Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Many Cups of Sugar Does it Take to Get to the Moon?

Seriously, how many cups??? Ahhh....the philosophical debates in that educational classic, A Goofy Movie. Although, I'm really more interested in, "How many hours of crochet does it take to lose all my fingers?" Seriously...wow...I've been going pretty much non-stop for about a week getting things ready. "Ready for what?" you ask with bated breath. Ready for this blog...for my etsy shop...for a show and tell with a boutique...and for a video tutorial. Whew! I have just now, not 5 minutes ago, FINALLY finished a bag (a beautiful one, if I do say so myself), lining and all. I'll hopefully take pictures tomorrow to share with the world.

Last Monday, I started filming the video tutorial on how to line a felted bag. It is seriously so much easier to be the "talent" in a video rather than the writer, director, cinematographer, AND talent all rolled up into one. Luckily, my dear hubby will be the editor. He's good at that stuff. I really am crossing my fingers that it'll be what I've envisioned in my mind...especially since I've gotten my Emmy speech all written out.

Tuesday, I finished with my "secret project" and will be taking pics soon.

Friday morning, I FINALLY finished the PGP bag. I've decided to keep this one as my own. I'll have pictures up tomorrow. I really love it- the lining fabric is fabulous and the little decorative bobble thingy is PERFECT!

Saturday evening, I had a marathon crochet session and finished a whole bag in just about one sitting while watching LOTR: Two Towers. LOVE LOVE LOVE the LOTR trilogy. "Frodo wouldn't have gotten far without his Rudy." Sniff sniff...

Sunday I started yet another bag and finished it today. It is now felting (along with Saturday's efforts) at this very moment. My poor little hands really do need a rest. Not only did I seriously give my fingers and wrists a workout with all the crocheting, but I also think that I've found my ultimate favorite pin cushion....my left thumb. I'm ashamed to let people see it- they might think I have some sort of mutant skin disorder or that I harbor hatred against my digits....a phalangeal vendetta if you will. (Ha! I'm so using that phrase in real life!) Anywho...I really put a rush on these two bags, as well as the one I just finished today, because Thursday I am going to be visiting a boutique that many folks have encouraged me to check out. Apparently this place sells unique bags and my stuff would fit right in. Soooo....I'm going to really have to put the pedal to the metal on my sewing machine tomorrow and Wednesday. Yipes. I can use lots of prayers for this!

Oh yeah. And I hate my sewing machine. I've promised a rant on that machine that cannot be named and I'll deliver one, along with the pics of today's purse.

So, until manana my little hobbits. Sleep well and may the force be with you. (Dang! I keep getting all my references mixed up...darn phalangeal vendetta.)

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