Friday, July 23, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Hello all!

Thank you Libby and Tracy for your kind words (and for those who contacted me via email or Ravmail).  I appreciate your concerns and encouragement.  (And to the recent commenters on my Mario blanket- To Anonymous- Hi back to ya!  and to Generic Viagra- I'm glad you like my blanket. Thanks for keeping it...real.)

I'm a naturally cheerful and optimistic person (some may say annoyingly so- but they are idiots) so I'm happy to report that things have been looking up for me here in Chez GegeCrochet.

First of all, as I reported last post, I've been crocheting again.  It feels good, my friends. I started one project and then was lured into starting another one.  The second one is the Andalusia Blanket from Berroco yarns- very pretty in all solids:

 but when I saw it, I saw it in black and red.

1 of 2 made....22 more to go

I'm loving it!  I'm crocheting it out of Naturally Caron Country yarn- LOOOVE this yarn!  I got it on clearance at AC Moore- it was marked $3 (clearance) and then marked down an additional 50% off.  Huge score!!  And makes for a very affordable blanket. :) I just hope I have enough of it....I think I do, but we'll see.

Second of all, I've got a shoot tomorrow.  I've not done anything on the acting front since December, so this really makes me happy.  I've missed being on set.  I actually don't know if it's a commercial or an industrial (I was so jazzed at booking it that I forgot to clarify.....oops) but it's going to be fun.  I'm really looking forward to it. :)

Third of all, I survived yet another Summer Camp a couple weeks ago.  I had so much fun and have the bruises and skinned knees to show for it. (Yes, still.  They are going to have to use a lot of cover up on me tomorrow if I wear a skirt....).  I bought 600+ water balloons and spent one morning filling them up with some fellow conspirators counselors and then we drove around in a golf cart and pelted the unsuspecting children.  Muahahahahahaha! (Since I was the most veteran of the Strike Force, I was awarded the blame......and earned every bit of it.)

Fourth of all, my birthday is coming up soon and my Mister is planning something for me.  I have no idea what- he keeps things under wraps and loves the big reveal at the end.  He's such a big kid sometimes....but I love that about him.  I'm looking forward to his surprise, but I can't say that I'm looking forward to marking another year down the tubes.  However, a very bright spot in my aging process is that I got carded at a casino this weekend.  Yep.  I had to prove that I was at least 18.  Best.Birthday.Gift.Ever.

Fifth of all, I've started exercising again.  I've been on an exercising sabbatical for 6+ months, so it's not been that easy getting back into the swing of things.  However, it was easier than I thought it would be.  Muscle memory is real, yo.  (Now, if only my fat had a memory of not existing, I'd be golden.  Or at least fit.  Spanx are on my wardrobe list for tomorrow....)

So, things truly have been looking up for me.  For real.  I'm feeling....alive again, and that feels good.  You know what else feels good? Naturally Caron Country yarn.  Go to a store and pet it- you'll thank me later.

As for me, I've got to go downstairs and have it out with that darn treadmill.  Ugh.  I'm trying to convince myself that feeling sore feels good, too.  Yeah......I'd rather pet the yarn instead.  But, that muffin top in the mirror kinda wins the argument.  Yep.  I'm going to forget the treadmill and use the yarn to make bigger pants.  Win. Win.


  1. Ugh exercise...a necessary evil!

  2. I know, right? Argh. It's cutting into my crochet time, too! Stupid exercise.