Noro scarves??  They're beautiful and a scarf is something that I know I'll actually wear.  Hmmmm.....decisions, decisions.  Quickly whip up a fabulous, easy and beautiful crochet item that I may wear (but most likely not), or put it off until I have time to practice the slow, painful, humbling art known as knitting and have a gorgeous item I know I'll 2013?

In the mean time, I've been on a designing frenzy, too.  First up is a little something for me- a MESSENGER BAG!!  Finally!  I'm thinking of using the Kaleidoscope for (parts of) it.  I used my new colorful pens and my new graph paper notebook to plan this project.  Yes, I knew you'd be impressed.  However, I'm not able to start it quite yet.  I need a specific red color- I'm pretty sure I'm going to use Patons SWS for it, but I don't have that specific color in my ever expanding stash, which means I need to buy more wool.  Oh darn.

I've been drooling over a vision of a bag that I've had in my mind's eye for quite a while.  I've just not tried the concept I have for the shape of it yet.  So, I got some Vanna's Choice (acrylic- ptew!) and got cranking.

Looks nothing like the finished bag
This is just a proof of concept.  I know how I'm going to make it- don't worry- it won't look like a crocheted Diva Cup.

There are a couple other bags I'm designing, too, but I'm really trying to be a little more focused so that I can hopefully actually FINISH a project.  Sheesh.  Does anyone know if there a wool based Ritalin or something?  Because I really do need to- Oh look! More wool!

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