Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fifteen Years Ago...(now 17......) Valentine's Day

Continuing (somewhat) the Story of Us, which I started a while back. Part 1 can be found here

Going through all of our boxes of stuff (and stuff and stuff and even more stuff) has really brought back a lot of memories. We just went through one of our boxes of photos where we found....Wait, what? What do you mean? You know. It's a box where you used to keep pictures before you could just store them on your phone. You see, there was a time when pictures had to be processed from actual film (google it) and phones only made calls and "texting" was something someone with a speech impediment said when giving a mic check. 

The time was 1998 and it was a glorious time of technological advancement when a newfangled thing called the "World Wide Web" was just finding its legs and more and more people were getting "cellular telephones" that worked on some sort of digital network, whatever that black magic voodoo means. All I know is that it meant I could send a numerical page to my friends (probably 55378008) from anywhere and not wait until I got to a landline phone, although I could not receive pages since I was lame and didn't have a beeper. (DUDE. Just google it already!)

It was a time when two college kids had met and fallen in love and were excitedly nervous about having their first Valentine's Day together since this was a super special holiday and being seen together on this day meant that we were really and for true A Couple and completely and totally in wuuuuuv with each other.

Ugh! The pressure! What do I get him? What does he like? He likes me, obviously, so he must like things that I like since we have SO.MUCH.IN.COMMON. It's crazy how alike we are. I mean, he likes Star Wars and *I* like Star Wars. He likes spicy food and *I* like spicy food. It's like we are the same person!! So, I'm sure he is into crafty stuff, too, since I am and he's like me and, I KNOW!!! OH. Such a perfect gift!!!!


Giving a glimpse of my first Valentine's Day with My Mister, here's the first (and quite possibly the best) Valentine's gift I gave him. 

Now, it's not the best gift I ever gave him based on artistic merit or anything. It's just that I'm pretty lousy at giving Valentine's Day presents. To see what I mean, and for a wee bit of insight into our Valentine's Days through the years, head on over to Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth blog where I was a guest blogger for her Valentine's Day series.  

Much love to all!

E-mail made it to our list of memories....geez. We're old.


  1. "Email". lol Happy Valentine's Day! And, thank you for an amazing guest post. :-)