Saturday, August 14, 2010

News From the Road

Hey y'all!  I am writing to you today from a hotel just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  What am I doing in Canada, eh?  I'm having the time of my life and spending all my money on yarn!!!!

Sometime last year, I found the Mecca of yarn stores for me- The Yarn Factory Outlet in Listowel, Ontario.  This awesomest place in the world happens to be the very mill where my beloved Patons Classic Wool is made.  I've wanted to come here ever since I learned that my wool wasn't made by little Lamb Fairies but was actually produced in a factory.  Weird, eh?

Well, my Mister, who supports all my yarnie adventures, just wasn't interested in driving 7 hours "just to see a yarn store."  I tried conducting an exorcism on this obvious evil spirit that inhabited my beloved, but after he threatened to have me committed, I decided to put my dream road trip on hold.

Fast forward a couple months when we were visiting one of my BFF's, who also happens to be an obsessed crocheter, and I casually brought up my desire to visit yarn Mecca.  She agreed that I was a genius and that we should have a girl-only road trip "one of these days."  Fast forward to a few weeks ago- we finally planned out our trip and decided to leave hubbies, babies, and inhibitions behind while we made our yarn dreams come true.  It's like Thelma and Louise with crochet hooks instead of guns.  And no suicides.  That would suck.

We both have had terrible 2010's AND we both have August birthdays, so this trip has been just all around perfect.  We spent the afternoon at the Outlet and I am still enjoying my wool high.  Oh, did I mention that they happen to have a yearly tent sale each August?  And that we hit it at just the right time?  And that I'm soooo glad I drive an SUV???  Muaha! Muahahahaha!  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*wiping tears from eyes and foam from mouth*

Ok, I'd better log off before more than just my Mister thinks I should be committed.

I was working on a different blog post- all about the Anatomy of a Design since I finally found a project that banished my Crochet ADD.  You are all going to love it!!!  More to come on that later.  For now, I've got wool to snort.

These Crochet Chicks are Too Legit to Knit


  1. Oh that sounds like a wonderful adventure!!!! I see you're on a serious yarn high so that only means great things to come. I'll be checking. :-D

  2. It was sooo amazingly awesome! We just got back home- driving all day is exhausting! I'll be sure to update very soon with the details of our trip as well as the projects I've been obsessing about. :) for now....I get to sleep in my own bed- so missed that!

  3. Is it wrong to be jealous? If yes, then I'm ubber wrong! Sounds like a blast!

  4. I don't think I read anything about the "Canadian Mosquito's"...tee hee! Can't wait to see what next years adventure will bring! Love ya bestie!

  5. Oh yes kuddlekubs- it was indeed a jealousy inducing trip- just wait till you see pics of Romni Wools- insane!!

    Speaking of pics, lyteyz, can you pretty please email me some of the ones you took? (Yes- lyteyz is my roadtrippin' BFF- we had an awesome adventure, eh?)

  6. Thanks! Can't wait to see the pix....or maybe I can cause then I'll be even more jealous!

  7. Alright, you are officially my crochet hero. I do amigurumi (mainly Mario themed) and I showed my husband your wonderful blanket... I should never have done that! Now he wants a Zelda themed one, oh my.. If i get really into it, I may just have to start a blog of my own :P Your tutorial was AMAZING (Tunisian) and now I'm off to try it!