Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.....

.....that's what my little Geekling is made of. Yayayay!

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster for my Mister and me *(see below), but I'm very happy to report that we were able to cap it off with the wonderful news that our little one is doing very well and that, as one of my dear friends put it, there is indeed a stem on the apple.  Or, as I've said so many times it's now obnoxious but I'll say it again because it makes me giggle: out little peanut has a peanut.

We've been waiting for this news so we can start choosing names- something I must admit that I'm a little stressed about. It's really an important decision to make- something that will have lifelong effects if we make a wrong choice.  We don't want to choose something that's too trendy or so youneek that he's teased throughout school, yet don't want to choose something that is too common, either. Maybe I'll tap into my Native American roots and name him after something I see or feel during birth.  (This is my son, Epidural OhnodidIpoop! He was almost named Episiotomy Iampushingyouwhore, but Epidural has a better ring to it, doncha think?)

I've also been waiting to know the gender so that I can start planning a blanket for reals. I have an idea for one in my mind that I've had for a while. It's something I've thought of since I made my Not Quite Mitered hat which I thought would make a really fun, crazy blanket.

not quite mitered hat

I have a ton of the yarn in my stash (a cotton/acrylic blend for laundering ease) however, I'm not quite sold on it as of yet.  I do think I'll make it into a blanket, but I don't know if it'll be THE blanket, ya know?  Anywho, I've got to really get cranking on this, so hopefully inspiration will soon find me.

Another project that I need to get fleshed out into woolly goodness is something I started on over a year ago but put on the back burner due to the sucky-ness of last year. It's actually a diaper bag that I absolutely adore and I've been wanting to start it again for a while now. However, I could not find the notebook where I sketched it and started the pattern. This notebook also had the pattern for my Coco bag and I was going nuts for weeks trying to find it.  I'm very happy to report that, after some very fervent prayer this evening, I finally found it. It was in the bottom of a box of stuff I had thrown together while "organizing" our house a few weeks ago for the appraiser.  This taught me two lessons: 1) There truly is power in prayer. Why I didn't try that first, I'll never know. 2) I'm never organizing my house again. 
Ok- enough updating for now. Time for me to poke my belly to try to get the baby to move go to sleep. Laters.

*(Anytime I pull a disappearing act from here is most likely due to my personal life hitting the crapper. I had a health scare these last few weeks and was preoccupied with many doctor visits and tests. However, I'm very relieved to report I'm doing a-ok. Our sonogram on Friday truly was a wonderful way to cap off two very stressful weeks. I'll be catching up on comments and emails in the next couple days.)


  1. Oh so glad to hear from you! I've been checking here almost daily! SO glad to hear you and the babes is doing fine! Whew!

    Can't wait to see what you next you do!

    Take care!

  2. Hi Gege-
    Thanks for the update. I was wondering if you were going to find out the baby's gender and if you were going to share that news with the rest of the world.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry to read you had a health scare. Not a good thing when you are pregnant and have 2 lives to care for.

    I'm looking forward to what your creative pregnancy brain will come up with for that baby boy being cooked. I'm sure it will be great whatever you come up with.

  3. Hi Gege-
    Just checking in to make sure everything is o.k.

    I hope your personal life isn't in the crapper again.

    Please keep us posted.

  4. I MISS YOU GEGE!!! Glad to read this blog and super (I just put supper...maybe I'm hungry) excited we have a gender to work for now. Tee hee hee!!! So many babies little time.

  5. Thanks Kuddles and Tracy!! And, thanks, Tracy for asking about me- actually everything has been going really well! I've been out of town with my sis for a trip to see our parents and, though I started a post, I just ran out of time to blog- more on that in my next post. ;)

    Lyteyz- you betcha girlie! I was hoping to stop by tomorrow after my appt, but I may have to cxl it since I decided to bring back some southwestern germs with me- I's realllly sick. Yuck. :(