Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm Coming Out of the (Yarn) Closet

This past year has been a very healing one for me. Even though I didn’t blog (almost at all) during this time, I truly have been busy growing as a person, a wife, a mother, and even a crocheter. I really had a lot of time to reflect on myself- find who I am, if you will.

I had to search in some really deep, dark, dirty places, actually. But now that most of my yarn is in vacuum storage bags, the closet(s) and under the bed(s) aren’t so bad anymore. I’ve been on a yarn diet for a while now, so I have not been adding to my monstrous stash.
**My husband categorically rejects this fabricated and disillusioned statement**  (Although, I may or may not have been ordering and shipping to my sister’s house….because of the move and all…not because I’m trying to hide my purchases. Nope. Not that.)

As I was going through my stash and trying to consolidate it and shrink wrap it in ways where I could actually close the closet doors, I truly couldn’t help but start (and even finish!) many (many, many) projects. 

One: my own design; Two: from Doris Chan. I've got a lot to learn

PONCHOS! Both made from Aussie yarn
For my dear BFF, lyteyz: Erin's Hug...pattern coming in the next post or two....

Many hats made for the Beanie Festival....but I kinda sorta never turned them in.....

Made the one she's modeling for a friend. Not 5 seconds after taking that pic, SweetPea barfed all over it. IF I CAN'T HAVE IT, NO ONE CAN!

I put it on her, first. Then he said, "I want a cape with a hat!!" Yes....that's what it is, my love...a cape with a hat.

For a baby shower, a newborn baby, my baby's room, and my baby sister.

The only problem was that, though I love crochet, I just felt it in my bones that some of this yarn wasn’t meant to be crocheted. Some of that yarn felt different from the other yarns. Like it didn’t quite belong.

I, being the very attuned and sensitive person that I am, wanted to make sure that all my yarn was happy, no matter what they felt like. So, I started joking with my friends. And watching videos on youtube. And looking at pictures on Ravelry. Which turned into looking at patterns on Ravelry.

And I figured that it was time to face the truth. I couldn’t ignore it anymore and I knew that I wouldn’t be true to myself, or to my yarn, if I didn’t explore this side of me.

So, here it is.

You guys. My name is Gege, and I am bistitchual. 

I AM A KNITTER NOW! However, GegeCrochet-n-Knit just doesn't have that great a ring to it, ya know?

** This is her Mister and I both typed and approved the above statement


  1. ...I love the "cape with a hat" those kids are truly PINCH WORTHY!!! Can't wait to get a hold of those CHEEEEEEEEEEEEKS!!!

  2. I take my leave to pluck mine eyes out with a hook. You knit. Like so many others.

  3. Lyteyz: soon, my sweet....soon. You'll get maximum cheek squishes before you know it!

    Aunty Gina: I KNOW, RIGHT???? Well, if it's any consolation (if you can still read this with your gouged out eyes), my fingers seem to be protesting my new found ability, as well. Every day that I knit, the next morning my fingers are seized up and hurt something fierce. I seriously thought I was getting rheumatoid arthritis! They are protesting with all their might, actually. It's a really good thing that I truly and for reals, really do like crocheting better. ;)

  4. Terrific post.

    And really glad that you've come through to the other side of a difficult journey.

  5. Thanks, Kathryn. Me too- it's been a looong time coming. As you've said, crochet saved my life. :)