Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hilda Bag Redux


Hilda bag

If you recall, this is the purse I made for my mother for her birthday present. I have gotten so much positive feedback on this bag, I decided to recreate it. The one I made for my mom was one of the first ones I created and I hadn't decided to line them yet. My mother's actually has felted pockets that are part of the fabric of the bag.

This lined.

Hilda bag interior

I wish you could see this lining in person- there is actually shiny, metalic, sliver stripes in it. It's actually VERY beautiful. I told my mom that she could send her bag back to me and I'd line it for her, but she loves it so much, and uses it all the time, that she doesn't want me to. I wonder if she'd change her mind if she saw this one?

Hilda bag pose

No Netski....this one still isn't for you....though you do look mighty fierce with it!


  1. Great purse! How do you do the liner?

  2. Thank you! I *promise* I will have that darned video up on this website soon. Editing has become quite a chore, but, as God as my witness, it will be done!