Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mario Scarf and other Nintendo addictions

Ok. I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with Nintendo- Super Mario Bros. specifically. It stems from my childhood when we just couldn't afford to buy a Nintendo when the rest of the world was at home cozily warping their brains and wasting away their thumbs to their heart's content. My obsession runs deep and goes to dark places.....I would even try to get my friends to invite me to spend the night...IF...they had a Nintendo. That way, while everyone was asleep, I could play that 8-bit slice of heaven until the wee hours of the morning. I was like a junkie and just needed a video game hit so bad that I was just so jazzed when we got a hand-me-down Atari when our friends no longer needed it. Although, it was a little tough knowing we were getting our jollies playing Enduro while everyone else had moved on to Excite Bike. Though, when Super Nintendo came out, we were finally able to get our paws on our friend's slightly used Nintendo- with about 20 games and a bunch of accessories all for 100 bucks. Oh yes- my dreams had finally come true.

My brother and I would play SMB (1, 2, and 3- though 1 and 3 were my favorites) for hours upon hours. Thankfully we had always been very (hyper)active kids, so a Saturday here and there spent sitting on our butts didn't add to the childhood obesity epidemic that was beginning to emerge. One of the shining moments in my life was when I beat SMB3 before my brother- oh yes- I was, as my dad called me, the Nintendo Queen. This Nintendo obsession has to be a familial genetic disorder...everyone except my dad can quote Super Mario Bros. the Movie verbatim... it's one of my mom's all-time favorite movies. My mom is cool like that. My dad...? Perhaps my daddy aint my daddy but my daddy don't know??? Well, it's a good theory....until you look at us together....

So now, fast forward to my adulthood...not only can I now afford a Nintendo and of course stalked out a Walmart to snatch up a Wii, I am also able to create Nintendo inspired items. One of which is the Mario scarf.

Mario scarf

I actually made this for my husband- he wanted a hat with a Mario on it (see why I love him??) but, since I had only been crocheting for a couple of months, I couldn't quite get it to work. I taught myself to crochet last summer and this was one of the first things that I created. He loves it and gets numerous comments on it- of course my heart swells with pride.

I'll be adding more pictures of the scarf being modeled in the next few days. It goes along perfectly with my "newest project" from below.

secret project......

I've also been working on a Mario blanket for my hubby. It is easily the most awesome thing I have ever created and I.CANNOT.WAIT until I complete it. It will take a verrrry long time (I tend to be a perfectionist and really enjoy challenging myself). Here is a teaser of what's to come.

beginnings of an adventure

Alright- I'll leave you now...I have a princess to save!!


  1. Do you have a pattern? I would love to make some of these.

  2. Hey Anon- no, unfortunately I don't have a pattern for any of my Nintendo projects; however, the Koopa Coin Purse (the large question mark up there) may be available pretty soon......

  3. Hi...I love your Mario blanket....I make Mario truthfully...this afghan is did a lot of work and it is quite noticeable in the afghan....